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Achievement. Charlotte Dujardin retires the beautiful Valegro from competition in a farewell performance at Olympia, The London International Horse Show after the Fédération Equestre Internationale World Cup Freestyle Qualifier.  #dressage #horse #valegro #retires #charlottedujardin #FEI #OlmypiaHorseShow #Olympia #Horses #photo #photooftheday #photooftheweek #SOMedia #commercial #advertising #editorial #imagery


Olympia Stallions (13) by Kate Mate 111


Andrew Hoy and RUTHERGLEN 


Jonathan Paget and CLIFTON PROMISE

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Okay, I'm utterly terrified here, cause you seem properly scary, but, you also seem well-informed and give straight and honest answers, and may I ask you this. Do you know of any ethnic minority riders, either professional or owners at all? I had to give up my dream career of becoming an Eventer in the UK, because I just couldn't put up with the elitist and racist attitude anymore. It'd be interesting to know if anyone of color made it in the equestrian sport world (I'm Nigerian fyi). Thanks <3

Yeah!!! One of my first teachers was Chinese-American, and when I was showing on the state H/J circuit a ton of the girls there were Asian-American. One of my cousins is black and she’s a tremendous equestrian, there are quite a few up-and-coming black equestrians in my regional pony club. One of the girls I used to take lessons with was from Guatemala. 

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Some non-white Equestrians that have made it to the Olympics and medaled!

  • Rodgrio Pessoa (Brazil)
  • David Roberto Bárcena Ríos (Mexico)
  • Yocupicio Manuel Mendivil (Mexico)
  • Soto Jose Luis Perez (Mexico)
  • Lopez Fabian Vazquez (Mexico)
  • Takeichi Nishi (Japan)
  • Rubén Uriza (Mexico)
  • Humberto Mariles Cortés (Mexico)
  • Oscar Cristi Gallo (Chile)
  • Joaquín Pérez de las Hera (Mexico)
  • Capt. Alberto Valdés Ramos (Mexico)
  • Jesús Gómez Portugal Montenegro (Mexico)
  • Gerardo Tazzer Valencia (Mexico)
  • Luiz Felipe de Azevedo (Brazil)
  • Álvaro Affonso de Miranda Neto (Brazil)
  • Ramzy Al Duhami (Saudi Arabia)
  • Abdullah bin Mutaib bin Abdullah Al Saud (Saudi Arabia)
  • Kamal Bahamdan (Saudi Arabia)
  • Abdullah Waleed Al Sharbatly (Saudi Arabia)

Video of Nigerian professional polo player Neku Atawodi. 

Video of black grand prix show jumper Paige Johnson

Video of Shayla Wislon in clinic with Will Simpson

Sheila Johnson opens her horse country resort

Video of Mavis Spencer - black female equestrian & show jumper
Video Interview with Mavis Spencer
Video of Mavis Spencer in Young Rider GP

There are an appallingly few amount of sources for Donna Marie Cheek, who was the first black equestrian on a U.S. Equestrian Team (really unclear as to what team atm, but it seems that she competed internationally!)

Sam Martin - Black British equestrian aiming for 2016 Olympics

Also, remember Japan’s Hiroshi Hoketsu - who competed at the 2012 London Olympics at the age of 70?

I just know that there are people I’ve missed, but that’s a quick Google search for you c:

Everybody – feel free to submit any successful PoC equestrians!!
Allow the rider CHOICE - Allow Bitless Bridles in ALL horse sport
Please sign our petition to support NHTEC's (Norfolk Horse Training and Equitation Club) request for a rule change to allow EVERY rider/handler the ‘Choice’ to compete in ALL UK competitions in a bitless bridle. We ask for fairness and for inclusion in all equestrian sport for ‘bitless’ horses based on the evidence that some horses do not cope with the bit in their mouth – the mouth is a delicate and sensitive structure and sensitive to pain. We believe the RIDER should choose the bridle, bitted or bitless, that best suits their horse for optimum health and performance.

Please sign and share! Get the UK to be the first country to allow bitless riding in nationally recognized competitions!

Cheltenham Festival 2014

The Duchess of Cornwall was at Cheltenham Races yesterday; always the early springtime fling for the British society set. Equestrian fashion is always something that jumps back in the saddle. There’s the Middletons and Royals wafting past the finishing line track side in their sharply cut tweeds crowned with glossy furs hats. There’s Monaco royal Charlotte Casiraghi who wears kit designed by Gucci on an eventing circuit where she rubs shoulders with other chic, jodhpur clad fillies like Jessica Springsteen. It’s here, on horse back, that the clothes look so smart, tight-fitting and practical - no wonder that Hermes and Ralph Lauren took the trend to its logical conclusion in the ‘90s. And no wonder the MaxStudio polo team looks so cool in its uniform. The secret to perfecting that pose? The six essentials according to Gucci designer Frida Giannini are: “Tailored jackets, riding boots, white shirts, stretch-slim trousers, a great leather belt - and perfect posture”.

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