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#MCM goes to Tom Holland, the one and only guy who’s able to pull off hello kitty pants and still look hot, stuff like this should be forbidden. I mean usually I’m not the type of girl who looks at the physical appearance of a guy, but DAMNNNNN. Tom got me like Where can I sign up to play mary jane!? ❤️😍🔥Tom, you are the definition of BAE!!😍

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The Colt

Anonymous asked: Can you do a crowley imagine, where the reader is the middle sibling of the winchesters, but she sides more with crowley than them?

Words: 1,863
Pairings : Crowley x Reader
Warnings : None that I can think of.
A/N: I might have gotten a little carried away on writing this, as this is the first part. I do apologize. 

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Avengers Age of Ultron Review

Things I hated about AUO:

1. The end of Clintasha

2. Brucetasha

Things I LOVED about AOU

1. Brucetasha

2. Sexy purple skinned green suited flowy caped man with British accent

3. Hawkeye being an absolute dork