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You’re My Brother

Prompt: Please do a jack and Conor Maynard one where the two of them get into a fight, and jack accidentally hits Conor (not enough to hurt him really) but they stop fighting and jack goes into shock. He then like runs off and Conor goes after him and finds jack crying. He comforts him and says like it doesn’t matter, you’re my brother and stuff like that? Sorry if this isn’t very clear! :)

Prompt: Can you do a YouTuber one shot based off of Josh Pieter’s video with Jack Maynard “The Roomie Tag”? One part of the video Josh brings up that Jack and Conor got into a fight and Jack punched that wall. I was wondering if the one shot could be about the argument :) thank you!


‘You fucking dickhead!’, Jack raged edging closer and closer to his brother, ‘You always get what you fucking want! What about me? I don’t even exist in their eyes!’. The argument had started off small, their mum had just gifted Conor a car and he decided to show it off in front of Jack’s friends when they were out playing football. It made Jack feel small and inferior to his brother and, upon arriving home, he struggled to hold his tongue.

Truth is, Jack wasn’t jealous about the car, rather how much attention Conor was getting from their parents. Jack had come out to them a month ago, and although they seemed to be okay with it at the time, his mum hadn’t been picking up his calls anymore. Even Anna had told him that they barely mentioned his name in the house– it was like he barely existed.

‘You’re just jealous of my success! You always have been!’ Conor screamed back no longer caring if the neighbours heard, ‘You’re so bloody petty Jack!’. Of course he hadn’t meant what he said but he couldn’t understand why Jack was acting like this. He thought his brother would happy for him.

That was it, the last straw, the younger Maynard was so filled with anger he could feel his ears burning. Conor knew Jack had spent the last few years trying to build a life for himself, tried to be something other than ‘Conor Maynard’s brother’. In a fit of rage, he blindly swung his fist towards Conor who immediately ducked to side to avoid the punch causing Jack to make a dent in the wall.

‘Oh for fucks sake’, Jack moaned holding his knuckles which were beginning to bruise. His brother was back at his side in a split second to assess the damage. ‘Are you okay?’, he asked, voice small as not to make Jack angry again. ‘Just leave me alone’, he replied, eyes beginning to well.

Shocked at his own actions, he promptly made his way over to the sofa where he slumped down with his head in his hands. He almost couldn’t believe himself – he had tried to hurt his brother. Conor had helped him so much and was pretty much responsible for kick-starting his YouTube and DJ career. He’ll abandon me too, he thought.

Sighing Conor made his way over to Jack and knelt in front of him. This behaviour was unlike the Jack he knew and loved, he knew there had to be more to the story. Carefully, he moved his younger brother’s hands away from his face. ‘Jack, what’s going on?’, he asked. ‘I’m s-sorry’, his voice cracked as he began to cry, ‘I didn’t mean to h-hurt you’.

‘Hey, come here’, Conor hugged Jack tightly as he began to sob on his shoulder -now he was really worried. As Jack began to calm down, the older Maynard unembraced and looked at his brother’s eyes. ‘Jack it’s alright, I’m fine’ he assured, ‘I’m just worried. You need to tell me what’s going on’. He cared for him too much to let a silly argument and a moment of anger get in the way of their love.

‘Mum and dad, they d-don’t care about me anymore’, he replied. ‘Jack I’m sure that’s not true, of course they care’. ‘Well that’s the thing Con, they don’t. Ever since I came out to them they’ve stopped bothering. They don’t pick up my calls anymore and Anna says they change the topic every time she mentions my name. I’ve been abandoned by my own parents.’ Hot tears began to roll down his flushed cheeks for the second time that evening.

Conor, evidently shocked, thought for a moment before replying, ‘Jack I-I didn’t know, I thought they were okay with it. It doesn’t matter what they say though, I’ll always love you no matter what’. Jack was now crying openly once again, overwhelmed by his brother’s response. ‘You’ve always got me. I’ll never abandon you.’ Jack smiled briefly, ‘I don’t know what I’d do without you’. He swung his arms around him again hugging him tightly.

‘I wasn’t angry about the car, congratulations bro’, he said looking down at the floor. ‘Well talking of the car…I’ll give it back to mum. Until she can prove that she loves and accepts you, I won’t be taking anything off her.’ Conor was stern in his words, he didn’t want parents who didn’t care for Jack like he did. ‘You’d really do that? For me?’ Jack asked searching his brother’s eyes.

‘Of course I would, you’re my brother.

Now let’s ice that hand.’


Kind regards,


Tumblr: buttercream-maynard

AO3: Oneshots_by_Reena

Wattpad: Oneshots-by-Reena


Daddy’s Little Girl (Dan Howell)

Word Count: 894


After what felt like hours in labour your beautiful baby daughter y/d/n was born. Your fiancé Dan entered the room and turned on his vlogging camera.

‘Internet say hello to the new girl in my life, this is y/d/n and she’s going to have her mums stunning looks and brains and my social awkwardness around people. Isn’t she beautiful?’

‘Dan put the camera down and come and hold your daughter.’

Dan turned off the camera and came to your side; he looked down lovingly at your daughter before smiling up at you.

‘We made a beautiful baby girl y/n. She’s so tiny.’

You let him take her from your arms and watch in awe at how gentle he is around her. You remembered the day you told him you were pregnant and he freaked out about not being a good father, now here he was rocking his newborn baby.

‘Hello little one I’m your daddy. I’m going to love you and protect you.’

He kisses her on top of her head and you take the opportunity to take a picture and upload it online to update both of your fans.

@y/twitter/n: Isn’t @danisnotonfire going to be the best daddy in the whole world J

You could watch Dan and your daughter forever when someone knocks on your hospital door.

‘Come in.’

Into the room piles all your close YouTube friends who were at the party when your water broke. Phil, Chris, PJ and Carrie all awe in unison at the sight of Dan cradling y/d/n.

‘Now this is the cutest sight in the whole world, who knew Daniel had a heart?’

Dan flipped off PJ while the rest of you laughed.

‘Can we hold her y/n?’

You and Dan nod before he hands y/d/n to Carrie. She smiles and cradles the baby.

‘Do we have a future youtuber in our mists? I’m also going to buy you the cutest clothes little one. I’m your aunty Carrie.’

Carrie then handed y/d/n to Chris and everyone watched him with caution because of his well known clumsiness. He tickled her stomach before looking up and glaring at all of us.

‘I’m not going to drop this little angel; I’m never letting her go.’

PJ swooped in and plucked y/d/n carefully from Chris earning him a moody pout from Chris.

‘Hello future little planet explorer, I’m uncle PJ and I’m going to tell you awesome stories and help Dan keep all the boys away from you.’

PJ then handed y/d/n to Phil who had helped you out a lot during the pregnancy. Dan was away at a meeting for a few days and Phil got up at ungodly hours to go down to the local shop to buy you strawberries because you craved them. Phil tickled her little belly which earnt him a yawn before she snuggled against him in her pink blanket.

‘Phil I think she already has you wrapped around her little finger.’

Phil chuckled at you.

‘She’s going to be a beauty when she’s older, hopefully she doesn’t inherit her father’s flirty drunkenness because then she’ll be batting the guys away.’

Next to you Dan frowned and folded his arms over his chest, a serious expression on his face.

‘My little girl is never dating boys.’

‘That’s cute babe but you’ll have to let her date eventually.’

You squeeze Dan’s hand and he strokes yours back.

‘She can date when she’s eighteen but no younger.’


PJ, Chris and Phil spoke in unison while Carrie simply smirked and shook her head at the scene in front of her. y/d/n was going to have the best aunties and uncles in the whole world.

‘Come on guys let’s give Dan, y/n and y/d/n some alone time.’

You mouth ‘thank you’ at Carrie and she mouths ‘no problem’ in return. After Phil reluctantly hands y/d/n back to Dan, Carrie manages to shoo them out of the room saying good night as the door closed behind her.

Dan put our daughter in a crib at the end of the bed before he crawled up onto the bed next to you so you had to shuffle over. Luckily the bed was big enough just for the two of you. Dan wrapped an arm around your shoulder and kissed your forehead.

‘We created life y/n. A mini you and me.’

You laugh and Dan playfully shoves you before he leans down and his lips graze yours asking for entry. You smirk against his lips and he shoots you a confused look which only makes you laugh.

‘Kissing led to us making this little bundle of joy Daniel, are you sure you want to go down that root again?’

‘If it means I get to kiss you then hell yes, we’ll make hundreds of babies together.’

You part your lips and allow Dan entry; you had missed tender little kisses like this. But before the two of you could go any further your daughter starts crying at the end of the bed.

‘Thank you y/d/n for cock blocking me.’

‘Daniel, language.’

You pull away and slap Dan’s chest earning you a whine and a pout. You point at the crib and Dan takes the hint, unwrapping himself from around you he gets off the bed to see your daughter. The three of you were now a happy and complete little family.

PJ Ligouri-Party of Your Life (SMUT)

“Did we really have to go to this?” you moan to your good friend, tugging on her shirt to get her attention.

“It’s gross here. There’s way too many people!” you nag again. You were begged to go to this stupid damn party and you barely agreed. Mostly because she wouldn’t leave you alone until you said you’d go and you were afraid that creepers might hit on her.

“Get over that! Live a little! You need to stop nagging and enjoy!” she shouts to you over the music that thumped through your ears.

“Do you want to get a drink or dance first?” she asked

“How about neither?”

“Oh come on! We can leave soon but let’s have alittle fun first.”

“Fine. If you think I’m going to dance though,  you’re going to have to get some drinks in me first.”

She nods and runs towards the bar. You take the time to look at your surroundings. Girls are grinding on each other wearing skimpy dresses with guys surrounding them, egging them on. Your friend had tried to make you wear something similar but luckily you won the fight and wore your nice warm sweater and leggings.

“Its the middle of winter, how the hell are they not freezing?” you think.

“Here you go,” your friend says, shoving a bright red cup in your hand. You peer into the cup, seeing that there was little liquid in it.

“So what they ran out of shot glasses, come on, down it!” You drink it down. You shake your head to clear it and smile. You don’t drink often, so it’s already working its way into your system, going to make you put yourself out there.

“Hey, isn’t that Chris Kendall? You know, from Youtube?” your friend squeals, pointing to a group of guys chatting in the corner.

“Oh my gosh, you’re right!” you say, laughing a little and trying stand on your tippy-toes to look around for PJ Ligouri. You would have just loved to see him in person.

“Aw, I know how much you love Peej,” your friend says, rubbing your back.“Do you want to go say hi to Chris instead?”

“Nah, I’m fine” you say. People are forming a clump around him and you don’t really want to add to the chaos. “And even if PJ is here, I don’t know think I would go up to him….Come on, let’s go dance,” you say, changing the subject while grabbing your friend by the hand.

You and your friend sure are having a lot of fun dancing with guys that once in awhile jump in. Your friend is more forward than you are, but there is one guy in particular who is pretty cute who keeps dancing with you guys.

After the song ends, your friend pulls you away, back towards the kitchen. “Oh my god, he was hot,” she says. “You have to get to know him better if you know what I mean,” she says nudging you.

“Hah! Ok, since you say so,” you say with a big fake wink.

“Live a little! I’m going to get us another shot before we go back out there, okay?” She disappears, leaving you alone again to observe things. You search for Chris but he’s nowhere to be found. You give up, thinking he left already which would mean PJ left too if he was even here at all in the first place.

You feel a tap on your shoulder and you spin around, expecting to see your friend when you see your perfect PJ standing there, christmas jumper and glasses and all.

“Oh….umm….hi,” you say, slurring alittle.

“Hey, I’m PJ,” he says coolly.

“Yeah, I know who you are…umm..I’m Y/N….I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!” you suddenly blurt out.

“Oh, why thank you I just wanted to say hi. I saw you dancing with your friend and… that sounds kind of creepy, huh?”

“No, it’s…I mean, it’s not creepy. I saw Chris earlier, but I didn’t want bother him since he looked busy.”

The curliness of his hair is alluring. You’d seen some many photo sets dedicted to it on Tumblr, but its pixelated whimsy is nothing compared to seeing it on the actual in person. And the eyes! And god, he towered over you like a giant. You wonder if he smells good, but maybe you shouldn’t lean in for a whiff.

‘Was that your boyfriend?” he asks, pointing in the general direction that you last saw walk off into.t

“Who? What? I don’t have a boyfriend.”

PJ chuckled and you almost fainted. God he is so cute.

“Do you want to dance alittle?” he asks, sticking out his hand.

“Yeah…um…let’s do it.” Your friend would hopefully understand. This is a man you watched daily after all.  You can feel the stares the girls in the room who know who he is, but you couldn’t care less as he pulled you out on the floor.

He pulls you close to him and starts to move. “This is not something I’m good at!” he says with a laugh. “Don’t judge me.”

His dancing is absolutely adorable and really sexy at the same time. You don’t even know how to describe what he’s doing, but at least he’s trying.

“Wow, look at you haha,” you giggle, joining in. The upbeat song turns into something alittle more ranchy after awhile so he presses his body against yours. He almost wraps his arms around you but he instead has fists against you.

“It’s okay. You can touch me,” you say to calm him down. His hands are now gripping your hips tightly and you can feel the heat from his hands through your leggings. You start to move against him and his grip tightens even further. You twirl around so your back is against his chest. You bend a little at the waist. You can hear him groan as you brush against him. His hands leave your hips and make their way upwards underneath your sweater, rubbing along your side and brushing along your breasts. He lowers hands back down to your hips as he spins you back around and brings you close against him again. PJ bends his head down to kiss you, slowly at first, and then with an intenseness you’d never experienced before. Pj pulls away, taking your hand to a bedroom door.

“Are we allowed in here?” you ask.

“Yes, the guy that has this room owes me a favor.” He turns to look at you now that you’re both in the room. “He won’t mind, don’t worry,” he says, stepping towards you. You back up a little and he keeps coming closer. Your back is now against the wall.

Your hands tangle in his hair, as he brings his lips down to kiss you. He groans, making his hands snake down to grip your butt and pull you up so your legs wrapping around his waist. PJ breaks the kiss and rests his head against your forehead as he thrusts against you.

“Please, Peej,” you beg.

“Are you sure?” he said biting his lip which was one of the sexiest sites you’ve ever seen.You yank your sweater and leggings in two swift motions before unbuttoning his button-up shirt.

“God your beautiful, love,” he says, appreciating your body, before unbuttoning his pants and pulling them down. He pulls you against him again and you both groan at the skin on skin contact.

“I need you so bad right now,” he whispers.

“Then take me now,” you reply, jumping again to wrap your legs around his waist again. He hesitates, but you take control pushing your body down so he enters you with one thrust.

“Holy fuck you’re so tight right now,” he moans. He begins to thrust in and out of you, with you helping by pushing off the wall behind you. His hands are squeezing your hips as he moves you up and down on him. You can tell he’s getting close and your hand moves down to play with your clit, helping you push yourself over the edge. PJ sees this and loses all control. His thrusts become harder and deeper. Your legs squeeze him into you further and your other hand reaches up for support around his neck. This is too much for him so he comes inside you, hips bucking. He looks down, panting to rest. Your fingers tangle in his hair again, playing with his curly locks. After a few moments he sets you down. He picks up your clothes and hands them to you, quietly and nervously Once you’re both dressed, PJ pulls his phone out of his pocket. He grins as he looks at it and then flashes the screen at you.

“I would really like to get your number. How does it sound if we went on a proper date?

Joeck beach days 🌞🌊


Make Love Not War (Dan Howell)

Word Count: 1,993


You met Dan Howell on the first day of university at the Fresher’s Fair; you were both trying to avoid the crowds because of your social awkwardness when you bumped into each other. Dan joked that it was great to find someone as socially uncomfortable as him and in return you told him that neither of you could be that socially awkward if you were talking to each other.

He asked if you wanted to get coffee with him and you said yes. It turned out you were both youtubers but Dan had a few more hundred subscribers than you but you didn’t care because it was like you’d met your soul mate in Dan. He agreed and after your second date he asked you to be his girlfriend and the rest was history.

After university you moved in with Dan and Phil down in London and kept making YouTube videos more as a hobby rather than a full blown job like the other two. You were a freelance photographer and you loved documenting yours and Dan’s life together.

The fights started small, over little things like why had Dan broken your straighteners and then refused to take the blame? And why it should be you that has to do the majority of the shopping and cleaning? But you always got over them pretty quickly and made up.

As Dan continued to get bigger on YouTube you noticed a change in his attitude as well as the fans. You received more and more comments on your videos and social media that you were using Dan for his subscribers which wasn’t true. When you tried to talk to Dan about this he blanked you and one night you had enough.

‘Dan you’re not going to ignore me anymore. What’s your problem? Why are you letting the fans treat me like this? You’re supposed to be my boyfriend.’

He merely glanced up from his laptop on the sofa before grunting and returning his attention back to Tumblr. You stood up and pulled the laptop off his lap and threw it onto the chair opposite, Dan scowled at you and stood up the height difference between you noticeable.

‘God y/n you can be so annoying sometimes, why did you do that?’

You scoff and fold your arms over your chest.

‘At least I’m not blanking my girlfriend over some YouTube comments. I took away your laptop because we need to talk about this Dan, we can’t sweep it under the rug and forget about it.’

‘Why do you care so much about the bloody comments y/n? Unless the fans are right and you have been using me this whole time to gain more attention for your lame channel. That’s right I said it, maybe you should just stick to photography then again you can’t even get a solid job to pay your portion of the rent. Most months I pay it, you’re a scrounger y/n and I’ve had enough.’

Dan’s harsh words cut into you deep and you were too stunned speechless to reply. Was this how he really felt about your relationship? You’d given him nearly four years and now the truth was coming out. You cover your mouth with your hand and feel tears prick at your eyes. Dan’s face immediately softens and he curses realising what he’s just said to you.

‘Shit y/n I’m sorry, I didn’t mean any of that. I’m just stressed out with YouTube and the radio show and the book and tour coming up. I love you y/n.’

He reaches out to pull you into a hug but you pull back your mind made up about what you have to do. Tears stream down your cheeks.

‘If that’s what you think about me Dan then I can’t do this any longer, I’ve given you four years of my life and support. You were the first boy who made me feel loved and sexy and visible…you are my first love and I want…more than anything…for you to be my last…but I can’t do this anymore at least not now…we’re done.’

Dan’s face pales and you know he’s fighting back tears of his own. You bow your head and shuffle out of the living room.

‘Don’t go y/n…I need you here…’

Dan grabs your shoulder but you shrug him off not daring to look over your shoulder, knowing you’ll crumble.

‘No Dan…you need your adoring fans more, they can give you so much more than I ever can…goodbye…’

You leave the room and head to the bedroom to pack your bags. Dan doesn’t make a move to stop you, it looks like he never cared about you in the first place.


‘No Dan…you need your adoring fans more, they can give you so much more than I ever can…goodbye…’

y/n walked out of the room leaving me heartbroken and shattered into a million pieces. I fell to the floor and sobbed unable to go after her. Why had I said those awful things to her? Once they left my lips I instantly regretted them when I saw the horror and shock written on y/n’s face.

The front door slammed and y/n was out of my life. Four years and I’d thrown it down the drain because a few fans had gotten to me.

‘Dan are you okay?’

Phil shuffled into the room and I shook my head.

‘I screwed up Phil and now the best thing in my life has walked out of the door.’

Phil nods and leans against the door.

‘You did Dan, just give her some space.’


Phil told me to give her some space, I gave her three months and still we weren’t on talking terms. She refused my calls and didn’t reply to my hundreds of messages. After I made the comment about her not being able to hold a steady photography job, I discovered that Kerrang! had hired her to go on Warped as the official photographer for the magazine. On her Instagram and Twitter she looked happy but I knew her too well, I could see past the fake smiles. It wasn’t on her shoulders to apologise to me; I was just too much of a coward.

It was hard not to get jealous when I saw her taking selfies with numerous band members from All Time Low to Of Mice & Men to Black Veil Brides. I couldn’t lose her that easily, she was the awkward geeky girl I bumped into at Fresher’s.

I stopped updating YouTube regularly and I didn’t have the enthusiasm for the radio show or upcoming book tour. I didn’t realise how much I took y/n for granted, she was like my personal assistant and girlfriend wrapped into one. I came across her diary which had dated all my appearances and what time and where I needed to be, she even created me an upload schedule for my videos. I couldn’t properly function without her.

I needed to show her how much I loved her and that we were meant to be together despite what the internet thought. I then remembered her love of documenting our relationship these last four years and I knew what I needed to do to win her back.



Warped was amazing, you took so many awesome photos and met some of your idols and even got to hang out with a few of them. Yes you flirted a little here and there but in the back of your mind all you could think about was Dan back in London. He had tried to get in touch with you but you ignored him, you thought you could move on but you couldn’t bring yourself to let go of the four years you had spent together.

Phil asked you to go out for dinner with him when you returned to London and you accepted because he was a sweetie who’d taken your side over Dan’s which must have been hard for him because Dan was his best friend. You began to question Phil’s motives when he blindfolded you as soon as you stepped foot out of the flat you were renting close to the Kerrang! office.

‘Where are you taking me Phil?’

He shushed you as you got into a taxi. When the taxi stopped you was a little nervous as to what was coming next. Phil took your hand and you felt grass beneath your heeled feet, this wasn’t a restaurant. You got scared when Phil let go of your hand, you stood still for a couple of minutes before you heard familiar music start to play. Just Another Girl by The Killers came from speakers near you and you couldn’t help but crack a smile, you were obsessed with them and it was the first concert you and Dan went to as a couple. Just Another Girl was one of your favourite songs so you ripped off the blindfold to see what was in front of you.

You gasped as you stared directly at a white screen in front of you strewn with fairy lights around the edges as a slideshow of pictures and videos of you and Dan flashed onto the screen from a projector behind you. They seemed familiar and you realised that you’d taken them over the last four years.

‘Four months ago I made a huge mistake, I let the single most precious thing walk out of my life. I regret my words and know I hurt you y/n, I was stressed and the fans got to me but then I realised something. Without you by my side I crumbled even more under the pressure, I found your diary with all your sticky notes stating my appearances and I shed a tear. And it was then I knew that I couldn’t go another day of my life without you by my side. So I only have one question to ask you y/n and feel free to say no because I was a cowardly jerk face.’

Dan walked out from behind the screen wearing a nice suit, his hair was styled and you were slightly confused by what he meant when he said he had one question to ask you. His apology seemed sincere and you chuckled remembering Dan mocking your use of multi-coloured notes for different events but they kept him organised.

You gasp loudly as Dan stands in front of you smiling ear to ear, he gets down on one knee and your heart skips a beat knowing what question he’s going to ask you. Tears threaten to spill, tears of joy this time as he removes a small black box from inside his suit jacket.

‘y/n you are my best friend and I’m so happy we bumped into each other at university because I don’t know where I’d be without you. I love you with all my heart and I promise not to make the same mistakes. Will you marry me y/n?’

He produces the most beautiful engagement ring you’ve ever laid eyes on. You smile matching his and know that you made the right decision staying single while in America.

‘Yes Dan, I’ll marry you my stupid unorganised idiot.’

He places the ring on your finger and you help him up off the ground before squealing and wrapping your arms around his shoulders.

‘I missed you so much y/n.’

‘I think I missed you more Dan.’

You kiss him passionately never wanting this magical moment to end. Everything in your life was finally on track.

More Than This [Joe Sugg Imagine]

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Fine,I’ll do it.

Were the words you finally said to Joe after he basically begged you to come with him to this premier.
Right now you are getting ready for exactly this premier.
You sigh while you apply the red lipstick that matches with your pretty red dress. Deep down you hope that Joe will like your look.All the other youtubers are going to be there too,just with their boy- or girlfriends.You are only Joe’s friend.I mean of course that’s great,but you already feel slightly uncomfortable with the thought of being around couples the whole night.

A soft knock on your door brings you back to reality and you see Joe standing there.
‘Hi’,he smiles and hugs you.

“You ready?” You nod and smile. “But before we go we need to take a picture!”,again you smile while he takes out his phone.You kiss his cheek for the picture and once you hear the “click” you lean back again.You two have a small talk while you search for your phone. “Found it!”,you scream and run back to the door.He takes your hand in his and walks out of your flat.Of course,you feel your cheeks getting red again. “I’m sooooo excited!!”,Tanya says and hugs you.You were finally at the premiere and about to go on the red carpet for a few pictures. Zoe and Alfie are already posing,and now is Joe and yours turn. You grab Joe’s hand really tight because you’re really nervous. “It’s okay m'love.”,he says in a raspy voice,which makes you look up quickly. Joe wouldn’t be Joe if he wouldn’t pull a funny face to make you laugh.In exactly that moment you started to pose for the photographers.The carpet is quite long so that will probably take time. After the red carpet the both of you went to a huge hall,where both of you took a glass of champagne to celebrate.Everyone is standing there with their girl-, or boyfriends. Joe is standing next to you and lets out a sigh. “What’s wrong?”,you ask. “Tired?” Joe shakes his head and steps closer to you,if that’s even possible. “I just kinda wish we were more than this.” Your heart is beating really fast and little do you know what he means,but to be sure,and because you are you,you must ask this question. “What do you mean?” Joe looks really nervous now and drives his hand through his hair. “Y/N,you know what I mean.I can’t even hold your hand because you know,we are only friends.I just wanna be more than friends.” You blush and say “I want that too.” He lowers his head and gives you a small peck on the lips,when you hear Caspar scream “finally” from the middle of the hall.
You Need a Haircut

Genre: Fluff

Character: Pj Liguori

Summary: Your at your boyfriend, Pj’s, house after a late night at a party and the two of you are a little bit more drunk than you’d like to admit, which always leads to stupid ideas.

(Sort of kind of based on Samson by Regina Spektor but not really. Enjoy! -P

I tilted my bottle up into the air and took another drink of my half empty Coors, listening to the indie playlist stilling playing low, competing with the air conditioner and PJ’s low voice. I fiddled with the hem of my sock and pulled my knees a little closer to my chest. The lights in the living room were dim, but it was pitch black outside. Probably around 2 in the morning, but I’d lost count hours ago. His legs tangled around the outside of mine, back against the opposite arm of the beat down couch that we’d confined ourselves to after a late night partying for Dan’s birthday. I borrowed a pair of his pajamas, red plaid with a black drawstring, and pulled his “YouTube” hoodie over my tank top. He’d shed down to some grey sweats and a black Pokemon teeshirt.

“… And I mean, that guy was the biggest dick I’d ever met. ‘The exposure has to go up if the room is bright’. What the hell? Some people…”

He blew a sleepy laugh out of his nose and looked lopsidedly at me through his mess of curls. I smiled at him and itched my nose on my sleeve. I was starting to get tired, but I’d rather stay up and chat with him. Besides, if I tried to sleep I’d probably just lie there and think about things we could talk about, or worry about life. I could tell he felt the same. He was yawning, but didn’t say a thing about being tired. I didn’t want to keep him up, but I figured he’d protest anyway.

“I’m hungry,” he said after a silent moment of content stares as we were both lost in thought.

“Thank god, I’m starving too,” I whined.

“Let’s go see what we’ve got,” he said, jumping up and navigating to the kitchen. I followed close behind.

He stood in front of the fridge holding a nearly empty beer bottle and searched for something even the least bit appetizing. I leaned against the counter and took another drink, crossing my arms for warmth. Turkey sounded good. Or something cheesy. Maybe some ramen?  I could really go for a burger from that little cafe downtown. I always got hungry when I drank. Plus I hadn’t eaten since like 5.

“Nothing in here,” he proclaimed, tapping the door shut, opening the freezer, “Oooo, frozen mozzarell-y sticks and red sauce?”

“YESSS,” I agreed, throwing my head back.

We put them in the oven for the allotted time and went back to staring at each other like lovey-dovey idiots. He had pretty eyes, I couldn’t help myself. Looking back on it, we were just both drunk and tired, but it felt really romantic in the moment to just look at each other. The music was faint, but I could hear a very familiar song playing. Some French song, the I hadn’t the slightest. It was the song that had been playing the first time PJ kissed me. We’d been sitting in his room when he still lived with his parents and he’d turned on some light music while we chatted, which turned to flirting, then kissing. It was such a pretty song. I shuffled across the tile floor and wrapped my arms around his waist, pressing my face into his chest. He curled his arms around myself and rested his chin into my mess of hair.

“I love you,” he sighed, “you know that, right?”

“Mhmm,” I yawned, “I love you too.”

“I’m glad… I’m really lucky to have a princess like you.”

I wanted to answer with something witty and cute, but I was tired and a little drunk.

“I’m lucky to have a boyfriend with hair big enough to eat a small city,” I said with a sleepy smile. I looked up at his laughing lips and pressed an awkward kiss, then was returned a peck.

“Speaking of my hair,” he said, “I need a haircut. Bad.”

“You should let me cut it,” I said, not entirely on a serious note, “I cut my brothers hair all the time.”

I honestly was not expecting an answer, but just my boy, Pj rubbed his eyes and said, “Alright, let’s do it.”

“Are you sure?” I giggled.

“Yeah,” he pulled a pair of blue scissors out of a drawer, “Might as well.”

And with that, it happened. I sat him down in an old chair near the backdoor and threw a towel over his shoulders. In hindsight, cutting my boyfriend mess of hair while moderately intoxicated is definitely up there on my “stupid shit that should have gone wrong but didn’t” list. I got really into it though. I was as focused as I’d ever been cutting someone’s hair. Probably because I didn’t want to be responsible for dicking up his head. The yellow kitchen light shone down on his beautiful Italian skin and he looked like a sleepy, golden god. Or maybe a pregnant woman? Bottom line, bad light, he still looked fucking sexy.

Scissors sound mesmerizing in a near-silent room. I was almost finished, snipping off the last bits of his bangs, when a startling *beep* rang through the kitchen. I’d forgotten we’d put food in the oven at all. It also made me realize how hungry I was. Pj jumped up, brushing the loose snippets of hair off his shoulders as he dove toward the oven. Those golden mozzarella sticks  were the most appetizing things I’d laid eyes on all night. Along with pizza sauce? I was in heaven.  I quickly fell off cloud 9 though, when I felt a wave of anxiety wash over me. His hair… Was he going to like it?

“I’m staved!” He groaned, grabbing two forks for the both of us. He attempted picking one up, but they were scalding. I laughed when he yanked his hand back to suck on his burnt finger.

“They’re hot!” I teased.

“Oh, thanks,” he retorted with a grin, trying to pick one up on his fork, “oh hey! Is my hair done?”

“Umm… Yeah, I think so…”

He walked around the corner to the mirror hanging in the hall. I stood and waited in fear that he’d not like it. I wouldn’t be able to live knowing I fucked up his perfect head… I could hear him shuffling around, moving and changing angles.

“Ya did good, kid,” he smiled, walking back to our food.

“Really? You like it? Brutal honestly, tell me if it sucks.”

“No! I love it,” he hushed me, striding closer, “Better then my own hair dresser. She always cuts it too short.”

He wrapped his arms around me, engulfing me in a hug. He kissed my temple with a soft warmth. I felt butterflies in my stomach, and stood on my toes to leave a kiss on his lips. I liked how well we fit together when we were drunk and in  pajamas. He was the best cuddled at 2 in the morning. I don’t really remember much after that. I’m sure we ate a few cheese sticks and passed out on the couch or cuddled under the blankets of his bed. None the less, that was a good night. ~P


banannamontana here we go :) I hope you like it x

Do You Like What You See? (Dan Howell & Phil Lester)

Word Count: 849


You knew today was the day that your flatmates Dan and Phil were filming a ‘day in the life of’ video for Phil’s channel. You also knew from experience that Phil liked to burst into your bedroom brandishing his camera, so today you got up a little earlier to take a shower and get ready before you were ambushed. Keeping your towel wrapped around your chest you picked out an outfit for the day unaware of what was going to happen next. You dropped your towel just as Phil barged into your room.

‘Say hello to the internet y/n…oh my god my eyes…I’m sorry…’


You grab the towel and wrap it back around yourself but not before knowing that Phil had actually seen you naked, to say you were embarrassed would have been an understatement. Phil got flustered and hastily left your room muttering apologies under his breath.

You stick your head out of the bedroom and scowl at a laughing Dan across from your room. You flip him the bird before walking back into your bedroom and slam the door but not before shouting.

‘Do you like what you see Daniel?’

‘Nice ass y/n, very nice ass.’

You smirked at Dan’s remark. The two of you had quite a flirty kind of friendship, but neither of you would admit to the other that you had feelings for each other. But out of Dan and Phil you’d rather see Dan naked. Then an idea sprung to your mind, Phil had captured you on camera naked so the best payback would be to capture him naked on your own camera. You just had to get your timing right.

For the rest of the day Phil avoided you like the plague and Dan took every opportunity to mock him for his mistake. But Phil had to take a shower eventually and luckily his shower in his ensuite was broken so he was forced to use the same bathroom as you and Dan.

Dan had excused himself earlier to film a video leaving you and Phil watching anime in the living room. After an awkward silence Phil also excused himself saying he was going to take a shower. This was your opportunity to get him back so you snuck into your bedroom and picked up your own vlogging camera just as you heard the shower turn off. It was now or never.

‘Earlier today internet Phil walked into my room filming a day in the life video while I was naked after a shower. Now he’s in the shower and I’m about to take my revenge. Let’s see how many views a naked AmazingPhil can get.’

You keep the camera raised as you stand outside the bathroom door; you try the handle and cheer when it’s unlocked. With a wink at the camera you fling open the door and burst in.


You quickly shield your eyes as a very naked Dan stands in front of you dripping wet and looking surprised.

‘Err y/n is there a reason you’re filming this?’

‘Phil said he was taking a shower. I wanted to get him back, now I’ve seen more than I would have liked Daniel.’

Dan laughs and you turn the camera off. This felt exactly like that one episode in Friends when they all walked in on one another when naked.

‘Well since you got a quick glance y/n I only have one question. Do you like what you see?’

Of course he had to use your own question against you. Yes you’d imagined him naked hundreds of times and now you literally had.

‘I’m taking by your blush that the answer is yes. Now come here silly.’

You heard Dan take a step towards you so you took one back, he could still be naked and he wanted to hug you.

‘Err cover up first Dan.’

‘Alright done, now open your eyes.’

Trusting him you open your eyes and are relieved to see a towel tied around his waist leaving his chest exposed. God he was beautiful. He closes the space between you and pulls you into a hug. You only have one question on your mind.

‘Dan where does this put whatever we have going on?’

He cups your chin before sighing.

‘I really like you y/n and want to be more than just flirty friends.’

You crack a smile; at least the feelings were mutual.

‘I would love to be more than friends with you Daniel James Howell. Besides I’ve seen you naked and you’ve seen me semi-naked, that kinds of throws a regular friendship out of the window.’

Dan smiles before bowing his head and claiming your lips in a sweet and tender kiss. Now you were kind of glad that Phil walked in on you because you and Dan would never have admitted your feelings for each other. But that still didn’t let Lester off the hook; you had now made it your mission to get him on camera naked. Maybe your new boyfriend could help you out.

One Last Cry // A Joe Sugg Imagine x PART 1

You were at your couch watching Pretty Little Liars when all of a sudden your phone is blowing up with notifications, not just from twitter but in instagram too. With that spam your internet is being terribly cooperative, the photos can’t load but all of them were all like:

“Have you already seen this?” or “Joe is cheating on you” and all that kind of stuff. You were surprised with that because you know Joe won’t do that nor can he do that to you. But then one picture load and this one is a collage with some photos of it is a Joe dressed in black and a hat which he is using today before he left, and a girl, a pretty and hot girl actually. Some photos are like normal selfies but what caught your eye is the photos wherein Joe is making out with the girl in the photo. You tightened your grip in your phone that you almost smash it, you felt tears rolling down your cheeks which is whatever you do won’t stop.

You curled into a ball, and cried like it’s your last day on earth, you were so hurt you, trusted Joe so much and you cannot think of any reason why he have done this to you. You give him all that he needs and wants, you take care of him, you love him with all your heart, you trust him to the point that you don’t check his phone or that you let him stay up late in bars without you. You trusted him so much and you feel your heart breaking up into pieces. This isn’t easy, you have loved Joe so much.

After an hour of crying, you are now just a curled ball in the sofa, not crying but thinking, you’re too numb to feel. Then Joe burst in from the front door, you are startled by the sound and you felt your heart beating faster, you look so ugly, you look like you need some of his pity, but you can’t move, you’re too tired, too drained from all that crying, he walked past you and he’s kinda drunk, then he noticed you, your puffy eyes, your messy hair, your red nose, the tear stains in your cheeks, he’s tipsiness was removed from his soul when he saw your state, he looks at you and sits beside you. Joe’s already concerned about what has happened when he was out he asks you what’s wrong but you didn’t answer he asks you what happened and holds your shoulder, you didn’t answer and you didn’t move from his touch, you can’t feel the pain you’re too numb, but you can feel that as if there’s something burning inside you, anger.

Joe was constantly asking you what happened, he gave you water, food and other stuff but you didn’t move an inch. “y/n tell me what happened!” he shouted as if he’s losing patience in asking you what happened calmly for about an hour now. You finally have the courage and the energy to tell him in a low voice: “just go to sleep, I need to be alone. please. I don’t need any conversation at the moment” he was too frustrated with you acting like that so he decided to leave you there and let himself cool down and get some sleep.


3AM and you’re still awake, you don’t know what to do. You called your best friend and your sister from another mother, Zoe Sugg. He might be Joe’s sister but when Joe is acting like a total dick she understands. You decided to call her hoping she would answer because who will be up @ 3AM in the morning. After a few more calls she answered with a sleepy voice:

Z: Hello?

Y/N: Zoe, it’s me (y/n)

Z: Hey wassup? Why are you calling at 3 in the morning?

Y/N: Can I stay there for a while until I book my flight back to Paris?

Z: Sure you can? Why are you flying? Can’t you just stay there? And what time are you leaving your household.

Y/N: I’m leaving now. I’ll tell you all about it later. Bye, see you, love u.

And with that you hang up before Zoe ask anymore questions. You went down to you and Joe’s shared room, prepared your suitcase and pack all of your belongings that is inside that house except for the one’s  Joseph gave you. You wrote down a note saying.


You left that on the bedside table, you did your best to not look at him. Your things fit in two suitcases so you need to go up and down the stairs twice. You finally finished getting your things down and you went out of the house leaving it’s key on the bar. You grabbed an uber and asked him to drive to the train station.

You just arrived in the train station and bought some foods because you can feel that anytime now you might faint. So you grabbed a cheeky little burger, fries and a starbucks java chip frappe. You bought your ticket and is now waiting for the train it will not come in another 30 minutes so you’ve decided to roam around the station for there is not a lot of people in there yet. You bought 2 burritos and a juice for your train travel, and bought some gifts for Zalfie, Nala, Pippin, Percy and for the SacconeJolys cause you are planning to visit them too, especially Emilia for you didn’t made it on her very pretty princess birthday party. Then you went back and wait for a minute for the train to come. You went in and find a place for you, opened your laptop and get some paper works done, and do your secret jobs like (editor and a DJ). People think that you spend spend spend Joe Sugg’s money cause you don’t have a job but you do it’s just a very confidential thing.

A few hours has passed, you went out the train and the Brighton breeze swept your skin you wore your coat and went on with your journey. You called a cab and asked him to drive to *Zalfie’s address* and the time is already 6 in the morning.

You arrived to the Zalfie residence and you rang Zoe’s phone. She answered almost instantly.

Z: Where are you?

Y/N: Right in front of the door.

And with that she hang up on you and a minute later she opened the door up for you and hugged you really tight, you released your grip from your suitcases and returned her hug back. She pulled from the hug and realized your state, your puffy eyes. She let you inside and Nala greeted you with a bark, you carried her and make her smell you to calm her hype down. Zoe told you to make yourself at home and that she needs a minute to clear the room you will stay in while you’re there. You helped yourself for some cookie and found some cookies you asked Zoe with a shout so she can hear you if you can have some and she said yes. You helped yourself with a cookie and a coffee and washed the mug you used and stayed in the couch.

You woke up. You haven’t realized that you fell asleep on the couch, maybe because you didn’t get enough sleep the whole day. You woke up and check your watch and it’s already half past 12 in the afternoon. Zoe went inside the house from the garden with Nala. You and Zoe talked about what happened she said she knew and that she saw the photo being viral. She asked if you broke up with him, you answered her that you guys never talked that don’t take any vlogs or photos with you in it for Joe will no where you are. She hugged you and you cried in her shirt you were quite embarrassed but your tears won’t stop. Zoe make you go upstairs and rest, you booked your flight back to Paris for the Friday of next week so you will still have some time to visit the SacconeJolys maybe go back to London and visit Caspar, Marcus, Jim, Tanya, Niomi, maybe visit Daddy Sugg because you guys have been closer than ever. A lot of people are ringing your phone but you aren’t answering any of it, you put your phone into airplane mode and checked who are contacting you. It was your friends Narcus, Janya, Caspar and…. Joe. You thought maybe your friends saw the photo already. You didn’t answer any of their messages or calls instead you just went to bed.

The next day you wore a cap and put your hair down, wore sun glasses so that no one will know you or notice that it is you. You, Zoe and Alfie are heading to Nandos to eat lunch, then go to the SacconeJoly’s residence. Zoe said that Alfie is banned in posting daily vlogs for the week, Zoe and Alfie released a statement on all their social media sites making up an excuse that Alfie needs to take a rest from speaking so much because it affects his chest pain. You made Zoe order your food, after your cheeky lunch you guys made your way to the SacconeJoly’s. While you are on your way someone rang Zoe’s phone while she was driving, Alfie looke at the caller id and said that it was Joe, you told him to answer it so he won’t have a hint that you’re with them, he answered it with a cold voice making him sound that he is mad at him for what he has done to you, the phone call ended with a “Best of luck mate if ever you find and get her back”

2 hours later you finally arrived your destination. Zoe rang the bell and Anna was surprised when she saw all of you for you haven’t told them that you guys were coming. She was really happy to see you then she let you inside the house, the dogs are literally “hyped” from the stranger they saw. Anna led you to the kitchen where Jonathan is vlogging, Zoe told him to stop because he was just about to turn the camera around facing you. Jonathan stopped the vlog and zoe told him about the state you’re currently in. All of you guys were just catching up with each other’s lives and talked about you of course how are you coping up with stuff and you had a real long talk for Jonathan was your bestest friend and almost acts like a father to you.

to be continued…

Dan Howell - Japan (fluff)

Request: One shot with Dan where y/n is on vacation in Japan with him and Phil and she has allergies to the cherry blossom trees (they are just honestly the worst kind of trees in the spring for allergies I literally look and sound like I have a sinus infection)


Japan. It’s definitely like nothing you’ve ever seen before. There’s a certain air about it, an alive-ness that makes you want to do everything humanly possible. You’re sitting in an interesting café alongside Dan and Phil, who are both looking out the window. The two of them have always made you smile, and spending these memorable moments in this beautiful country with them may very well be the highlight of your life.

“Let’s go do something!” Phil looks to you, a smile on his face.

“Like what?” Dan asks.

“I don’t know! Let’s…go look at the cherry blossom trees. They’re so pretty.” Phil looks excited.

You cringe a bit. Cherry blossom trees are very beautiful, but they also aren’t very fun to be around in the spring.

“I don’t know.” You say hesitantly, shifting in your seat.

“What’s the matter?” Dan looks at you, his dark brown eyes questioning.

“N-nothing. Let’s just go. Otherwise Phil may just jump out of his seat.” You chuckle as you see Phil growing restless.


The beautiful cherry blossoms are in full bloom; pink and white dance across the expanse. Phil is leading the way, leaving you and Dan to follow behind. You cross your arms as you walk around, preparing yourself for what is to come. Dan has his hands in his pockets, but bumps your arm with his, throwing you off balance. When you look at him he gives you a half smile and then looks down at the ground. You push your arm up against his in retaliation, but he doesn’t budge.

“I will not be swayed by you and your tiny form.” He chuckles, pushing his fringe out of his face.

You simply roll your eyes and walk away from him, going towards a cherry blossom tree that doesn’t seem to be as full as the rest. Hopefully, I’ll be safe here, you think to yourself. But before you can finish the thought you begin to sniffle.

“Oh no.” You whisper, turning your back to the boys.

Your allergies are beginning to hit you hard; itchy eyes, both a stuffy and runny nose, sinus pressure, stopped up ears. The pollen from the cherry blossoms has infiltrated your sinuses, and now there will be hell to pay. You didn’t want to see the cherry blossom trees because you knew this very thing would happen, you would turn into a walking balloon of snot. That isn’t a very pretty picture, and you don’t want Dan or Phil to see you like this. You attempt to hide behind the tree.

“Y/N?” Dan calls your name.

“No…no…” You mumble to yourself, pinching your nose.

“Where’d you go off to?”

His voice is growing closer and closer, until he’s on the opposite side of the tree.

“Oh, there you are. I have a question.” Dan walks around the tree to see you, but you move. “Wh-what are you doing?”

“Uhm, nothing. What do you mean?”

He walks around again, and you keep moving, all the while trying to stop your eyes from watering and your nose from running.

“Well, every time I try to talk to you you move to the other side of the tree.” Dan raises his arm and grabs onto a low hanging branch.

“N-no I don’t,” You notice that he’s tugging on the branch, which means when he let’s go, pollen will go flying everywhere, “Dan, can you let go of that branch, sl-.”

Before you can get the word ‘slowly’ out, Dan releases the branch. This is it. The pollen goes into the air, and you can’t control it anymore. You begin to sneeze repeatedly. Your body shakes violently, your head beginning to grow foggy. In the midst of your sneezing fit, your foot catches on a rock and you tumble backwards. Dan attempts to grab you before you do, but your arm slips through his finger. You land on your back, and the sneezing ceases.

“Oh my god! Are you alright?” Dan kneels down next to you.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You laugh.

“Y/N, your eyes are all red. What’s wrong?” Dan looks worried.

You grow embarrassed, your cheeks swelling with redness.

“Oh no, don’t look at me! I’m so gross right now.” You cover your face with your hands.

After a few moments you feel hands on your wrists. Dan is pulling your hands away from your face, as he smiles down at you. He slowly pushes the hair out of your face.

“You could have just told us the cherry blossoms would disturb your allergies.”

“But Phil looked so excited about them.” You sit up and point towards the black haired man.

“He did indeed. But I think he’d rather all of us have fun doing something together rather than you almost dying.” Dan’s eyes begin to squint as he laughs.

“True.” You agree.

“I mean, don’t get me wrong, this little show was quite enjoyable.” He winks.

“Oh shut up and help me up, Howell.” You shake your head and await Dan’s assistance.



Publicity Love (Dan Howell)

Word Count: 1,569


Three months you’d been fake dating internet sensation Dan Howell or Danisnotonfire as he was known on YouTube. And it had been the worst three months of your life, yes your job involved dating celebrities when they gained bad reputations but you and Dan hated each other from day one.

Dan wasn’t paying you; in fact it was his three best friends Phil, Chris and PJ who just wanted the old socially awkward Dan back. The fame and fans had slowly corrupted Dan and he’d started acting out of character. You’d seen this all before and it was your job to make him look perfect so he didn’t continue losing sponsors or fans.

The two of you had just returned from a date, Dan had taken you to a really cute Chinese restaurant where you saw no fans or flashing cameras. It was odd but probably the best time you’d had over the last three months. Usually when Dan took you out there were forced smiles and conversations. Yet tonight the conversation flowed casually and Dan even taught you how to use chopsticks after laughing at your failed attempts for ten minutes.

He had walked you to the door of your apartment, you didn’t live in the nicest area of London and Dan thought you’d get mugged or something. Before tonight he couldn’t have cared less if you got mugged or raped because he’d let you walk home alone in the past.

‘Thanks for tonight Dan I had a really good time.’

Dan nodded as you fumbled to get your door unlocked, the lock was broken and needed fixing but your landlord was a douche and nothing ever got fixed. After the third attempt you got the door unlocked and stood in the open door.

‘Are you going to call a taxi, this area can get pretty rough around this time Dan?’

‘Ah does y/n actually care about my safety? If I get hurt you don’t get paid.’

And there it was, the cocky Dan who you hated with a passion had returned. You threw your arms in the air and sighed in frustration.

‘Sorry for caring about another human being Dan, it’s called being nice. You know what go screw yourself I hope something happens to you, because at least that way I won’t have keep up this façade and I can have my life back. I use to like my job until you came along and made it a living hell, you’re selfish and you can’t even see that you’re hurting the ones around you. Do you even know who paid me? It was your three best friends because they care about you Dan, but you’re too stuck up your own ass to see that. Goodbye.’

You slammed the door in his face no doubt breaking the fragile lock even more but you didn’t care because you were angry. Three months of pent up emotions had just come flooding out and you had plenty more to say but stopped yourself.

Someone knocked on the door and you assumed it was Dan, what the hell did he want now? You opened it and leaned against the side with your arms folded over your chest as Dan looked at you sheepishly.

‘Did the guys really pay you y/n?’

You nod and Dan sighs.

‘I don’t know why I do this y/n. I never use to be like this. Can I come in please?’

You quirk an eyebrow in his direction.

‘Why do you want to come in Dan?’

‘Because my mobiles dead and I need to ring a taxi.’

You step aside and let a deflated Dan into your flat, had your words really had that quick of an effect on him?

‘Err you can use the landline, it’s on the kitchen counter.’

You point towards the small kitchen that was attached to the living room and dining room combined. It was expensive living in London and you had to fend for yourself because your parents cut you off after university. Your flat had one small bedroom and a crappy bathroom where the shower broke every other week.

Dan glances around the flat but doesn’t make a comment as he picks up the landline and dials. You bet he was loving seeing how differently you lived to him, he had money and you had none. He had everything handed to him on a silver platter while you worked your butt off to scrape the bills each week.

You kick off your heels and jump on the sofa, behind you Dan is booking a taxi to come and pick him up. You scroll through the TV channels not selecting a channel, instead reading the descriptions of shows that are on.


I booked the taxi and it said it would be here in twenty minutes, great that meant I was stuck in y/n’s flat with her for more time than I liked. She was doing that annoying thing she always did with the TV where she wouldn’t select a channel, however it was only by observing her that I noticed little things she did. She mouthed the TV descriptions under her breath and twitched her nose while she decided what to choose. 

We’d had a good date night for once, I took her to my favourite Chinese restaurant and even taught her how to properly use chopsticks. We had talked and laughed like actual friends for once and it was nice compared to our normal awkward silences.

Then I had to be a douche on her doorstep, I didn’t think she’d ever blow up on me like she did but her words got to me. I couldn’t believe that Phil, Chris and PJ would pay someone to try and get their best friend back. Was y/n right, was I really that selfish? Yes YouTube had taken off for me and the radio show was getting excellent ratings but I had been neglected my friends who’d helped me get where I was today.

y/n’s flat wasn’t what I expected. She mustn’t make that much money from this job because she lived in a rundown area of London and I could reach the kitchen from the living room in less than three strides. This kind of explained how y/n reacted when some fans called out her appearance and clothes, she seemed disheartened and like a douche I didn’t care because I was too focused on the fans showering me with attention.

I found myself suddenly caring for y/n more than I ever had in these last three months. Yes we both hated each other but we both had things in common which when we got on meant we had a good laugh together. y/n wasn’t like most girls I knew, she didn’t want me to buy her expensive gifts or spend money at lavish restaurants because she was happier with simple dates such as ordering pizza and watching a movie. Yes we were fake dating but y/n had to be the best girlfriend I’d had in a long time.

I’d learnt so much about her in these last three months and vice versa, though she’s mainly seen the mean side of me and I had seen the fake smile side of her. Tonight she saw the real me and now I was seeing the real her, y/n was too perfect but I didn’t think she would like me after the way I’d treated her.

‘Dan are you okay? You seem lost in thought?’

I blinked a couple of times and noticed y/n standing in front of me, she’d thrown her long hair into a messy bun on top of her head and out of her heels she was smaller than me. It was now or never that I had to make my move.

‘Please don’t slap me y/n.’

She seemed slightly confused but I cut her off by smashing my lips down on hers. Her body shuddered most likely in shock and I pulled away expecting a slap which never came. y/n breathed heavily.

‘Well that was unexpected Dan but why?’

‘Because all the little things you’ve done over these last three months that I hate so much actually turn out to be things I love about you y/n.’

She gasped and chewed her lip between her teeth, this small gesture was enough to turn me on and I went back for round two. This time however y/n wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me closer as she deepened the kiss, maybe she did like me after all.

y/n pulled away and smiled up at me.

‘Let’s start again. I’m y/n nice to meet you.’

She moved one arm from around my neck and put her hand out in front of her, I saw what she was trying to do and liked the idea of starting afresh so I shook her hand.

‘I’m Dan and may I say y/n is a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl.’

y/n blushed slightly before clearing her throat.

‘Now the formalities are over Dan please kiss me again.’

I didn’t need to be told twice as our lips collided with each other. After tonight I was going to turn over a new leaf, I had the perfect girl by my side and now I just needed to get my best friends back and earn back the trust of my loyal danasaurs.