Fifth in the (totally bogus) series:

0005 - britishdetectives:

I love ALL my Brit detectives equally, no? NO. Time to fess up. It’s MK all the way, as DCS Christopher Foyle, leaning on the hood of the Wolseley. ‘Truly?’ I hear you laugh, 'THIS is your fantasy?’. Well, my friend, don’t give me a hard time. 'Cos pinned against the radiator grille between the car and Foyle is little ME. And what I’m feeling ain’t a bonnet ornament. It has a blood supply. Yeah, there’s a hood a-poppin’ all right, but it ain’t the Wolseley’s - know what I mean?  A girl cannot be gun-shy, livin’ in DC.

OMG! He’s twinkling at me. Oh that sweet, sweet face. Male pattern baldness never did a guy a bigger favour. “Thhhink I’d better take down some particulars,” he breathes.

(Warned you to be afraid, bd :o)

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wolseley37mkmohairlauraraposa … and many, many more (abjectadmirer? bah… she wouldn’t sink so low)

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This marks the 100th installment of the seemingly never-ending series, British Detectives Leaning on Cars. In honor of this auspicious event I’m giving away two British Detectives Leaning on Cars 2015 calendars. This calendar is loaded with lots of handsome detectives leaning on very shiny cars. Contest closes October 24th. Rules, just like this post and comment and mention where you are. I’ll give away one in the US and one elsewhere. Ok?


There have been multiple requests for Inspector Lewis and Hathaway leaning on cars. Sadly, high-resolution photos of these two draped over an automobile have been hard to find. Please settle for a gif set of the duo reclining on a car, part of the series

Also a very big “thank you” for those of you who have offered suggestions. They are most appreciated.