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jimstone:” The original source for this report is NeonNettle, which is a credible British publication. Trolls (including Snopes) are saying it is from YourNewsWire, (which reposted it) and they are using that to debunk it. When posting this ALWAYS LINK THE ORIGINAL SOURCE AT NEONNETTLE.That said, Neonnettle has now undergone a massive DDOS attack and is therefore offline. In the event they get shut down for this report, I managed to capture the entire page, this is posted below. “

Got7 as things my Literary Professor has said/done | admin dayna
  • Mark: *skips around kid with broken leg cackling*
  • Jaebum: What’s the name of that guy that trolled British royalty by sending them a letter about selling Irish babies to make high fashion coats out of their skin and eat them as a delicacy? He was cool.
  • Jackson: Baby carrots are making me gay.
  • Jinyoung: you’re laughing because you think this is funny. I’m laughing because I’m plotting man slaughter.
  • Youngjae: It’s a beautiful day! The sun is shining! My coffee is brewing! My divorce papers arrived!
  • BamBam: What’s dabbing? How does one go about doing it?
  • Yugyeom: I like Chris Brown, but I don’t like woman beaters… does that make me problematic? Am I problematic???

A Member of Parliament complained that the BBC should play God Save The Queen at the end of their daily programming. This was their response.


The problem is that there isn’t enough energy, and there’ll be blackouts this winter.

It’s possible that Sean is just very good at acting and playing along, but I prefer to believe that he genuinely took that long to notice that he was getting trolled.

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I keep thinking tumblr eats my asks especially the one about turning it on or off like a waterhorse, silly tumblr anyway augus and gwyn keep invading my dreams!!!! like gwyn curled up on augus chest or similar and augus just reading to him with the glass painted windowpane illuminating it with the sun and i really like how you write about listining to heartbeats in your fics it's so intimate and i find reading to other people in fics is very intimate and sweet,

Augus would totally read to Gwyn while illuminated in like stained glass also that is such an awesome dream your subconscious is doing amazing things.

And I’m pretty sure Tumblr is eating your asks too because like turning it on or off like a waterhorse doesn’t sound familiar at all? Unless that was something I actually answered a while back.

Honestly Tumblr eating asks is one of my least favourite things. Cuz I’ll never know, and I’m sure there’s some people out there thinking I’m just not answering their anons, and I answer every anon. Just not always immediately, but yeah if it’s been like two or three months, I never got it.

I’ve been on YouTube for 4 years and I’ve been stuck on around 300 sub’s for a year now, I do gaming with my British sidekick whom I troll a lot. I do commentary and I’m planning on doing other forms of content.

If you can, could you drop me a sub at ? I would appreciate it greatly, help me make my dream come true of having an audience on YouTube!