british cartoon archive

Caption: “Himmel! It’s that man again.”
(Bert Thomas for the Evening Standard, May 11, 1940)

From the British Cartoon Archive at the University of Kent.  Tumblr’d by the ever-educational marielaem earlier today.

Now, some of you might say, “But, sobsister, if there’s humor in this cartoon, I, for one, see it not at all."  And that would be understandable, for there aren’t that many people still enjoying the sun on their faces who listened to Tommy Handley’s U.K. radio show, titled It’s That Man Again, from 1939-49.

The show’s name–and, by extension, the caption above–derive from a headline in the Daily Express on May 2, 1939, reporting a trip taken by Adolf Hitler, most recently in the news for having successfully annexed the Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia.  The quasi-lighthearted tone might have been whistling past the graveyard, for Nazi Germany’s activities were disquieting to most observing the continent.  At any rate, the name of the show, launched in July of that year, then began to refer to its star, Handley.