~ missing you ~ danisnotonfire ~

“Bye, I’ll be thinking of you every moment I’m gone.” Dan said while pulling you into a hug.

“You promise to Skype every night?” You ask, shedding a small tear.

“Of course. I’m only gone for a week, I’ll be back before you know it.” Dan said while parting from the hug.

The intercom lady had announce that Dan’s flight would be leaving soon.

“Don’t cry, I’ll be home in a week.” Dan said sympathetically.

“I know, it’s just the first time we’re going to be apart for a long period of time, ever since we began a relationship.” You rub your tears away.

“Bye, I love you.” He kissed you one last time.

And he was off.


It was day five of your Dan-less week. The house had been extremely quiet, and you haven’t spoken to anyone in those five days. You had a friend sleeping over tonight to keep you company, which was very kind of her. She said – and quote – “your texts are giving me a dark tone”. Dan’s Skype calls just weren’t enough. You missed everything about him, his voice, his smell, his touch.

He had his stage time with Phil today and he told you that you’d make a short cameo appearance in it. You said yes, and here you are now. Sitting in front of a laptop, waiting for the call to come through. It was highly important for you to be on time.


You hit accept and tiny Dan and Phil pops up. Their surroundings were dark, which you assumed it was the audience. You waved to the lens of the camera and the fans screamed. So much so that you thought your speakers would explode.

“Hi!” You say to Dan, Phil and the audience.

“Have you missed me (Y/N)?” Dan’s first question.

“The house had been very lonely without you. I’m going insane.” You reply, which cause thousands of people to go ‘aw’.

“I’ll be back in two days, I can’t wait to see you.” Dan said with a smile.

“I’ll be waiting, my prince.” You say with giggle. You could hear the murmuring of the fans freaking out.


‘Where is he?“ you think.

You’ve been waiting at the airport for a few minutes, worried something bad happened. Technically, you were over exaggerating, flights tend to be late. You went on your toes to see if you could get a better view. You sighed after having no luck and, slouched.

“Guess who.” A voice came up behind you and covered your eyes.

“Doctor Who.” Your go to answer just because they both end with 'who’.

Dan pulled you into one of his bear hug and you breathed in his scent. As creepy as it may seem, you had to get everything about him back into your brain. Of course it wasn’t that difficult to do so.

He firmly gripped your waist and spun you around. You let out a small shriek of excitement as you spun through the air. He kissed you on the lips, which then, the familiar feeling was coming back.

“Ah, I missed you so much.” Dan said, grabbing his luggage he dropped behind him.

“Sleeping was just not the same, the empty space felt like a hole.” You follow him out the doors of the airport.

“I’m back now, don’t worry. Perhaps you could come with me on my next trip. That way, you’ll never feel lonely again.”

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~ team building ~ danisnotonfire ~

For the first time in your life, you came into the big city known as London. You were there for a YouTuber workshop, which was a small-ish event where “hidden” YouTubers like you got to meet large YouTubers to get to know each other. It was the only information you were given. That and where to go.

You arrived at the Google building and walked in. There were signs with large arrows that explained which room to go in, and you followed them to a large conference room like area. There were many people in there, few who you’ve recognized and some you haven’t ever seen before. You walk inside and sit on one of the chairs set up, facing the front of the room. There was a person that raised his voice over everyone else’s.

“Alright, we’re going to start this workshop right now so everybody grab a seat.” You assumed it was the host.

While you sat by yourself near the edge, the others sat away from you and with their friends. You saw the Brit crew of Zoella, PointlessBlog, SprinkleofGlitter and others in the middle-ish of the seats. In the very front were minor YouTubers you’ve seen a couple times on the watch page.

“Hey, is anyone sitting here?” A female voice asked from behind.

You turned around and pointed to the seat. “This one? Yeah it’s free.”

“Thanks. Hi, I’m Alex.” She said with a smile.

“(Y/N).” You say and shake her hand.

“I hardly have anybody to talk to over here as I’m considered one of the ‘small YouTubers’. It’s just so overwhelming.” Alex looked around the room with large eyes.

“I’m new here too. It’s good to have someone on the same boat as me.” You smile.

Alex was nice and friendly. You learned much about her, and vice versa. You found out that she lives not too far from you, which means a possible chance for a collaboration.

The host, who introduced himself as Ben, explained that you will be put into pairs, the large YouTubers would go with the small YouTubers. Ben and anther person (possibly co-host?) had two boxes in front of them. They were to pick names from a box, the two separated by subscriber count. One for under 100k, and the other above that. Each person (which you estimated that there were about 40 in the group) was called up by name along with a second person. Alex was called up and was paired with Louise. She got lucky.

One by one, everyone disappeared and it was soon brought down to you and seven other people. Which meant that you had four possibilities.

Tyler Oakley, who would be a fun, peppy person to be partnered with.

Connor Franta, who was talking to Tyler – also a fun partner choice.

Danisnotonfire, someone you had admired for a long time which meant possible shy and awkward moments.

Zoella, a friendly person that you could relate to, as she was the only female YouTube left that needed a partner.

“(Y/N).” Ben read over the microphone.

You slowly got up, heart racing from wondering who you’d get partnered with.

“Dan Howell.” This was going to be one awkward pairing.

He stood up and looked around the room to see who you were. Once he saw you, you saw him make a movement that read 'oh there you are’. You walked up and shook his hand. The lady by the door gave you an envelope which read 'do not open’ in large letters.

“Don’t open it.” Dan said with a smile.

You laughed. “Hmm, thanks I was thinking about it.

You went to a room full of the paired YouTubers and started introducing yourself.

"Hi, I’m (Y/N), my channel name is (Y/C/N) and I have a little over 90k subscribers.” You recited it just how Ben told everyone to introduce themselves.

“The name’s Dan, aka danisnotonfire and I have 4 million subscribers.” He laughed.

“We’ve got quite a difference here.” You chuckle.

“You’ll get there one day.” He said with a wink.

Ben came back a few minutes later and asked if everyone had a chance to introduce themselves. He then told you to open the envelopes. The sound of ripping paper echoed throughout the room. You pulled a piece of paper out.

“You and your partner are going to do a scavenger hunt today. You will go around this floor, unless otherwise indicated, and find the answers to the trivia questions. The first ten pairs back with all questions correct will get prizes, courtesy of YouTube and Google. The first pair back will get two tickets each for their viewers to go to next year’s VidCon” Voices buzzed around your ears.

“Here are the rules. You must stay with your partner at all times. To ensure that nobody cheats, your wrists will be tied together.” Your jaw dropped along with everyone else’s.

“Questions must be answered correctly or you will be sent back to get the right ones. You are also not allowed to take answers from other people, which means that you will have to take a photo with a phone to show proof that you yourself found the answer.” You turned to Dan who waved his phone in the air.

“The answers can be found in many forms. Some can be on plaques around the building, others might have to be accessed through Google employees. There are specific questions you can ask the employees, which means you cannot get other answers through them.

"Good luck and you will have up to 1 hour to finish the sheet. Anyone coming in after that will not have their answers accepted. We will begin once we have everyone’s wrists tied up.”

You turned to Dan. “Which hand do you write with?”

“Left.” He answered.

“Perfect! We’ll tie my left with your right.”

You got yours and Dan’s wrists tied together with one of those indestructible bracelets you get at an amusement park. Almost everybody was ready to go. Pens (with the Google logo) were handed out to each team.

“And so, it’s my first time meeting you and my wrist is tied to yours within ten minutes.” You smile.

“It’ll be fun, you seem like a nice person from what I’ve been hearing so far.” He laughed.

“Listen up everybody! You can start at any question you want, and use the lift/staircase if you need to.”

You looked at Dan while Ben spoke. 'Lift’ you mouthed to Dan and he nodded. As if you’d use the stairs.

“Get your pens ready, on your mark, get set, go!”

Everybody dashed forwards and into the halls. You looked at the sheet to find out where you were going.

“Alright, maybe we should go to the bottom floor first, that way the lift won’t be as crowded.”


After a long time of searching for the 20 answers, you have finally gotten them along with Dan’s pictures. It was now a race to the finish line. You found an empty lift down the hall and ran for it, dragging Dan by your wrist.

“Hey there’s something I want to tell you in the lift.” Dan said, partially out of breath.

“Specifically in the lift?” You ask, eye on the doors.

“Somewhere private is do-able.” Dan said while slowing down.

Dan came to a complete stop. “How long are you staying in London?”

“Uh, for a few more days, why?”

Dan took a deep breath. “It’s been great knowing you, and I’d like to know more. Would you perhaps like to go for a coffee or something after all of this?”

Did Dan Howell just ask you on a date? “That sounds like a good plan.” You smile.


You and Dan ended up being the third team to come in, which was pretty good. You were greeted at the finish line by Alex and Louise who got second, and by Phil with a person you didn’t recognize who got first. Dan congratulated his flatmate and said something along the lines of 'good thing your subscribers are also my subscribers’ most likely as a joke.

Ben handed out the prizes, which were black YouTube hoodies and google T-shirts. You said bye to Dan, getting his phone number which you could contact him with your UK phone. You met up with Alex and talked about the hunt.

“So, did you and Dan get along?” She asks while walking towards the cafeteria.

“More than you would think.” You smile.

Alex gasped. “Oh my god, no. Tell me everything.”

“Well, lets start from the beginning shall we…”


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~ much sun not fun ~ danisnotonfire ~

“Wow, the sun here is intense.” You say, shielding your eyes from the bright ball of fire.

“Yeah, Brazil’s pretty hot.” Dan replied, putting on his sunglasses.

You were on a contiki trip (the group trips that prankvsprank goes on a lot) in South America. Your trip consisted of many places including Rio de Janeiro, which was where you were today. Earlier in the day, you were walking around the city, dropping by markets and small shops. Now that it’s was the afternoon, you were walking to a place with a good view of the city.

The walk was taking longer than you expected. Your feet were sore along with your legs. It was an uphill climb under 30°c weather (I don’t know how hot that is in Fahrenheit, maybe 100°f?) which had you excessively sweating. You were exhausted and overheated which couldn’t be any good. When you heard a fellow YouTuber scream ‘look at the view,’ you sighed in relief.

You crouched down and sat on the pavement to take a breather. Of course you forgot about the whole 'dark objects absorb more light leaving it to overheat’ fact because you felt your body starting to burn.

“Ow.” You say under your breath and quickly get up.

Perhaps the heat fried your brain because one other thing you forgot was the fact that quickly standing up after lying down leads to a head rush. You got these quiet often, but this time it was different. You couldn’t find your center of balance and started to faint. The last thing you remember is a pair of strong arms catching your fall.


Something cold was touching against your forehead. You slightly moved your head while you tried to get your senses back up and running. The thing on your forehead was not only cold, but wet.

“(Y/N) sweetheart, can you hear me?” You recognized the soft and gentle voice as Dan’s.

“What… Where… Am I…?” You say weakly.

“You’re in the contiki tour bus, don’t worry.” Dan lifted a wet towel from your head.

You flutter your eyes open and adjust your sight. You suspected there would be other people but it was just you and Dan. “How did I get here, I thought I was outside.”

“You were. After you fainted, we took you inside to get you cooled down. I assumed it was from the heat after hearing you complain about it all day.” Dan said with a smirk.

“Hey.” You lightly shove Dan.

“We can stay in here for the rest of the day if you want.” Dan said while supporting you up.

“What are you talking about, I want to go see the view.” You say, getting up.

“Slow down, you’ll get another head rush.” Dan said, helping you up.