british husbands



Nyotalia japan →my friend 

England → my friend’s British husband 

It is famous for its tea 


The Lovely Husband has been granted British citizenship! Very happy and just a little bit relieved. As much as he and I both strongly identify as ‘World Citizens’, seeing as he first arrived in the U.K. over two decades ago, we felt it was about time he made things official!


Taiwan → my Taiwanese friend

England→Mrs.E’s British husband (Mr.E)

Nyotalia Japan→My friend Mrs.E

She is such a cool girl! 


America→My boyfriend 

Nyotalia Japan→My friend 

England →my friend’s British husband 

can you tell the different between Racquetball and Squash??


i think the big fat quiz of the year is the funniest thing i’ve ever seen- need to find me a british husband to move me 2 london so i can watch their tv

A huge indicator of the differences between Hamilton and Burr is the way they treat/act toward their loved ones. Hamilton is hurt and upset that Eliza asked Washington to pull him off the battlefield because she’s pregnant. She says “I know you’d fight until the war was won” and he responds with “the war’s not done”- he wants to get back out there. Yes, he loves Eliza, but he’s Alexander Hamilton and he needs to make a name for himself and defend his nation. On the other hand, Burr is happy to have Theodosia and just love her. He says that her husband, a British officer, can “keep all of Georgia, but Theodosia- she’s mine.” He doesn’t care (as much) about what happens in the war. He just wants to be safe and happy with his love, something Hamilton never seemed to be satisfied with.