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HIV positive immigrant convinces Ukip supporters NOT to vote for Nigel Farage

‘Bisi Alimi is a Nigerian-born British citizen and gay rights activist. He’s also HIV positive.

After coming out on Nigerian television in 2004, Alimi was threatened, beaten, and tortured. After an attempt on his life, he fled his country in 2007 and came to the UK.

Alimi decided to visit Thanet South, where Farage is running for election, after the Ukip leader blamed strains on NHS funding on HIV positive immigrants.

While manning an anti-Farage stall in the town Market on Friday he was verbally attacked by a Ukip supporter.

Alimi told the Mirror: “The stunt started because I experienced a racist attack from a UKIP member while I was with Thanet South campaigning against Nigel Farage. The old man called me a lazy immigrant.”

He said, “I decided to carry the placard as a way of giving immigration a face and also allowing people to ask me questions to ally their fears of immigrants”

Alimi explained: "I faced my fear, I went into the town hall, with a placard and stood there for 5 hours asking people to hug me or ask me a question.

"It was such a powerful turn around of events that many people told me they wanted to vote UKIP but after asking me questions changed their mind.”

“Here is the story of the man in the beige jacket. He stood afar from me for a while, kept looking at me. He was there with his wife. Then the wife walked up to me and started engaging with me. She hugged me. Then the man came shook my hand and said, thank you for doing this. 

“Then I said, ‘You know you want a hug’, to which he answered 'yes I sure do want a hug’ and then we hugged.

“I told him like I did to others 'Please don’t vote UKIP’ and he said 'to hell I won’t’.’