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Great Movies no one talks about: The Raging Moon 1971 Directed By Bryan Forbes 

Bruce Pritchard (Malcolm McDowell) is a vibrant young man whose life is disrupted when he is severely injured during a soccer match and loses the use of both legs. Sent to a convalescent home, Bruce becomes sullen and withdrawn as he deals with the reality of his new state. However, when he meets another handicapped patient, the lovely Jill Matthews (Nanette Newman), he gains a new appreciation for life. The two quickly fall for each other, and begin a supportive relationship.

Fun Fact: This is the film that made Gary Oldman want to be an actor
TIFF: Middle class has a 'cultural choke-hold' on UK film - BBC News
The middle class has a 'cultural choke-hold' on UK film production according to director Michael Caton-Jones, speaking at the Toronto International Film Festival.

“The films that really drive me mad are the posh films made by posh people about posh people,” he said.

Fuck yeah, Downton Abbey spin offs are rank. A load of emotionally repressed rich people eating and walking around gardens, with the occasional party. Kill me now.

Then you get the middle class well meaning types straight outta Oxford who make a films about working class people, which is what the bloke is on about, and they’re pretty grim too.