british countryside


Derwent Valley, Peak District National Park, UK.

Last Tuesday I decided to visit Derwent Reservoir as the forecast was for thick fog all day. I’m glad to say that on this occasion, the forecast was correct! I didn’t have much time but managed to take these shots whilst I was there.

♡ Hello lovelies ♡

Please follow Speke Hall’s Instagram here. It’s a lovely historical property that’s both Tudor and Victorian, with links to Charles II and Lady Diana Beauclerk 😊

Wants to exist in domed cathedrals, running down marbled halls, wearing delicious ballgowns of tulle and lace. Quaint cottages in the British countryside, surrounded by farm animals and climbing roses, wearing homemade fabrics of sweet tunics and braided hairstyles. Tall, crumbling manor houses, sprawling hills and horse rides, gorgeous boys with thick accents and cheeky smiles, parties in ballrooms wearing beaded dresses and feathered headbands, caught breaths in candelit alcoves, behind velvet curtains. Scottish highlands, a massive, ancient castle, wooden schooldesks, sun streaming through stained-glass windows, naughty schoolboys, stolen kisses in abandoned classrooms, running your hands along stone walls, libraries full of books, lunch in the great hall, magic in every corner. Quiet, cobbled backstreets, bookstores filled with books, gloved hands nursing cups of tea, scarves pulled around necks, muffled voices, breath misting on the air, tights with socks and boots, quaint tea dresses, a notebook tucked under one arm and a pen tucked behind an ear, or through a mussed bun of hair.
—  i made this for my about page but i think it’s too pretty for that // h.b