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Brandywine Falls, British Columbia, at dusk, turned into art via long exposures and timelapse.

Naas shagi yeil s'aaxw (Raven at the Headwaters of Nass hat) from the Tlingit people of the Pacific Northwest.  Carved from maple; decorated with paint, shells, hair, and baleen.  Artist unknown; ca. 1810.  Now in the Seattle Art Museum.  Photo credit: Joe Mabel.

John Singleton Copley (1738-1815)
“Watson and the Shark” (1778)
Oil on canvas
Located in the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

The painting is based on an attack that happened in Havana Harbour in 1749. Brook Watson, a 14 year-old cabin boy, lost his leg in the attack and was not rescued until the 3rd attempt. Watson would go on to become a Lord Mayor of London.


Mother Love by Philip Tong
Via Flickr:
Lullaby Land
Forest Lawn Memorial Park
Burnaby, British Columbia

Carvings and designs of the Haidah Indians

The Haidah Indians of the Queen Charlotte Islands

James G. Swan, gentleman of Port Townsend, Wash.
Washington: The Smithsonian Institution Press, 1874.


Jellyfish by Doug Zwick
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Jellyfish at the Vancouver aquarium.