british king

The oldest surviving crown of an English queen, 1370-80. Gold, enamel, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, pearls. Recorded in England in a list of jewels and plate drawn up in 1399. Probably belonged to King Edward III or Anne of Bohemia, the wife of King Richard II, who was deposed that year by Henry IV. Henry’s daughter, Princess Blanche, married the Palatine Elector Ludwig III in 1402 and the crown passed to the Palatine Treasury in Heidelberg as part of her dowry.

  • King George III: It's not easy being British
  • King George III: The reason being it is impossible for me, as a British person, to walk into any museum, in any nation on the planet earth, without, within five minutes, start to feel guilty.
  • King George III: You have no idea what that feels like!
  • King George III: (to americans) You will, OH, you will!
  • King George III: One day all this shame will be yours my American friends

King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, United Kingdom