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Britain's next prime minister will be a woman
The Conservative Party chose Home Secretary Theresa May and Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom as the final two candidates in the race to succeed Prime Minister David Cameron.

Now, it’s only a question of which woman. Either May or Leadsom will be the first female prime minister since Margaret Thatcher governed from 1979 to 1990.

Daily Doux: 6 Fictional Prime Ministers

Francis Urquhart - House of Cards 

Murdered his way to Number 10, but still more popular than every real Tory Prime Minister since Churchill. 

Jim Hacker - Yes, Prime Minister 

As Prime Minister, Hacker regularly battled the true enemy of any elected official - the Civil Service. 

Harriet Jones - Doctor Who 

Everyone, even the Daleks, knows who she is. 

David - Love Actually

Danced around Number 10 to the Pointer Sisters, fell in love with his tea lady and stood up to the Americas. That last part being the most unrealistic part of the entire film. 

Michael Callow - Black Mirror 

Had sexual relations with a pig, something no British Prime Minister would ever do. Well, not while in office, that is.

Baldrick - Blackadder: Back & Forth 

At least he has a plan.
British Prime Minister Theresa May dismantles Department of Energy and Climate Change
With the British Cabinet evolving, industry group Oil & Gas U.K. said it was incumbent upon the new leadership to focus on one of the country's best assets - selling it's natural resources to the highest bidder.

PM May is looking to sell UK’s forests to private businesses, and increase natural gas fracking across all of Britain. Have fun, Britain!

David Cameron's resignation


It’s a funny word. It can mean the best of the best. Or the worst of the worst.

Unless you’re a resigning British Prime Minister in which case that means you’ve clearly been the best Prime Minister ever.

So let’s see David Cameron’s voting record…and what he’s overseen as Prime Minister.

1. Pandered to UKIP supporters and gave them a Brexit referendum.

2. Supported air strikes in Syria and the rejection of 3000 child refugees.

3. Voted against the hunting ban.

4. Introduced the bedroom tax.

5. Voted against paying higher benefits to people who couldn’t work due to illness or disability.

6. Voted for multiple increases in taxes.

7. Voted against many amendments to the Scotland bill after first indyref and never voted to transfer more powers to the Welsh assembly.

8. Made his best mate, George Osborne, chancellor and then allowed him to fuck the country with austerity budgets.

9. His government introduced a steady privatisation of the NHS in England while slashing the NHS budget causing a knock-on effect to the Scottish NHS.

10. Put his penis in a dead pig’s mouth.

11. Raised tuition fees in England.

12. Allowed his cabinet to attack the most vulnerable in society forcing people unfit to work to attend job centres or face their benefits cut.

So no today isn’t a day to reminisce about all the ‘good times’ with Davie. He’s a bastard and he ran a bunch of bastards while he was in power.

Florence Cameron, the daughter of former British Prime Minister David Cameron, climbed into his ministerial red box, which transports secret documents, in October of 2011. Yesterday, in his final farewell address as Prime Minister, Cameron spoke about this moment and family life on Downing Street:

“I want to thank my children – Nancy, Elwen and Florence, for whom Downing Street has been a lovely home over this last six years. They sometimes kick the red boxes full of work. Florence – you once climbed into one before a foreign trip and said: “Take me with you.” Well, no more boxes.”

Reportage photographer Tom Stoddart happened to be doing a story about the Camerons at home back in 2011, and captured this moment. See more photos on the Getty Images website.


July 17, 1945

The heads of state for the United States, Britain, and the Soviet Union convene in Potsdam, a suburb of Berlin, for the Potsdam Conference. The conference is attended by President Harry Truman, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (and his replacement following the 1945 General Election Clement Attlee), and Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin.

Potsdam is the final wartime conference for the Allied Nations as Germany had surrendered 9 weeks prior, ending the war in the west. The issues faced by the countries included the administration of postwar Germany, future borders of Germany and Poland, Soviet involvement in Eastern Europe, and the war in Japan.

Truman had taken office recently following the death of Franklin Roosevelt, so he was meeting the Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin for the first time. Truman felt he had a strong negotiating position due to the recent successful detonation of an atomic bomb; unbeknownst to him, Stalin was already aware of the United States’ nuclear developments. During their first meeting, the two men discussed the future of Eastern Europe as well as the ongoing war in the Pacific. Truman related the details of the encounter in hisdiary, which ended on a confident note with the statement:

I can deal with Stalin. He is honest—but smart as hell.