british columbia art

Bird mask of the Tsimshian people, used in initiation ceremonies.  Artist unknown; 19th century.  Collected in Nisga’a territory at the mouth of the Nass River, British Columbia, Canada; now in the Louvre.

Naas shagi yeil s'aaxw (Raven at the Headwaters of Nass hat) from the Tlingit people of the Pacific Northwest.  Carved from maple; decorated with paint, shells, hair, and baleen.  Artist unknown; ca. 1810.  Now in the Seattle Art Museum.  Photo credit: Joe Mabel.

“The Lone Wolf” (charcoal on paper, Nov 2015)

Wolves are often being misunderstood and misrepresented. They are being demonized to the point that people would go out of their way to kill them. The amount of hate and fear on the wolves is very unnecessary and uncalled for. They are extremely intelligent and loyal, highly adaptable and most importantly they bring balance to nature. Their howls are one of the most beautiful sounds of nature.

I urge you to take a look at this petition and take actions if it’s something that you care about too. Thank you in advance!

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