british troll


The problem is that there isn’t enough energy, and there’ll be blackouts this winter.

It’s possible that Sean is just very good at acting and playing along, but I prefer to believe that he genuinely took that long to notice that he was getting trolled.

i’m at the salon and there’s this like 13 yr old girl with short dark hair who’s getting her bangs dyed BRIGHT ass purple. she’s that type of obnoxious kinda nerdy 13 yr old but it’s not surprising or rly annoying bc u know. she’s 13.


my stylist (who is also her stylist apparently) sat her in a chair in front of the mirror and the girl proceeded to say “i look like-i mean i DON’T like homestuck-but i look like eridan. i just realized i’m an angry british troll child. mom i need a scarf so i can call people ‘peasant’.”

what. year is it


A Member of Parliament complained that the BBC should play God Save The Queen at the end of their daily programming. This was their response.