british river otters

This is William the otter - he shares a name with my husband so I liked him immediately. He also likes to climb trees (something otters aren’t supposed to be able to do but he likes snoozing on the branches).

He was very interested in the keeper’s talk - or was it the food that the keeper had? Taken at  the Tamar Otter Sanctuary in Devon

I love Sammy. He was rescued as a pup by the Otters and Butterflies sanctuary where they helped him grow big and strong. Unfortunately he didn’t want to be released (this is always their aim when they take in wild otters) as he kept following the humans trying to release him.

He’s very clever as he found that if he touched his back paw with his front paw it made the keepers laugh so they gave him food! Sammy is really playful and shares his lovely large enclosure with another British River Otter called Teagan (she’s very shy).