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On this day in music history: March 2, 1964 - “Twist And Shout” by The Beatles is released. Written by Phil Medley & Bert Russell (aka Bert Berns), the song is recorded on February 11, 1963 during the sessions for the band’s first album “Please Please Me”. The last song of a marathon twelve hour recording session, the band record the song completely live in one take. Following its release on their first UK album, the song is also issued as the title track of a four song EP that also quickly becomes a best seller. The single is released in the US on Vee Jay Records subsidiary Tollie Records and quickly races up the charts. “Twist And Shout” peaks at #2 for 4 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 (beginning on April 4, 1964) behind their own “Can’t Buy Me Love” which is released two weeks later. “Twist And Shout” experiences a major resurgence in popularity in 1986, when the song is featured in the John Hughes directed comedy “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. The exposure the song receives from the film results in the single being re-released and re-entering the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at #23 on September 27, 1986.


Trey Songz Tells You How to Woo a Woman | How to Be a Man | British GQ

mlb hogwarts au part ???/???????

i wrote a tiny bit of that mlb hogwarts au since i had nothing to do (i had so much work to do its not funny) and i wanted to sorta. just try it out. if i ever get time to write this ill do a year per chapter, but this little snippet is nowhere near done but i just rlly wanna post this here for now

tell me what you think!! am i doing these kiddos justice/the tone is alright/etcetc please enjoy!

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well that is a twist 


My favorites from Drake’s new F/W editorial.  First of all, #diversity.  Last year’s was dope, and this looks like a better/simpler extension of that.

The hats are great.  The bucket hat and then bucket hat/fedora combo are money.

Earth tones galore.  Makes the grey look so much better.

Jeans and charcoal flannels.  That’s almost every pant in their whole campaign save for one pair of brown trousers.

As usual the accessories are spot on for a pop of color and the British/Italian twists are clutch (i.e. blackwatch Prince Albert’s, rollneck with shirt underneath).

Sparks Flew - Chapter One

AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Humour, Drama, Angst…
FIC SUMMARY: Loki is magically shackled to his brother whilst he serves out his community service sentence as an unofficial Avenger. He doesn’t make it easy for Thor, or Jane, who turn to Darcy to take over as his babysitter warden.
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES/FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: Okay, so this is my first attempt at a Tasertricks fic. It’s mostly finished (yes, @ladyaudiophile, I know, I know…) but I’m a bit stuck at the moment so if you like it feel free to poke me with a stick.

There came a point when breaking Loki out of prison, to assist in the fight against some evil or another, was occurring so regularly that the Allfather decided to alter Loki’s sentence from “life in prison” to “community service”. It was either that or install a revolving door. Loki was forced to wear a magical bracelet (or “shackle”, as Loki would whine) which not only limited his access to his powers when he wasn’t on a battlefield, but also bind him, to a radius of ten yards, to his parole office, Thor, who wore a similar bracelet around one his vambraces.

All his life Loki had felt like his was standing in Thor’s shadow, and now it was no longer a metaphor.

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Crossing Knives, Chapter 2: Gourmet Appetizers and Al Fresco Dining

Here we go again! I know I said I’d try writing shorter chapters and updating more often… but my brain disagreed with that idea, so this chapter is 4000 words long and a couple of weeks late. Oh well…

There are several new characters on this chapter, so later today I’ll do another post with some photo collages and face claims. Just so you know what everybody looks like. I promise less introduction and more action in chapter 3!

Credit note: the tattoos that adorn Tom’s skin in the story, including his trademark knife and fork, belong in real life to Chef Michael Voltaggio. Every time you see a tattooed arm in one of my images, it’s really MV.

Very special thanks to my lovely beta theothercourse. You’re the best.

All kinds of feedback and comments are welcome, positive and negative. Thank you for reading!

Chapter 2: Gourmet Appetizers and Al Fresco Dining    

It was the end of a busy evening at the small but modern kitchen of Band of Brothers. Dinner service was almost over, which meant that the busiest person in the building was Connor, the pastry chef. He assembled with exquisite care the last three desserts of the night, with the assistance of one of the cooks. A moment later, two sets of pistachio financiers and one delicious looking butterscotch pudding were ready to go, and the young man made a sign for the servers to take away the plates.

“You really outdid yourself today, my boy. They look so pretty that the eaters are going to be too gobsmacked to eat them!” said Birdie, the woman who had been helping him with the dessert course. After more than thirty years working as a line cook in several restaurants, she was an expert at her job, despite never having set foot in a culinary school. Her permanent smile and cheerful voice, in her trademark Eastern European accent, had helped her become the most beloved member of the restaurant’s staff. Not even Chef Tom on his bad days (of which he had been having quite a lot lately) dared to utter a bad word when Birdie was in the kitchen.

“Birdie, love, you’ve helped me with these a hundred times… I’m sure I could leave any moment and you’d be able to make all the desserts without any help”, answered Connor, undoing the collar of his chef coat with a tired smile. “But I’m glad we’re finished. Tom has been especially grouchy today, I’ll be glad to leave before he gets out of Luke’s office. I wonder what are they talking about… I swear I heard them shouting at each other a minute ago.”

“Not grouchy, my boy… hungover. I bet that chap has been partying again, and Mr. Windsor is telling him off.” Birdie sighed, with her eyes fixed on her boss’s office door. “I wonder how he can cook like that after getting pissed every night.”

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lmao people have made a petition so the bbc will 'answer to' the fact that johnlock didn't become canon. jfc that fandom can be maniacal.

I dont think Sherlock deserves a lot of the praise directed its way; the show writer is a huge misogynist and writes his female characters as such, Sherlock (who in other versions is humanized and redeemed by John) is just an unforgiveable asshole, and the show tries to hard to be intellectual and complicated when at best it’s a British Shyamalan plot twist. The therapist is his sister! Ooooh!!!! Idk man. Maybe I’m just bitter because I expected better.

yea the new sherlock (even with the queerbaiting aside, dk yalls opinions on that) was horrible, and the worst part was the hype. the writers claimed it’s been set up since the first season, and would be “groundbreaking” “making history” but it was really like watching saw but with more plot holes

nah sherlock used to be really amazing but they fucked up so bad with this last episode. everyone’s super dissapointed and mad

I have no idea what’s going on but I know people are mad over it