Fifth in the (totally bogus) series:

0005 - britishdetectives:

I love ALL my Brit detectives equally, no? NO. Time to fess up. It’s MK all the way, as DCS Christopher Foyle, leaning on the hood of the Wolseley. ‘Truly?’ I hear you laugh, 'THIS is your fantasy?’. Well, my friend, don’t give me a hard time. 'Cos pinned against the radiator grille between the car and Foyle is little ME. And what I’m feeling ain’t a bonnet ornament. It has a blood supply. Yeah, there’s a hood a-poppin’ all right, but it ain’t the Wolseley’s - know what I mean?  A girl cannot be gun-shy, livin’ in DC.

OMG! He’s twinkling at me. Oh that sweet, sweet face. Male pattern baldness never did a guy a bigger favour. “Thhhink I’d better take down some particulars,” he breathes.

(Warned you to be afraid, bd :o)

Coming soon:
wolseley37mkmohairlauraraposa … and many, many more (abjectadmirer? bah… she wouldn’t sink so low)

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