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but it’s better if you do // panic! at the disco


Rick and his priorities in the British walking dead 


If the Walking Dead was set in England

IN THE LAND OF DREAMY DREAMS - model: Karen Elson - photographer: Tim Walker - fashion editor: Kate Phelan - hair: Duffy - makeup: Samantha Bryant - location: Himalayan Mountains in Bhutan - Vogue UK May 2015 - featured designer: Simone Rocha (made to order)

  • The Golden Gates of Punakha Dzong Temple
  • Traditionally part of Tibetan Buddhism (where the Tscheu festivals are now banned), the Bhutanese festivals are large religious social gatherings. Cham dances are performed by Buddhist monks; different dances tell the tales of local gods, myths and legends.

Lieutenant Colonel Harry Walker, commader of the 4th (Dundee) Battalion, the Black Watch.

Lt. Col Walker was killed on the 3rd day of the Battle of Loos.