british dog man

Bill Cipher’s powers are interesting

So far Bill hasn’t directly killed anyone. What he (and his eye bats) did do was petrify a lot of people.

Something about this reminded me about Bill’s abilities in the first episode involving him, Dreamscaperers.

Nightmares, dreams that induce fear.

Bill is literally powered by fear.

The British dog-man that torments Soos seems to be from a recurring bad dream. Mabel apparently has nightmares where she is no longer cute.

These are all conjured by their fears, but how did Craz and Xyler show up? Simple they are something that reassures Mabel and alleviate her fear which is the other side of Bill’s powers.

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The whole point of Bill accepting Gideon’s deal in Dreamscaperers and going through that entire thing still confuses me. What did he accomplish there. Did he just want to show the kids that he exists? Did he want to give them a false sense of power? Did he want Gideon to think he’s an easy and good thing to deal with? Did he actually need Gideon to do something, but decided whether he succeeded or failed in this it’d be worth it for all the rest of his gain?? All of the above?? Why was Stan so lucid talking to Dips in his memory?? Why is Soos’ worst nightmare a British dog-man??????