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Guys, i can’t. like. im crying. this is so real right now. jodie whittaker is the face of doctor who, but it’s even bigger than that, it’s about everything else that surrounds doctor who as a british institution and a worldwide phenomenon. board games, posters, trade cards, and action figures and comics, books, cosplay, the social influence and reputation it carries, it’s all accessible to woman in a new and intimate way. everything just changed for us. and yes, everything has changed for little boys and men too. boys will grow up seeing the doctor as a woman, seeing women as equals. men will learn to relate to to her in ways that women have been taught to relate to men. and little girls will grow up without one more limitation, they will grow up not knowing that they can’t be the hero. it’s going to cause a revolution.


Some more great pictures from the British Institute’s “Tea With A View” in Florence 07-Oct-17:

  • James Ivory and Rupert Graves (in full flow!) by Rosaria Giuliano [x]
  • Helena Bonham Carter and Rupert by Sally Carrocino [edited from x]
  • The full panel by the British Institute of Florence [edited from x] (delighted to see Oscar-winning costume designer Jenny Beavan on the end there!)
  • Some of the guests by Rosario Giuliano [x]
  • Rupert and Gary Everett [x]

“To anyone visiting London, I’d say one essential thing you have to do is just to walk down the Southbank. You’ve got the National Theater, British Film Institute, Tate Modern, Royal Festival Hall. So lots of culture in a kind of public space. All kinds of different people mingling, and to me that’s what makes London special.”

anonymous asked:

What do you think are the most important women architect in the history of architecture, and your fav?

OK, here is MY list. Everyone is free to agree or disagree or to comment on who was left out but I limited the list to 10 spots and focused on the last century.

You are invited to post about any of those that were not included and tag me, if I agree with your suggestion I will add a list of runner ups and link it to your post.

Lina Bo Bardi

Lina Bo Bardi, was an Italian-born Brazilian modernist architect. A prolific architect and designer, Lina Bo Bardi devoted her working life, most of it spent in Brazil, to promoting the social and cultural potential of architecture and design. Source Image

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Rosaria Giuliano on Instagram has kindly shared some great photographs of yesterday’s Sat 7 Oct 2017 Tea With A View / A Room With A View (James Ivory, 1985) reunion, held at the British Institute of Florence to mark A Room With A View’s 30th anniversary and also as part of the British Institute’s own Centenary celebrations.

Top: James Ivory and Rupert Graves.

Bottom: L–R: Rupert, Julian Sands, Helena Bonham Carter, John Pym (film critic, author of several Merchant Ivory books, and Windy Corner in ARWAV was his actual house!), and James Ivory. Also in this line-up (out of shot to the right) were ARWAV’s Oscar-winning costume designers Jenny Beavan and John Bright.

Also, on Fri 6 Oct, A Room With A View’s set photographer for Italy, Sarah Quill, gave a talk at the British Institute about the shoot: Rooms and Views: Filming in Florence with Merchant Ivory []: