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This is the only picture ever taken of Concorde flying at Mach 2 at 2,172 km/h (1,350 mph). This unique picture was taken in April 1985 by Adrian Meredith from a Tornado fighter jet, which only rendezvoused with Concorde for just 4 minutes over the Irish Sea. The RAF Tornado rapidly running out of fuel, and was struggling to keep up with Concorde.

The Concorde was a turbojet-powered supersonic passenger jet that operated until 2003. It had a maximum speed over twice the speed of sound at Mach 2.04, with seating for 92 to 128 passengers. First flown in 1969, Concorde entered service in 1976 and continued flying for the next 27 years.

One of very few photographs of the only Vickers Valiant B.2, WJ954, in colour. Designed to operate at low altitude as a pathfinder, her performance was astonishing for the day - first flying on 4 September 1953. 

 With four smaller wheels instead of the two large wheels of the B.1, the assembly retracted backwards into large fairings to the rear of the wings, clearly visible here. The subsequent removal of wheel-wells from the wings allowed for an uninterrupted wing torsion box structure, making the design incredibly tough. To correct the center of gravity on the aircraft, now displaced toward the tail, the B.2 had a lengthened fuselage, a 4 ft 6" extension behind the cockpit - giving room for more avionics. Sadly, while her happiness to perform at low altitude and speeds far greater than Britain’s other V-Bombers would later prove greatly desirably, she was killed off in 1958, with the realisation that the pathfinder concept, born in a time of mass raids, was obsolete in the nuclear era.

She was supposedly adorned her unique gloss black scheme after Vickers chief test pilot saw the design, approved and exclaimed: "And paint the fucker black.”


The Brit Bros World Wars inspired outfits

As requested by anon, kind of their “standard” outfits. 

Lightning F3 & the Jag-E

1964 BAC Lightning F3 Interceptor | British Aircraft Corporation | English Electric Lightning | Supersonic Jet Fighter of the RAF in the 1960s

1965 Jaguar E-Type | Jaguar XK-E | Series 1 | Convertible OTS | Open Two Seater | 3.8L XK Straight 6 265hp | Top Speed 240 kph 149 mph | English Sports Car manufactured in different styles and layouts between 1961 - 1975


Hump Day Hunks In Uniform

Here’s To The Men Who Serve Around The World In The Royal Armed Forces Of The United Kingdom. They Are Amongst The Most Dedicated, And They Count Among Them Some Of The Fittest And (May I Add) The Best Looking Athletes On The Planet!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!