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Portraith with a Serpent.

“The X-ray shows a female head in a higher position, facing in the opposite direction to the portrait of Elizabeth. The eyes and nose of the face underneath can now be seen where paint has been lost from Elizabeth’s forehead…The identity of the original sitter remains a mystery but the unfinished portrait appears to have been very competently painted, probably by a different artist. The horiginal sitter appears to have been wearing a French hood of a type that was fashionable in the 1570s and 1580s, suggesting that there may have been a period of a few years before the panel was re-used.”

Could this unknown woman be the Queen’s Mother, Anne Boleyn? "The oval face with dark dramatic eyes, high cheekbones and full lips bears resemblance to contemporary accounts on Anne Boleyn’s appearance. This portrait looks very similar to NPG and Hever portraits of Anne Boleyn.”

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The Young Victoria (2009) depicts the story of Queen Victoria in her early years. Victoria’s descendant, Princess Beatrice of York, has been involved in the film industry, becoming the first member of the British Royal Family to appear in a non-documentary film when she made a brief non-speaking appearance as an “extra” in the film, based around the accession and Coronation of Beatrice’s fourth-great-grandmother. Beatrice is seen in the second gif.

Princess Diana Having Fun with William and Harry

With William and Kate expecting their second baby on April 25, here’s a look back to when the Prince was a child himself, having a great time with brother Harry and his mother Princess Diana on the water rides at Thorpe park in 1993.

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Footage by Airtime Television / Archive Films