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I thought it looked pretty, so I was wondering what set of jewelry the Queen wore at the banquet tonight and I looked it up. It’s called the “George VI Victorian Suite”.

According to Wikipedia:

The George VI Victorian Suite was originally a wedding present by George VI to his daughter Elizabeth in 1947. The suite consists of a long necklace of oblong sapphires and diamonds and a pair of matching square sapphire earrings also bordered with diamonds. The suite was originally made in 1850. The stones exactly matched the colour of the robes of the Order of the Garter, although this may have been a coincidence on George’s part. Elizabeth had the necklace shortened by removing the biggest sapphire in 1952, and later had a new pendant made using the removed stone. In 1963, a new sapphire and diamond tiara and bracelet were made to match the original pieces. The tiara is made out of a necklace that had belonged to Princess Louise of Belgium, daughter of Leopold II. In 1969, the Queen wore the complete parure to a charity concert.


Day Twenty-Nine: Favorite wedding of all time

There is no one that I love absolutely above the rest.  I watch the videos of these weddings frequently, sorry anything before HD really drives me nutters


British Royal Jewels - The Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara

Queen Mary was commissioned the tiara from the royal jewelers Garrards in 1913. The tiara was designed based on the lovers knot tiara owned by Queen Mary’s grandmother, Princess Augusta of Hesse, the Duchess of Cambridge. Queen Elizabeth II inherited the tiara from Queen Mary after her death in 1953. Queen Elizabeth II later gave the tiara as a wedding gift to Lady Diana Spencer, at the time she married Prince Charles, the Price of Wales in 1980. The piece came to be associated with the image of the popular princess.


Royal Tiara Challenge Day 4: Favorite Pearl Tiara

Royal Tiara Challenge 2017 4/30: Favorite Pearl Tiara

The Kent Festoon Tiara

This tiara has such a great design, and I imagine would look good on many ladies.  The biggest reason I chose it is that the pearls really set it off and make it a memorable tiara.


Queen Elizabeth II introduces the Imperial State Crown.

It is held in the Jewel House in the Tower of London alongside the other British Crown Jewels.

The Imperial State Crown includes many precious gems, including 2,868 diamonds, 273 pearls, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds, and 5 rubies.

The Crown includes several famous jewels: the cross at the top is set with a stone known as St. Edward’s Sapphire (1042), a sapphire taken from the ring (or coronet) of Edward the Confessor; the Black Prince’s Ruby (1367) (actually a spinel) is set on the front cross pattée; the famous Cullinan II, or Second Star of Africa, is set on the front of the band, replacing in 1909, the 104-carat (20.8 g) Stewart/ Stuart Sapphire (1214), which now sits at the back. The Crown also contains Queen Elizabeth I’s Pearls (reportedly belonging to Mary, Queen of Scots) under the orb.


Day Thirteen: Diana’s or AND Kate’s wedding? 

Not going to lie, I’m a sucker for both weddings


British Royal Jewels - Princess Margaret’s Pearl and Diamond Necklace

This 5 row of pearls and diamonds necklace was given as a birthday present to Princess Margaret by her grand mother, Queen Mary, on the occasion of her 18th birthday in 1948. The princess, who was particularly fond of this pearl necklace, wore them on many occasions after 1948 and was pictured wearing them in many famous portraits, including her sittings for her 19th, 20th & 21st birthdays.


100 Favorite Royal Gowns for 1500 Followers 100/100

Princess Elizabeth’s Wedding Gown, now Queen Elizabeth II

This collection began with Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation Gown and it’s fitting it should end with her Wedding Gown.  In reality she has been married twice.  The first was in this gown when she married Prince Philip.  The second was in her Coronation gown when she married the Empire (now the Commonwealth)