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It’s been a bad week for #fracking, but a tremendous one for local #democracy and the environment. Publication of this secret government report will surely strengthen the resolve of local communities and their representatives to resist fracking in their backyards. With strong opposition springing up wherever fracking is proposed, it’s becoming increasingly hard to see a future for this beleaguered industry in the UK.
—  Tony Bosworth, energy campaigner at Friends of the Earth.

People power has shut the doors on fracking in the UK

UK: Disabled protesters dragged out of parliament by police - #protest

British vs American news.

I’m not American and I think I get too involved with American news and not enough with British news.

But that’s because American news is all over social media and it’s impossible to avoid

Americans are obsessed with sharing their successes and failures with the rest of the world which is fine and British people don’t care if people know what they do which is also fine.

So Prince Harry Had a Little Fun...

What is the big deal?  He got a little drunk, ran around naked and slept with some women. In Las Vegas I might Add! Give me a break.  This stuff happens all the time in Vegas, Texas, Iowa, England, Germany and everywhere else around the world.

And to all these guys criticizing him…Give it a Rest!  If you had the chance, you would be doing the same thing!  Don’t lie!!! It is Prince Harry.  He was born into the Royal Family and is surrounded by bodyguards, handlers, and all other types of Royal “Advisors”.  His family isn’t exactly the most exciting family in the world, so he has to create his own excitement.  He is in line to be the King if something happens to William, he is rich as hell and is the heir to billions, what girl wouldn’t want to get naked with him?  Leave him alone and let him have his fun!

Besides, this isn’t that big of deal considering he’s had pics of himself dressed up like a Nazi.  And don’t forget the time he was 16, drunk and smoking weed!  Actually, the guy sounds like he has had a pretty good life.  I bet many of you would prefer that to a boring 9-5 Suburban Christian Ordinary Life.  Am I Right?   
You go Prince Harry!  And if you ever want to get wild in Iowa, give me a call!

On another Note - This goes to prove that “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas” is a bunch of BULLSHIT!