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Mahi Pemasani
Hamilton, ON
Fujifilm X100S

Your perception and portrayal of Canada is unique in the way that each photo tells a different story of its own. Tell us one such story.

The black and white photo above, it was taken at Buntzen Lake, British Columbia in Canada. What amazed me about that specific spot and day is that it was raining heavily and it was super gloomy, and yet there were tons of people BBQing, fishing, boating, etc.

This is something that you do see often in any other part of Canada. People in other provinces of Canada hate rain and fog, and highly value sunshine and warmth. That photo perfectly depicts British Columbia’s lifestyle as it is always rainy and cloudy there, and that doesn’t stop the people there from doing what they want to do.

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Tasha Marie
Vancouver, BC
Nikon D800

We admire your conceptual portraits combined with landscapes. Do you plan every shot as it comes or does any planning go into it? Please tell us a little bit about your process.

I would say it’s half and half. I’ll try to plan most my shoots, but there’s times where I just talk my camera for a walk and see what I find. Often I’ll be shooting something I had planned out and then I’ll change it because I’ve been inspired to do something different. Most of my landscape photos are unplanned, I just always make sure to take my camera with me when traveling.

What relationship do you have with your models, and how much influence do they have in each piece of work produced?

When I’m not taking self portraits, I’m usually shooting close friends. I always find it easier to take photos of someone I know very well and can get along with. when I have an idea in mind I’ll usually know who I want to model for the image as well.

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Jayme Gordon
Kelowna, BC
Canon EOS 6D

Tell us one secret about the beautiful places of British Columbia that the world is yet to know about. What keeps you inspired?

British Columbia is enormous. There are lots of well known shots and locations that many people have seen (Lynn Canyon, Brandywine Falls, etc), but these are the ones easily accessible and close to major cities. The reality is that the entire province is packed full of amazing locations and breathtaking scenery. You can go absolutely anywhere and find awesome places, the hard part is just investing that time to get there.

I have only seen a tiny fraction of BC and the world, and I like that photography gives me an excuse to get out and see more of it. My friends and I like to find interesting places, then make a trip out of going there and trying to get cool shots. Even if the place doesn’t turn out to be what we thought, its never a wasted trip; we still got to see somewhere different.

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