british c

Propaganda hand-out distributed by British Embassy in Iraq c. 1940. The text in the middle reads “Where is the fifth Jackal?”. 

when folded it shows the face of italian fascist leader Mussolini

Lucas: Okay, I’ve rewired and shut down most of the rest of my lab, it should buy us about an hour and a half to get downstairs and shut this thing down.

Magnus: That should give us about an hour and 29 minutes for you to explain what the holy hell is going on, and one minute to get downstairs.

Lucas: [sighs] What don’t you already know? There was an accident, and somebody-

Magnus: Ooookay, what don’t we know? I got a compact that lets me see into some strange world, A. B, there’s a voice that keeps talking to us. C, some British guy more or less took Merle’s hand. D, what the fuck is happening?