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anonymous asked:

Harry Potter books Bloomsbury edition Hardback or Paperback ? I never bought in Hardback, could you advice me ??

I mean…which bloomsbury books?? The original ones? The swanky new house themed ones? The illustrated versions? 

General points: 

  • hardbacks look nicer. I’m assuming this isn’t your first copy of the books so are these for reading or display? 
  • if we’re talking about the original covers, the hardbacks are pretty standard. they come with a dust jacket but there’s not anything particularly exciting about them
  • I’ve heard a lot of americans say they don’t like british paperbacks because they’re not as floppy so it’s much harder to not break the spine
  • if you’re planning on reading them a lot the paperbacks might look a bit worse for wear. not that my dust jackets are entirely intact either but my paperbacks are pretty yellowed and a page has actually fallen out of prisoner of azkaban lol
  • hardbacks are obviously more expensive so I guess it depends how much more they cost and whether that’s worth it to you

simlystories  asked:

When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy, then send it to the last 10 people you have notes from in your activity!

1. My dogs <3 I have two little furbabies who keep me on my toes.

2. Goodreads group reading challenges. I love connecting with other book lovers and challenging myself to find and read books that fit a task for ‘points’.

3. My Harry Potter book collection! I (almost) have seven full sets of different edition books. I’m just missing the first book of the old British adult paperback ones. Stupid ebay fine print…

4. Purple. I love all things purple but I’m rocking purple hair currently and matching my nail polish to it.

5. Morning Glories. I know they’re not the most exciting flower but I love seeing how much mine has grown each day.

Thanks for passing this along, @simlystories!! :D

Last night I posted a picture on my twitter (atrout91) of my bookcase that contains nothing but Harry Potter. My twitter has sense blown up with retweets, favorites, new followers and comments. Below is a list of items on the bookshelf. Enjoy fellow Potterheads!

US Paperback set
German Paperback set
British/UK Hardcover set
1st edition US Sorcerer’s Stone
1st edition US Chamber of Secrets (1st printing)
1st edition US Prisoner of Azaban (1st printing)
US Hardcover set
British/UK Hardcover Hogwarts library set
US Hogwarts library
20 various HP related books (Harry, A History, book by Mugglenet, etc)
Not pictured books: Harry Potter pop up book, From Page to Screen, HP Film Wizardry, HP Lego book, original US Paperback set

Hogwarts (4842)
Hogwarts (4867)
Freeing Dobby (4736)
Diagon Alley (10217)
Hagrid’s Hut (4738)
Forbidden Forest (4865)
Quidditch (4737)

Various Items
Hogwarts picture frame from WWOHP
Polaroid from HP Birthday Party in 2006
Pygmy Puff (named Randall)
Owl cage with Hedwig
Harry’s wand
2 Chocolate Frogs
1 box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans
Harry Potter stamps
3D glasses from HP7P2
Golden Snitch
Sugar Quill
Felix Felicis key chain
HP postcard
1 ring with Harry’s face from a cupcake
1 pin from the release of Deathly Hallows (Wal Mart employees wore them and one gave it to me)