George Hyde Pownall (1866 or 1876-1932, England/Australia)


Pownall was an English painter of the Edwardian period, His small, vivid paintings of London, the West End, and the Thames are often overlooked when people consider city painting in the early 20th century, and this has not been helped by inaccurate or lacking biographical information relating to the artist’s life.

An accomplished musician and landscape painter, Pownall was born in England in 1866 (or 1876) and emigrated to Melbourne, Australia in about 1911. He worked as a conductor, composer, tenor singer and pianist, painting in his spare time. His paintings are in the plein air style of Impressionism, and the sketch-like fluidity also resembles artists of this school, though Pownall’s technique is recognisably his own.

The Church at Auvers

Musee D'Orsay

Vincent Van Gogh1890

the most embarrassing story I have about Van Gogh is that I’ve been mispelling his name for my entire life. I thought there was a u in his last name…yeah. One of the saddest Artists from all of Art History and I go and mangle his name. This church was featured in the Doctor Who episode “Vincent and the Doctor” along with other famous Van Gogh pieces.