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I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and can I just say that…

Will sounds hella gay in german and I love it. 

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anon please.

Sorry for the long rambled submit, just crap I was pondering about.
The haters can’t win with their theories. There are a couple of them who believe that Ben is not the victim in the situation and whether blackmailed or not, he is still willing to continue the “sham”. So the longer he stays married and has a “fake family”, more of them will shift and say he’s not a victim (It gets less and less looking like it was “controlled by Harvey Weinstein” for Oscar purposes) and actually using her for an image and to cover up his sexuality. Which what would be assumed since a lot of PR relationships are used to cover up a man’s homosexuality.

This is especially sad because it’s implying that Ben was approving the stunt of not only one, but TWO fake pregnancies. If most of them believe that the first fake pregnancy was “hoisted” upon him and he was a helpless victim, you can’t say that for the second one because he cannot be a fool to falling for it twice, thus he looks less like a victim.

Whether they think he’s a victim or not, why are they “fans” of him if they truly believed he approved all of this? Because no matter what he had to be okay with it! How horrible it is to think that a person would fake a family to cover up someone’s sexuality, especially when Ben has many gay friends and stood up for gay rights. In a way it is somewhat homophobic and an insult to his friends who are gay. Thus saying being gay is an insult and you have to put your reputation on the line even further by faking a family for a cover up and for getting more “Hollywood” roles. And then of course, incorporating friends and family to lie for you!! We all know Ben would never do this and to this of an extreme. It just goes to show there is another hole in their ongoing theories.

P.S. (I’m not downplaying the fact that homophobia is still around and there are probably closeted actors who have beards for fear of not getting leading man roles, but faking a family to prove someone is straight is beyond mental. And something I cannot fathom Benedict doing)


It’s 2017, Benedict is British, and here the vast majority of people don’t give a flying fuck if an actor is gay. There are plenty of gay British actors and nobody bats an eyelid. For anyone to suggest that Benedict married Sophie to hide his sexuality shows a gross ignorance of this country and our society.

What the haters don’t realise (or maybe they do) is that they’ve painted Benedict as, quite frankly, a horrible person. They painted him as weak, obnoxious, a poor actor, problematic, unprincipled, and dishonest. If they have such a low opinion of him why are the fans?

The truth is they don’t think he is like that. They KNOW their narrative is all lies. The problem lies in them, not Benedict who is just living his life. They don’t see him as a real person, he’s just Dorkybatch to them. And they’ve never respected him in the slightest.