british it girl

Shout out to last black history month (October in the uk) when @buzzfeed gave me a shout amongst 9 other very amazing, gifted and magical young black British women.

According to @buzzfeed “These Carefree British Black Girls Will Inspire You To Live Your Best Life”. 

I’m so grateful to have been included on this list, even though I know a list of 10 will never be grand enough. 

Always, always very grateful.

You can check out the piece below.

Sadie Hawkins

Liam Evans (Genderbent Lily Evans) played by: @son-0f-a-snitch

Siri Black (Genderbent Sirius Black) played by: @sirussly

*Jamie and Siri sit in the Gryffindor Commonroom*

Liam: *descends the stairs, passing the two*

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