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22/02/17 I feel so guilty for not going to quidditch today! It feels like I’m letting the team down fro the British Quidditch Cup especially as one of my teammates has broken his arm and can’t play. I’m sitting with a hot water bottle and my laptop keeping warm while writing an essay. It’s raining a little bit today, and the wind is howling against the windows, and I’m probably going to stay in this spot until late this evening. Hope everyone is feeling well today, remember you can always message me if you’re finding anything hard in life I’ll be happy to listen. xxx emily


Jughead x Reader

Words: 1400+

Summary: You’ve just moved from Britain to Riverdale, and bump into the edgy emo teen at Pops

Warnings: N/A

A/N: I’m actually British, so this was really fun to write. My first Riverdale fanfiction also! Any feedback is appreciated, I might make a seperate Riverdale blog but idk.

You looked out of your window, onto the classic American street that was now your home. Perfect lawns, big houses and old cars. You’d never visited America until now, but here you were living there. London was, of course, your home, and you missed the sound of the trains pulling into Waterloo and your view of the South Bank from your small flat above the tourist shop.

As your worries about a brand new school started to cloud over your mind, your stomach growled. You decided a wander around the neighbourhood to find food instead of hiding in your bedroom was a good idea. Skipping down the stairs, you leaned over your mums shoulder, asking her if she wanted you to bring her anything back. She stopped scrimmaging through a box and instantly started fussing about you going out by yourself. Once you had convinced her that this wasn’t big bad London, but a small idle town, you set off with Google Maps in one hand and your wallet in the other. Even the currency was new. A diner came up on Google Maps instantly, and you giggled at the cliche. Do those things actually exist outside of Grease? Images of you and a high school jock sharing a milkshake in 1960’s attire flickered through your mind, making you chuckle to yourself as you wandered down the insanely quiet street.

Opening the door, what met you was exactly what you expected. Retro red booths and neon lights acted as a background for couples sipping milkshakes, gossiping girls and families sharing chips. After you ordered, you inspected the scene in front of you more closely. Instantly, your eyes were drawn to a guy around your age, typing away at a keyboard. Your cheeks instantly went red when you saw him and you averted your eyes as soon as they settled upon him. More slyly this time, you checked the guy out. One thing’s for sure, they don’t make them like that back home. Were all the guys gonna be like this?

As you watched him type, a curl escaped from his beanie, which he tried and failed to flick out of his eyes. He was wearing a denim jacket over a flannel and hiker boots, the classic edgy boy next door. Maybe it was that the tip of his nose was slightly red in the most adorable way possible, or that the slight curl in his hair gave you butterflies, but you knew you had to at least get to know him. You looked around for a place to sit and send a picture of him to the group chat, before you realized every booth was taken.

“Sorry, everywhere else is taken… Mind if I sit?” You smiled, trying to be polite enough to strike up a conversation with the beanie-clad boy.

He looked up at you, before looking around the diner like he forgot where he was. His eyes then settled back onto yours and smiled, “Sure, you new?”

You giggled as you sat down, “Is this town really so small you know who’s new that quickly?”

He licked his lips and raised his eyebrow, it’s like he was purposely making you melt, “That and the accent,” He shut his laptop, “British?”

“To the core.”

“Your accent’s the most adorable thing I’ve heard all day.” He said casually.

You went red at the compliment, “Not as good as Hiddleston’s.” You joked.

“I wouldn’t count on it.” He smirked, suddenly you were having problems breathing, “So, when did you move from the UK?”

“Just moved here today.”

He nodded, leaning back in his seat, “And how do you like our humble town?”

“It’s exactly how I imagined America to be, you don’t vary that much from a movie set here in Riverdale do you?” The waitress put down your fries, and you smiled at her in thanks, “Oh, I’m Y/N by the way.”

“Jughead,” He looked at you like he was expecting a snarky comment on his name, which didn’t come, “Are you’re saying you’ve never visited America before?”

You nodded, surprised he was making an effort to keep up the conversation. He didn’t seem like the type.

“Well, I’ll have to give you a tour to help you get used to it.” He said whilst stealing one of your chips with a smile. Your eyes were drawn down to his adam’s apple and then over his lips. There were the butterflies again.

“So, do you go to Riverdale?” you asked him, praying he would go to your school. You needed a friend to help the daunting first day seem not so daunting; someone to guide your way physically and mentally through the school day. Your developing crush on him was only a bonus.

“Yep,” he said, popping the ‘p’, “I’m guessing you will too?”

You nodded, “Yeah.”

“When do you start?” He asked, sounding generally interest in you, something you weren’t used to.

“Monday, Mum’s giving me time to settle into the new house, which i don’t know how we could even afford, we’re pretty skint.”

“You’re what?” Jughead laughed, an eyebrow raised.

“Skint.” You repeated before rolling your eyes, “Poor.”

“Oh yes, of course love, who wouldn’t know what skint meant?” He put on the worst English accent you’ve ever heard.

You smacked his arm, before resting your head on your hand, “Please never do that again.”

He smiled, “I’m not promising.”

Just as the words had left your mouth, a girl slid into the booth beside Jughead, two others sliding into your side. You looked at them questioningly before the girl opposite you spoke.

“New girl, huh?” She glanced to Jughead who nodded. The girl was outrageously pretty, but her pearls and heels looked out of place in a small town diner.

“I’m Betty,” the kind faced girl next to you said, “and this is Archie.” She gestured towards her friend. Archie was also strikingly handsome, it seemed this town was made up of models.

“Veronica.” The first girl smiled.

“I’m Y/N, just moved here.”

You looked back to Jughead, who had gone quiet. He looked annoyed at the others presence and had a frown etched onto his face.

“Are you gonna go to Riverdale?” Betty asked.


“Great, we all go too. I can give you a tour if you like.” Betty’s smile was blinding, and she seemed incredibly sweet, the kind of person everyone wants to be friends with.

Just as you were about to reply, Jughead beat you to it, “I’ve already promised to deliver the tour actually. Sorry Betty, I’m taking you out of the job.”

Betty looked at him in mock anger, and Veronica laughed.

“Your English I see… always had a thing for the British.” Veronica said to you with a wink, and you blushed at the beautiful girl.

“Veronica…” Jughead rolled his eyes.

“What?” Veronica asked, turning to look at him. She ran her eyes over his annoyed and blushing face when suddenly the clogs in her head finished turning, “You aren’t jealous, are you Juggie?”

He rolled his eyes and fidgeted uncomfortably. Archie looked up from the table with a grin on his face, clearly excited for the possible embarrassment of his friend.

You watched Jughead, hoping it was true he had some kind of interest in you.

“I met her five minutes ago.”

“And yet you’re acting like a possessive boyfriend already? Damn Jones, ever heard of baby steps?” Veronica teased, and you nearly choked on your chips. Betty and Archie both chuckled at Jughead, who was giving evils at the smirking girl beside him.

“Um, I’ve gotta go unpack, but I’ll see you all on Monday?”You said, keen to get out of the awkward situation before you did anything to make the encourage the playful teasing.

“Sure thing.” Archie smiled.

“Nice meeting you all.” You gave a smile to Jughead as Betty and Archie let you out. As you reached the door to the diner, you glanced back at the booth the four sat at, your eyes meeting Jugheads. You chuckled to yourself, and his face was all that danced through your mind as you walked down the streets of Riverdale.

Someone brought Julian and Rich masks to the tour, haha (taken by) xx

Expecting - Leaking


Layla stopped her pacing up and down the hall when the door from the garage opened. “Why are you home so early? It’s not even the interval yet.”

He sat down and began to unlace his boots. “We had to cancel the show. The roof’s leaking.”

“It’s not the only one.” She stopped and grimaced, pressing a hand to her side.

Richard hurried to her. “Sweetness, this is real this time, isn’t it?” He’d never seen any of the contractions she’d had over the last few weeks make her appear pained.

Layla rested her head on his chest and tried to keep breathing. When the tension in her belly finally relaxed, she nodded. “My water broke about an hour ago. I was just about to call Izzy to take me to the birthing centre and then call you the minute the show was over, but since you’re home, I think I’ll just let you do that.”

He took her mobile from her hand and slipped it into the pocket of his coat. “Everything’s already packed and in the boot. You ready for this?”

She shook her head. “No. I don’t think I am.”

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