british sitcoms are the best

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let me love on people

  • FIRST AND FOREMOST, I could never do one of these without first mentioning my bestest friend and unbiological sister, Emily ( @thepromiseofredemption ) like okay, YES, our ships are all things wonderful and fabulous, and I am MORE than thankful that writing various dumbs in love has introduced me to this PRINCESS of a person, but she is so so so much more than just at writing partner at this point t b h. ( even though I could ask for no better - Emily’s writing is absolutely LOVELY if you haven’t noticed, and her BRILLIANCE in writing everything from awkward tol beans to smirking puddles of earl grey never leaves me anything short of ASTOUNDED. even if she usually comes back to haunt me with angst :^// ) but !!!! she’s just such a wonderful, talented, kind, and positively hilarious person to know, the BEST viewing partner for canceled British sitcoms and Georgian prostitution dramas, and as far as Disneyland accomplices go, she’s got no PARALLEL. ( haha… get it. ) talking to her is always enough to turn a bad day around, and talking to her until the wee hours of the morning is undoubtedly a FAVORED pastime of mine. ( especially when we get to talk in person ) just a beautiful person inside and out, and I couldn’t imagine myself without her. 
    ( also I’ve never seen anyone that looks more like a friend of rapunzel in my life so Disney wake up. ) 
  • secondly! everyone’s favorite Brit Bitch, @trickstercaptain, to continue with the trend of unbiological older sisters. idk if you’ve noticed, but Lottie writes Jack beyond amazingly. she has such a sophisticated, informed, and genuine grip on his character that takes his flaws and perks in stride, as well as managing to construct his deliberately obfuscating language ?? idk how she does it. && I honestly couldn’t imagine Jack/Esme without her influence t b h. even if I am the one tormenting her with angst 90% of the time, she’s such an absolute DELIGHT to plot with, and never fails to remind me how profound Jack’s affection is for my 5′2″ ball of hatred & anger…….. even if Esme clearly knows better :^))))))) more importantly, though, Lottie is probably one of the most significant mentors I have in my life. I couldn’t tell you the amount of times she’s guided me through 2 am freakouts. whether it’s been school essays, Johnny Depp crises, or just general mental despairing, Lottie has always and ever been a solid & safe voice of reason for me to come to ——— ever since the days of the 100 page long skype messages, coinciding with 50 page long tumblr fanmail. basically she’s practically a genius and I love her and trust her 100% even if I call her mean names. it’s all out of love (✿◠‿◠) 
  • YIKES I’m on my last person ???? okay this is gonna sound shady af but I’m going to select yet another ship partner because… well. …… ANYWAYS. @lionwept has earned the honor of becoming the last ( but not least ) on this list of Devoted Affection. I don’t have anything Serious and Profound to say about Emily bc she’s literally a Human Meme just like her muse. ( or human cheeto, however you prefer to look at it ) but !!!! because of this, she never fails to make me laugh, even with topics that should probably be serious ?? remember that time Alex divorced Esme because she wouldn’t take a cheeto bath with him ?? that’s Emily 4 u. I should also mention though that the memeing is always SO WELL WRITTEN. she is such a poet, her words quite literally have a body and soul of their own, and reading any reply of hers always leaves me BREATHLESS. ( Esme too, but that’s probably bc Alex is kissing her nine times out of ten. but w/e. ) I pretty much approached her out of basically nowhere and said ‘WOW our kids are much alike !!!! they should kiss !!!!’ and Emily was like ‘yeah!!!’ so in short she accepted my eccentricities from the start and now I think about her when I see Oscar Isaac. tru friendship.