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could you please tell me the story of zalfie? i love the couple but i havent been here since the beggining so...

you want me to tell a story worth of 3 and a half years hahaha??!?!??!?? ok, lets see:

basically back in july 2012, a 22 year old zoe likes a 18 year old alfie’s video, and they start to talk. she actually saw him in a youtube event where he was sitting with another girl on his lap. she was thinking she’s a beauty girl none other youtubers know of. he was part of a popular among fangirls british youtube boys crew. so they didn’t meet there. she was also just coming out of a breakup and having a rough time. but she decided to like one of his videos, they started to talk on twitter, she asked for his phone, he asked for her skype. zoe queued to meet alfie (and marcus) with joe and louise at SITC (a youtube event) in 2012. they instantly become friends. (read this part from my post:

they become inseparable, made live shows together, videos together and their chemistry was so obvious they were shipped almost since day 1. alfie was so love eyes, so obviously into her. he only had a girlfriend when he was 15, so at 18 he was pretty inexperienced. she was much older and had several long term relationships which were all pretty bad as she mentioned. she was clearly into him too since they never left each others side, but alfie’s crush must be the cutest thing to watch on youtube back in late 2012 and early 2013. there are several younows and vlogs and main channel videos you need to watch in a chronological order to understand the magic. 

they made videos in both their channels in 2013 february, valentines day videos. basically friendzoned each other and said they would be disgusting. and all you could see in the video is how they were crushing SO HARD. it is adorable. probably they started to date sometime after that video, maybe even the same day. but another zalfie special: they never said when they started dating.

then the shipping became so overwhelming to the point that each and every video/vlog of their friend group (marcus, joe, louise, jim, tanya, louis) were being watched to find a zalfie clue. even zalfie were in the same room, the videos were flooded with “zalfie” comments. it was a crazy time apparently. there were several slip ups and people were going crazy with zalfie shipping but they never made it public until august 2013 jim accidentally outed them. the day they announced they were together “zalfie” “alfie and zoe” were trending for hours worldwide. 

they both vlogged rarely back then, and there were rare zalfie in main channel videos. pure zalfie drought. people were dying to see what their interaction is like. then the best period for zalfie shippers started with the famous 2013 vlogmas where people see their daily interactions in vlogs for the first time. they were adorable beyond expectations. you just need to go back and watch vlogmas 2013 on both their vlogging channels and watch that famous zalfie younow in december 2013.

after vlogmas then again there was zalfie drought and people were craving for zalfie after seeing how cute they are in real life during vlogmas. in the first half of 2014 zoe vlogged a lot and it was a glorious time filled with zalfie. then the best thing happened and alfie started daily vlogging in june 2014! to this day he still is vlogging. and there are so many cute vlogs so many cute memories. even after 3 years, zalfie moments still get you, seeing a genuine zalfie moment and their real chemistry in a vlog is still the CUTEST thing you can watch on youtube. maybe after cute babies if you like them.

you can see all zalfie moments in my blog’s achieves starting from may 2014 (wish i was here earlier). so the best way to catch up with zalfie is watch their videos/vlogs/younows in chronological order to see how a love story came to life in front of your eyes.

Jack Harries Imagine for Alice - What's the point
What’s the point? What’s the point in being in a relationship when the two ‘loved up ones’ never see each other?  The house was quiet like it was for the last weeks. Jack would leave early in the morning and come back late at night. He spent more time in his office and with his friends than he did with me. When he comes home a bit earlier he would spent the whole time on his laptop. Slowly I can’t help but think he doesn’t like me anymore, he doesn’t love me anymore. Even if he would come home, there weren’t any kisses or not even a hug. I was lucky if he spoke more than 5 words with me. That had to change. I deserve something better. I watched the clock as hours passed, one after the other. When it was already 10pm and there was still no sign of Jack, I wasn’t worried, no I was angry. If something like that happened a few months back I would be so worried, I would have called him to check if everything was ok. But a few months back that didn’t happen.  Blind of anger I only got my key out of my purse and hurried out of Jack and mine apartment. Maybe it wasn’t such good idea but at that time I just wanted to clear things up with him, I had no time for logic. When I arrived at the office building I found the whole building pitch black, not even in Jack and Finn’s office there was any light which was normally the brightest one out of all of them. Still sitting in my car I let out a loud scream. My hands had a tight grip around the steering wheel and I held my tears out of anger spill out. My heart jumped when suddenly someone was knocking on my window. Scared I looked at the person and relived I saw Finn looking at me worried.  I wind down the window but didn’t leave the car. “Hey Alice! What are you doing here?” Finn leaned in the car and smiled at me. I didn’t return the smile and still had the same angry expression. “Where is Jack?” I asked through gritted teeth. “Uhm we were just getting some pizza, why?” Finn replied confused. “Where?” I asked again and looked at him through angry eyes. Taken back from my mood he took a step back and stuttered “J-just around the corner, I can-“ I didn’t let him finish the sentence and got out of the car. “Alice!” I heard him yell behind me worried as I hurried down the road to the pizza shop. Metres away I could see the bright lights and I could already smell the fresh pizza. While I approached it I heard Finn running after me but he was already to late. Nothing could stop me now. “Alice!” Jack exclaimed but I couldn’t figure out if he was saying that out of shock or just because he was surprised. They were all sat around a table. Will, Charly, Jack, Ben, Louis and there was a seat served for Finn. Everyone looked up from their pizzas and looked at me surprised. “Can I talk to you for a sec?” I angrily said and glared at Jack. “Now? Can we talk when I come home, please?” Jack said annoyed and I could swear that I saw him rolling his eyes. “I would, if you actually came home for once!” I said in defence but after only a second of overthinking I added “But I guess it doesn’t matter where I break up with you.” Everyone stopped talking and looked at me in shock. I now had an emotionless expression on my face as I watched Jack’s eyes widen. “Alice…” he whispered and looked at me in shock. “Bye, Jack” I said emotionless, some may say heart less, as I turned my back and walked out of the restaurant. All the way to the car I didn’t shed one tear. But as soon as I sat down and my hands touched the steering wheel I couldn’t help myself but cry. “Fuck” I cried though I wasn’t sure what I was meaning by that. Maybe it was because I ended things with Jack and me, maybe it was because I was still in love with him but I couldn’t help but feel that it was unreturned. With my head held low and tears leaving a big dark spot on my blue jeans I spent hours, or at least it felt like it, in my car.  Finally I looked up and wiped my eyes. Right in that moment I saw in the mirror of my car Jack and his friends coming out of the streets. None of them looked cheerful as Jack walked ahead of them with his head held low and hands hidden in his pocket. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, I only saw Finn pointing to my car and Jack looked up. Our eyes met and there was a second where no one did anything. But then Jack had a bit of hope in his eyes and crossed the streets. I started panicking and before Jack arrived I started my car and drove off. “Alice!” I heard Jack shout after me but there was no way I would stop. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to drive away very far. Tears soon started to make my vision blurry and I didn’t know where I was driving. I died to find the road again but before I knew it my car crashed against a wall and my head hit the steering wheel. And then everything went black… I woke up with a pair of hands touching and carrying me. “Ok, I’ve got her” I heard a familiar voice say but I couldn’t figure out who it was. “No” I heard and other familiar but more shaky voice say. This time I could figure out who it was and it gave my heart a crack. I felt myself being carried but I soon got put down on something that felt like a bench. “Oh my god! Is she breathing? Will, call an ambulance!” Will? Then I remembered everything again. With great effort I opened my eyes a bit just to see Jack tightly holding on to my hand as he was loudly sobbing. Finn looked down at Jack who was kneeling next to me as he put one hand on Jack’s left shoulder. Finn looked so helpless. I saw Charly and Will a few metres away and Will was on his phone. Louis and Ben just came running back from my car which looked horrible. Finn looked up only for a short second, it looked like he couldn’t bear looking at me. Did I really look that bad?  But still looking down at Jack he realised that I had my eyes opened. He looked at me again just to be sure and relieved he whispered “Alice…” That made Jack look up and his eyes widened as well. “Thank god!” Jack whispered and placed one hand on my cheek. That’s all what I needed. For months I have been missing his touch and in love with this feeling I closed my eyes and put my hand on his. “Jack” I tried to say but all I managed was a croaked moan. “Shh” Jack said and I opened my eyes again. My hand didn’t let go of his not wanting to let of him ever again. “I’ll leave you two” Finn said and before he turned around he gave me a weak smile.  “I’m so sorry” Jack sobbed and pressed his lips together. “I don’t deserve you and I should have treated you much better” tears were rolling down his cheek. Even though it hurt like hell I shook my head and wiped away a few of his tears. This time Jack placed his hand on mine and looked at me. “I was so stupid. You deserve so much more-“ “But I only want you” I whispered and gave him a weak smile. “So will you take me back? I promise you I’ll change! I’ll tell you how beautiful and I’ll make you feel loved everyday for the rest of your life but I couldn’t live without you by my side…” All I managed to do was to nod and smile at him. Under my breath I whispered “I love you Jack”. Seconds later the ambulance arrived. They wanted me to stay in hospital for two days and Jack never left my side once. And from that onwards everything changed. Since then he has been treating me like I was his whole world and for the first time he made me believe it.

Okk I saw this on twitter and I think we should all do it guys.. He really deserve it. 5 years is a long time and we can’t forget how much Alfie’s uploading lately. I don’t want him to take a break if uploading gaming videos, daily vlogs and main channel videos make him happy but I think it’s the only thing we can do show him how much we appreciate his hard work after what he did with the “share a coke” campaign.
I know that video was sponsored but alfie could have organised a meet up or just give a coke to the viewers and go to his house but he took the time to have a conversation and learn things about them so please retweet this and tweet the hashtag on the 26th

Also if like me, you have a personnal twitter and you don’t want your friends/family to think you’re a freak.. You can create a new account.. It literally just take 2 min.