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She’s from the same English county as Queen Anne Boleyn, who enticed King Henry the 8th into converting England from a catholic to protestant country 500 years ago!

Ways to fix my (main) problems with botw:

  • add more memories. perhaps while link is going through the divine beasts or while he’s trying to get into the beasts, it awakes him bonding with certain characters (ex. while he’s sand sealing with riju, it goes back to him sand sealing with urbosa or s/t) the problem is that i don’t care enough about the characters in the past and even if i did a lil they’re basically dead already so who cares which brings me to point #2
  • have a way to travel back in time maybe? zelda games always play with time, i would have been more motivated to “save” hyrule if there was something i cared about, it could have also allowed for more variety in environments. we could have seen first hand how hyrule has been decimated over the last 100 years (basically like, at the end of controlling the 4 beasts, maybe link gains access to traveling back in time and saving his friends, so you defeat ganon of the past instead of now)
  • make the divine beast segments longer and give each of them their own personality
  • im not a huge fan of the weapon durability thing but at least the master sword and the champion’s weapons shouldn’t have any restrictions on them (or at least…less restrictions, or maybe like, the master sword isn’t that powerful in regular combat but is more effective against ganon)
  • literally everything about the gerudo is completely fucked up and needs to be entirely redone
  • one thing that annoyed me is that this world is huge but you hardly see any race of any kind outside their “designated area” like i guess only hylians can travel or w/e
  • im not usually the type of person to criticize voice acting bc i grew up with the sailor moon dub and i have incredibly low standards, but some characters (most notably zelda) have awful voice acting that it’s jarring to hear them. hire people who can actually act thank you
Rhea Bailey as Caz Hammond

The British actress played the ex-fiancée of Kate Connor (Faye Brookes) and a former soldier in the British Army on Coronation Street from 2015–16. In real life, the actress plays younger sister to singer Corinne Bailey Rae.