Spelling Fights

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Word Count: 1,816

Authors: Deka & Ale

Warning: None, just fluffiness

Pairing: Benedict Cumberbatch x Wife!Reader

Summary: The little fight between an American and a British couple

Credits to this video for the awesome interview:

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The Signs as Benedict Cumberbatch Names
  • Aries: Benadryl Copperbutt
  • Taurus: Baconandeggs Cinnabon
  • Gemini: Bacteria Cabbagepatch
  • Cancer: Bananasplit Cobrafetch
  • Leo: Beneficial Cucumber
  • Virgo: Britishguy Sillyname
  • Libra: Bunsenburner Chemistrylab
  • Scorpio: Barfing Cornucopia
  • Sagittarius: Breathingsmoke Cannonfire
  • Capricorn: Badkitty Campbellsoup
  • Aquarius: Bumblebee Cocacola
  • Pisces: Bafadfonwen Cadfeovash
  • These are inaccurate