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.Tea of the week from teapigs | Lemon and Ginger.

I love lemon and ginger tea and i drink a cup or two most days. It’s perfect for the mornings when you may not be ready to tackle breakfast just yet and need something to settle your tummy. It’s also really refreshing and reminds me of sunny British afternoons with fresh lemonade or ginger ale! Like the rest of my teapigs discoveries i haven’t been disappointed with their version of this classic blend and this Lemon and Ginger Tea* it’s the freshest i’ve ever tasted!

Yep, that’s actual lemon peel inside that temple - so much so that if you live in Australia or New Zealand it can’t be shipped there because of this ingredient! It’s just so light and refreshing whilst warming all the way down and it does wonders for a tipsy tummy. It’s not overly gingery, teapigs have got a great mix between the light lemon flavour and the fiery ginger which makes it a pleasure to drink at any time of the day. 

You can buy teapigs lemon and ginger tea from their website HERE starting at just £1.19 and don’t forget you can also get 15% off with the code BLOGGERS12 - go go gooo!

Have you tried teapigs lemon and ginger tea before? Does it help your tummy in the mornings?

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Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s tea of the week from teapigs!