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Mr Cameron, who left Downing Street after Britain voted to leave the EU in a referendum last year, said: “Well, there’s been a bit of a fight already.

"My children want to use it as a Wendy House, I want to use it as a book-writing room and my son also wants it as an alternative bedroom. So, quite a lot of competition.

"When it first arrived there was great excitement - who was going to spend the first night in it?

"Who won? That was my son … I wasn’t going to take him on!”

Speaking about Mr Cameron’s purchase, Mr Bennett told Sky News: “He is going to use the hut to write his new book. I don’t know what the book is about.

"He was an absolute delight. I know people talk about ‘Call Me Dave’, but he really was a delight and so was Samantha.

"She was really involved in the design of it and it was spot on. It was a fantastic design, she has certainly got an eye.

I crave affection. Not sex, but the most innocent parts of affection. I crave somebody to cuddle with me, and lay their head on lap. I crave kisses. I crave holding hands and running my thumb across theirs. I crave somebody to hold me while they tell me their thoughts or issues. I crave just looking at someone and wondering how on earth I got that lucky. I crave the feeling of having someone love me just as much as I love them..

attention british wlw!!

i’ve found it can be pretty hard meeting people from the uk on tumblr because so many people are american

it’s especially hard for wlw who want to meet other wlw close to them either for romantic reasons or platonic reasons

i’ve made a blog called the @gay-britain-project specifically for wlw in the uk/republic of ireland to make it easier to make more friends in the lgbt community and maybe find a girlfriend!! (naturally it’s trans inclusive and terf exclusive)

i’d really appreciate it if people could reblog this -regardless of whether you’re uk based- to get the word around!! thank u so much for reading and thank u to anyone who reblogs, i really hope this will be of use to at least some of you!!

Sadie Hawkins

Liam Evans (Genderbent Lily Evans) played by: @son-0f-a-snitch

Siri Black (Genderbent Sirius Black) played by: @sirussly

*Jamie and Siri sit in the Gryffindor Commonroom*

Liam: *descends the stairs, passing the two*

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