british vogue 2011

In the meantime, she’s really worried she’s not going to see enough of “Al”… whose name is not supposed to be brought up in this interview, but which she keeps sweetly bringing up herself. There are all sort of details she cannot help but divulge. Like how he pathologically loathes having his picture taken; she has to protect him by always walking in front, so they get a picture of her instead. (“And then the tabloids twist it so it looks like we’re having a row. That really pisses me off.”) And how she often shows him what she’s written, and then worries he’s not going to approve. “‘Like [brilliant Sheffield accent here], y'know that sentence where you say this? Well, er, maybe it should be that instead.’ I get nervous because he’s so brilliant at language,” she says. “He’s the sort of person who reads the dictionary at night. I’m like: Dude! You’re 25! Let’s go to the pub!”
—  Alexa’s interview for British Vogue (June 2011)