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UK General Election 2017

Okay listen up all of you in the UK, if you’re still undecided at this point I want to point you to a website where you can really take time to assess each party’s policies, rather than getting into the whole he said she said of the election cycle.

So here you are

Unfortunately it only works for England & Wales, just as a heads up.

Give it a try, it takes about 30 minutes for the full thing. Thank you

okay but listen: if/when they reveal Tracer is gay I really don’t want them to hand-wave it. Like, yeah “here’s a badass character who likes to kiss chicks!” Is cool and all but tbh if that was the only mention of it I think it’d be incredibly out of character for Lena.

It’s canon that she fights for the greater good and equality between robots and humans. What if before that, she fought for LGBTQ rights in the UK? Now obviously we don’t know just how far in the future Overwatch is but I’m willing to bet that LGBTQ people around the world still have to fight for basic human rights depending of where you live. Like the whole “yay there’s marriage!” But the fight isn’t over kind of thing. Even if the UK was at the point where LGBTQ people lived comfortably legally and socially, Lena would still 100% be at the forefront of a pride march, hell, she’d probably be on the planning committee.

Just imagine: little 14 year old Lena just entering the British equivalent of high school and it just hits her almost instantly; she fancies girls. And it’s a non-issue between her friends; while they talk about boys she brings up the latest girl she has a crush on. No one cares.

But, I don’t want it to be all wishy washy perfect utopia society. I want to see her to go through that (hopefully canon) punk phase and fight for every social cause she can. I want to see her holding up signs at her first Dyke March scared shitless because she’s only 15, but brave enough to go anyways. I want to see her march alongside her black friends in a Black Lives Matter protest, because at 16 she already knows her friends are not safe. At 17, I want to see her go to feminist rallies and support as best she can whatever the liberal British party is because she still can’t vote. 

I want to see her incredibly involved with the LGBTQ community. I want to see her sneaking into gay bars and drag shows because those are the only places she feels safe. I want to see her call out transphobia and biphobia in her community. I want to see Lena plan those Pride parades.

Why do I want to see all of this? Because I want to see Lena’s selfless actions be the result of her parents rejecting her for being gay, and they never really reconcile. 

Because that’s something that still happens too often, and I want queer kids to see that you can make your own support system. That you can still be strong. That you don’t need to forgive your family that disrespects you, hurts you, and doesn’t take the time to really understand you. 

Because I want queer kids, and adults, to see that its okay to do that.

I want to see Lena take that rejection and turn it into a strength. I want to see her overcome that and become the best pilot in the British army. I want to see her do it all on her own because she is always constantly faced with rejection, socially and personally.

And then, I want to see when she becomes the ghost how scared, alone and broken she feels. How she’s returned to that place emotionally that she never wanted to go back to again. How she’s frustrated with herself that she’s feeling like that again and wants to be selfless but she can’t.

So she learns to be a bit selfish as a ghost. She takes the time to accept herself as this odd, transient person. She regains that confidence and finally feels strong enough again.

That’s when she pops up in reality again for the first time, and also for the first time ever, she truly feels fantastic.

Then (after Winston builds the machine thing ofc) she (re?)joins Overwatch and fits right in with that band of misfits, because she grew up constantly feeling like one. She’s the one everyone goes to when they’re having problems or just want to blow off some steam because she listens and accepts unconditionally. She strives to be the opposite of what she faced growing up, and that’s what inspires her to fight. It’s what inspires her to fight for robot/human equality.

But, of course, she doesn’t forget her roots. She doesn’t forget what she fought for in the past. She doesn’t want to forget anything, not the pain of rejection, not the hurt she hid away through selflessness. Those experiences made her who she is, and continue to shape who she wants to be. 

So, whenever she goes to a human/robot equality rally, she wears a little rainbow bracelet and it’s just a small reminder what brought her there.

And that is why I don’t want them to hand-wave Tracer’s sexuality if she’s gay.

UK election results 2015 - the facts and JUST the facts

With only 1 constituency not having yet announced its results (the south western Cornish seat of St Ives, due to delays in the ballot boxes returning to the polling station from the Isles of Scilly), it is now certain that the Conservatives have obtained a majority of the seats, and will take power. 

This not only means that David Cameron will be able to remain as Prime Minister, but also means the Conservatives will be able to govern alone, without having to rely on any other party. This will bring to an end the Conservative/Liberal Democrat alliance of the last five years.

The Liberal Democrats themselves have so far lost 48 seats in the election, and now hold only 8 seats throughout the country. Whilst party leader Nick Clegg kept control of his seat, the Lib Dem politicians who lost theirs included multiple major names from the old coalition. Notable losers included Vince Cable, who had held his Twickenham seat since 1997 before losing it to the Conservatives last night, Danny Alexander, the former Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Ed Davey, former Energy Secretary, and Charles Kennedy, who lost the seat he had held for 30 years to the SNP.

The SNP was the biggest success story of the night. Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party won 56 of Scotland’s 59 seats, an increase of 50 seats from the 2010 election.

The remaining result in Scotland included one seat each for the Conservatives, Labour, and the Liberal Democrats. This meant a total loss of 40 seats for Labour in Scotland.

Labour remain the largest oppostion party, but they have also lost a significant number of seats; 48 in total. This gives them roughly 100 fewer seats than the Conservatives. Party leader Ed Miliband kept control of his Doncaster seat. Much like the Lib Dems they have also lost major players from their party - most notably Ed Balls, the former Shadow Chancellor, who lost his seat to the Conservatives.

Whilst the majority of the party leaders kept control of their own seats, a notable exception was UKIP’s Nigel Farage. The leader of the anti-EU United Kingdom Independence Party was defeated by the Conservatives in South Thanet. Having lost seats won in by-elections UKIP now hold just one seat - Clacton in Essex.

Welsh party Plaid Cymru maintained the same 3 seats they have held since 2010, with Labour holding the majority in Wales

And in Northern Ireland Sinn Féin lost one seat, whilst the Ulster Unionist Party entered government with 2 new MPS. The Alliance Party left Westminster after losing their seat.

Importantly, because of the nature of these results, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg AND Nigel Farage have all resigned as the leaders of their parties, meaning Labour, the Lib Dems and UKIP will all be electing new leaders in the coming months.

There were other interesting results in other areas. The Green Party won a seat in Brighton with a huge increase in its vote share

And new SNP MP Mhairi Black became the youngest elected MP since 1667. She is a 20 year old student from the University of Glasgow.

Interestingly, these results do not entirely reflect the share of the votes each party obtained. Due to the nature of the election system requiring a party to win a majority in each individual seat to get any power, some parties - notably UKIP - actually recieved a much higher number of votes than the results suggest.

Comparing the results ordered by number of seats

To the results ordered by number of votes

Quite clearly illustrates this difference.

Whilst 1 seat is still yet to declare its results, the impact will be extremely minor at this point. This is how the UK will look until the next election in 2020.

(All images shamelessly stolen from the BBC)

EDIT: This post previously incorrectly stated that the Conservatives held the majority in Wales, when in fact Labour gained the majority of both seats AND votes in the region. This error has now been corrected, but please disregard any reblogs that still have the false information.

Quick PSA

It totally sucks that that pissmidget of a Cameron is back in Downing Street, but look at Scotland:

  • the SNP have taken 56 of 59 seats
  • let that sink in. 56 of 59. that has never been done before
  • they took the biggest labour and liberal strongholds with huge majorities
  • instead of career politicians most of the SNP members have had actual jobs, things like doctors and lawyers and quantity surveyors
  • both Jim Murphey and Danny Alexander lost their seats to huge majorities
  • at least (possible more than) HALF OF THE SNP MEMBERS ELECTED WHERE WOMEN
The Parties: Post Election
  • Conservative: Well that's a relief
  • Labour: This was quite a fuck up.
  • SNP: *Playing bagpipes and drinking Scotch and oily sea water*
  • Liberal Democrats: *Drolling saliva on the floor with a twitchy arm*
  • Plaid Cymru: BUT BEEHIVE!?!?!?1
  • Green: Why do we even bother.
  • UKIP: Thank God Nigel's gone, now we can get a REAL racist in charge.
  • DUP: Bugger.
  • UUP: We exist too.
  • Sinn Fien: Yeahhhhh we're still not going.
  • Respect: *George Galloway sits alone a room with a burst balloon*
Rt Hon David Cameron MP, House of Commons, Houses of Parliament, The Cabinet: Give 16 and 17 year olds the right to vote in the EU Referendum
In the Conservative manifesto, a referendum on EU membership has been proposed by the end of 2017. Currently this means that every person over the age of 18 can vote in this proposed referendum. I would like to ask the Prime Minister, his Cabinet, and Parliament to extend the franchise on this referendum to 16. There are many reasons why I propose this change. Firstly because I am currently 16 and I wasn't able to vote in the General Election of the 7th May. I, and many other 16 and 17 year olds, would have loved to have voted in that election. I feel as though I am more than capable of making an informed choice in that election and this coming referendum considering the fact that I am doing an A Level in Politics and I hope to do a degree in the subject too. I am aware that most of my peers are also capable of making an informed decision on such a huge topic that will affect their lives, with or without studying Politics at school. Secondly, as a 16 year old, I feel as though this referendum will affect me and my generation the most because we are the next generation. We should have the right to make this decision because this decision will affect the politics of our generation and that in turn will affect our whole lives. We do not know what the exact implications of this referendum will be but what we do know is that our generation will be the ones that will 'bear the brunt' of the results. As we are the most affected, we should have the right to decide whether we want to stay in the EU or not. Also, if 16 and 17 year olds were able to vote in the Scottish Independence referendum in September 2014, shouldn't all 16 and 17 year olds be able to vote in this referendum? It is unfair if you give 16 and 17 year olds the vote in the referendum in 2014 without doing so in the upcoming referendum. Also, the Guardian has reported many peers in the House of Lords also want to extend the franchise to 16. The peers are renowned for the expertise in all sorts of matters so if those in favour of the EU are arguing that the best way of making this referendum legitimate is widening the franchise, surely they are right? Finally, by extending the franchise in this referendum to 16, you are making the result more legitimate because more people can vote in this referendum and more people have given their consent to the result, making the result ultimately more democratic. Overall, I hope you consider my argument and choose to widen the franchise to make the result of the referendum more legitimate and a decision made for my generation by my generation.

Please give 16 and 17 year olds the vote in the upcoming EU referendum. Please sign the petition I made so hopefully this referendum will be more democratic. Thank you