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Imagine Sir Thomas Sharpe’s ghost watching over you for eternity because his love for you will never die…

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Bts reaction to you being British please xx

Being a British person myself I always question the same thing

So the answer will be from my perspective. Also you can look at this from whatever perspective so like you lot are friends, gf/bf, best friends etc. Lastly, you have to imagine that they are living in Britian. 

- He would probably LOOOOOVVEEE IT. Seeing as he is the only one who can speak fluent English, he would make fun out of yor accent and try to act British himself. He wold probably always think that you want tea and scones but low key you just want noodles. He would want to go sightseeing with you around London and pretend to be a British born. You both would go around and say “You got no jams” to Jimin in a London British accent
Overall he would be soo happy and when you two argue, he will alWAYS TRY TO IMITATE YOU WHICH WOULD MAKE YOU MORE ANGRIER (whether your friends, bf/gf whatever)

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He doesn’t mind that you’re British. You two would have marathons on British Soaps and shows that come on the TV. He will actively try to listen out for British slang and use it in funny situations. Jimin would also try to be sophisticated and pretend that he is the queen. He will wear black turtlenecks and drink tea and talk about the weather just to take the piss out of you.

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He abSOLOUTLEY LOVES THE IDEA OF BEING FRIENDS WITH/DATING SOMEONE WHO IS BRITISH. He has always respected the British culture and absoloutely wants to take you everywhere around the U.K. Just for you, he would probably rent out a little cottage in the countryside just so that you two can have little bit of quiet time after concerts, shows, events and dance rehearsals. 

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Just like the others, he loes the fact that you’re british. He always wanted to date/be friends with a foreign girl. But unlike the others, he is more interested in the night scene and wants to take yu clubbing and raving. After that you two would have kebabs at like 3am and go to the local parks and have deep conversations. The only thing he doesn’t like about living in Britiain or you being British, is the weather. He likes the cold and the winter and Britians weather is very unpredictable.


JIN IS IN HEAVEN!!! The countless amounts of foods from different cultures all in one country anD HE JUST CAN’T TAKE IT. The countless episodes that he will now film with you starts to become a bit ridiculous, but oh well at least it keeps Jin happy. He wants you and him to go on everyday adventures. e loves hearing your British accent and thinks its cute when you try to pronounce korean words.

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He loves it lowkey, but finds it a bit awkward as well as he has never been with anyone that is british. He has a hard time trying to understand how the British people work, but that soon changes when you show him how they work in bed (Wait what? Yeah you read right lol. Took an unexpected turn didn’t it) He soon gets used to it, you always offer to eat something other than dumpling, noodles and pasta but he always brings like 10kg of everything s you go out and buy 10 boxes of pizza and you two have marathons on Anime

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JunG HOSEOK/J-HOOOOOOOOOPE(In the voice of Min Yoongi)

HE IS TOO EXCITIED. ASDFGHJKLL. HE CAN’T CONTAIN HIMSELF. He loves the fact that you’re British and wants to take advantage of it too. Just like Jimin, he wants to learn the slang words and wants to use it when he is talking to you. Just to embarass you, he will take you for a day out and try to talk to other tourists in London in the ‘slang’ language and you’ll slysly walk away from him. He wants to be a hardcore Biritish like you and so he goes out and gets a britiain flag tatooed on his ankle, so that he can see it but its covered up when he is performing. 

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If I Could Fly

              F                          Bb             F           C
If I could fly, I’d be coming right back home to you
             F                    Bb                     F         C  Dm
I think I might give up everything, just ask me to
                         Bb                          F                       C               Dm
Pay attention, I hope that you listen ‘cause I let my guard down
                       Bb                                F C
Right now I’m completely defenseless

                       Bb F    C                   Dm      
For your eyes only, I show you my heart
                           Bb  F             C                  Dm
For when you’re lonely and forget who you are
                   Bb       F    A                Dm
I’m missing half of me when we’re apart
               Bb     F                           Bb F  Bb F
Now you know me, for your eyes only
For your eyes only

              F                                   Bb        F           C
I’ve got scars, even though they can’t always be seen
                       F                                              Bb       F       C     Dm
And pain gets hard, but now you’re here and I don’t feel a thing
                         Bb                           F                      C                 Dm
Pay attention, I hope that you listen 'cause I let my guard down
             Bb                    F C
Right now I’m completely defenseless


Dm                  Bb                           F
I can feel your heart inside of mine
             A          Dm
(I feel it, I feel it)
                          Bb                  F
I’ve been going out of my mind
            A           Dm
(I feel it, I feel it)
                             Bb               F
Know that I’m just wasting time
A     Bb                                            C
And I hope that you don’t run from me

Chorus (2X)

                       Bb F
For your eyes only

Tom Hardy Imagine (Smut)

You couldn’t get your key in the lock. The bag on your shoulder almost slicing off your arm; the weight of your work was unbearable. Folders and folders of documents. You had been feeling this frustrated and stressed for weeks at work now. You just didn’t like the job. The pay wasn’t even that good. Finally, you inserted the key and unlocked the door. You threw down your bags and walked through to the living room.

You threw your body down onto the couch before looking around the room. “Oh fuck” you gasped in shock at the sight of your boyfriend sat at the other side of the room. “I didn’t know you were home, Tom.” you put your head back on the couch. “Y/N, I don’t like how you’ve been recently. What’s happened?” Tom balanced his head on his hands before carrying on. “You haven’t spoken to me in days.” You sat up to give Tom your attention, “I know, I’m sorry. It’s just work - I despise it with a passion.” you wiped your head trying to keep it together. Tom walked over to sit beside you. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder pulling you into his chest. You shoved your face into him and embraced the warmth of him. “Then quit, I want my bubbly girl back!” You lifted your teary face to look at him. “You know what, I’m gonna.” “Good, but before you do” Tom cupped your face and kissed you with such affection. 

He threw you passionately onto the bed. Lust filled the room. He stood at the foot of the bed and undressed as you watched with a luring smirk. When he was fully unclothed; his eyes traced your body as he still stood there. “I adore you, Y/N.” “Shut up and get over here!” you squealed with delight as he began grazing your body with his lips. He climbed on top of you still pecking your face and neck. You felt his member becoming harder against your thigh. You grew wetter and wetter. “Get inside me, Hardy goddamn it!” You both moaned in unison as he began thrusting in you - faster and faster until you both arrive at your limits. Tom moves to lay at your side, before either of you had time to speak you grabbed your phone and dialed your work number. “What are you doing?” Tom smiled at you. “Hello, is that Joe? Oh good, it’s Y/N and I quit because your company is shit. Thanks for everything; bye!!” you put the phone down and looked at Tom. You both burst out into laughter. “Fucking hell Y/N, you make me laugh.”


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There are literally so many characters in 11 Little Roosters but it just so happens that Michael and Gavins characters are paired up the entire time?!?! Like RT wants me DEAD!?!? Also Gavin calling Michael “Mikey” gives me LIFE!!!!

How Wren is still Charles, why he’s A.D. Who ‘Charlotte’ really is and how almost every plothole is fixed:

Before I start this theory, please read my “Jason Killed Charlotte” theory and feel free to check out my other thoughts, theories and feelings I’ve had about Pretty Little Liars by clicking here

I also updated my icon and header (mobile) for the end of the show we all love/hate.

*Disclaimer, 99% of this is my own theory, with a couple small details thrown in from other peoples posts that make sense to me.


Charles Drake is sent to Radley for giving his cousin Alison a bath in too hot water, almost burning her and drowning her. This was an accident but Kenneth DiLaurentis did not want his mentally insane sister in-law’s child living with his wife, himself and his two children. Charles is sent to Radley Sanitarium, where his Mother resides, or used to. (I can’t remember.) He slowly begins to grow up, missing who he believed was his Mother, Father and two siblings, Alison and Jason. He makes friends with some of the other children in the children’s ward.

Here he meets a young girl named Cecilia who was in Radley for brutally attacking and killing her twin sister with a knife over stealing her doll.

Cecilia became infatuated with Charles and fell ‘in love’ with him very quickly. He would tell her stories about his baby sister and younger brother. She would let him play with her dolls, even calling one of the blonde ones “Alison.” 

  Their (twin’s) parents were very hurt by their situation, their mother, maiden name Young, committed suicide and their father, Scott Montgomery quickly became suicidal himself, and started to lose his sanity. 

There was Charles and Cecilia, and then Bethany showed up. Bethany and Charles became friends very quickly and Cecilia begins to get jealous. In the night, when it’s dark she grabs a knife, needle, scalple, something,  when the nurses and doctors aren’t looking and hides it under her mattress. Then, when Bethany is sleeping her ‘friend’ and roommate Cecilia goes over to her bed and begins to cut and slice her face. This way, Charles can’t find her pretty, right? She makes sure to not get any blood on herself, wipes her prints from the blade and places the  makeshift blade into Bethany’s hand as she is screaming and crying, Cecilia also begins to scream and cry, running back to her own bed. She tells the doctors she was sound asleep and she hears Bethany screaming and she rolls over to see Bethany harming herself. Nobody knows who to believe and Bethany and Cecilia have now switched rooms. (Bethany is now with Rhonda or Lelsi at this point.) Bethany is growing up and is traumatized with her face severely scarred. She has no idea what she is supposed to look like as a growing tween/teen. 

But Charles still thinks she is beautiful and begins to spend more time with Bethany while she recovers, not taking sides against his two best friends. He still spends time with Cecilia but never the two at the same time, as they hate each other. Bethany hating Cecilia for what she did to her face, and Cecilia hating Bethany for ‘lying about her accident’ (stealing Charles from her) Charles and Bethany are in love and Cecilia has no idea. Until… (Wait for it.)

At the age of 16, Jessica comes back for Charles and helps him fake a suicide so he can get out. He gets a fake I.D., travels and leaves the Country. Going to the U.K., where his favorite Doctor and Father-Figure with rapidly approaching dementia was from. 

Charles keeps in touch with Cecilia and Bethany in his journey across sea. He is unrecognizable to everyone except Cecilia, who gets out and goes to UPen under the name Cece Drake. Cece is a nickname from Cecilia and Drake is from Charles’ mother’s maiden name. She needed something to go by to try and live a new life.

Bethany on the other hand, is not doing too well. Her ex-boyfriend’s (ended on good terms, she knows he needed to get out) Mother is dating her Father and this upsets her. Cece had told Jessica that she was Charles’ girlfriend, and Bethany seemed crazy. Jessica liked Cece and wanted to protect her from her true identity getting out. Jessica believed that Cece’s mental illness had been ‘cured’ and she began taking care of her, even setting her up with her son.

Now, Charles had been coming around Rosewood for awhile watching his sister and her friends interact. He wasn’t sure how he would get back into their lives just yet, but he was having a good time observing.

(Wren, just to the left of Ali’s head. I took this screenshot from a youtube video, but someone had another picture where it’s clearly Wren.)

But before he can get his family back together, it’s Labor Day. Cece finds out that Charles has kept in touch with Bethany and is seeing her again. She lures Bethany out from Radley to meet her as “Alison.” Tells her she’s her boyfriends sister and she wants to meet her, that she will be wearing a yellow top (and a purple bracelet?) and she’s sending her one just like it. She talks to a college friend and is seen by Jason.

Bethany finds Cece in the top and excitedly tries to introduce herself as Charles’ girlfriend. But Cece turns around and reveals herself and Bethany screams (Spencer hears this) when she recognizes her former roommate and attacker. Cece hits Bethany and leaves her to suffer. This is when Melissa sees Bethany whose scarred face is covered by her blonde hair and she rolls her into an open makeshift grave from the construction of the Gazebo and fills it in. Cece confesses to Charles what she’s done and Charles is pissed. Cece runs off and as he finds ‘her’ again, he makes eye contact with his ‘Mother’, signalling for her to look away as he bashes the rock into ‘Cece’s’ skull. But when she falls, Charles sees this is his little sister Alison. He is distraught and leaves as Jessica buries Alison in another open plot due to construction. 

Within the next year, Charles forgives himself for ‘killing’ Ali and decides to get revenge on Cece. But he can’t find her. So he begins dating the last person he knew she was with. Melissa Hastings. Who even lives right next to his parents. Bethany’s body as Alison is found and Charles attends his ‘sister’s’ funeral.

He immediately cheats on Melissa with her sister, Alison’s friend Spencer. This is to get closer to having a brother sister relationship with his dead sister, since he never had the chance. In the UK he had weaseled his way into a Doctor’s degree for whatever he needed to become a Doctor, but cheated his way through college. 

Years go by and he begins to give up on finding Cece, almost settles down with Melissa again in the UK. But Cece turns up. He has forgiven her for killing Bethany and has been working on his mental health. She tells him she’d done the same. But she wants his help playing a game. He agrees, but she’s obviously not healthy yet. He still works with her for a bit to finish up what she had been working on, convincing him that his sister Alison was still alive and that coincidentally she had been her friend, without knowing that was his sister. 

They don’t find her right away, or at least this is what Charles/Wren thinks. (He just misses her as Cece pulls her away after her dance with Spencer) He moves on and decides to try and fix his familial problems in a healthy way, but it’s too late. Cece has become obsessed with him all over again. She builds a life-sized ‘dollhouse’ and kidnaps the girl who had been torturing his sister and her friends. (Mona sent Ali A messages before she went missing)

She gives him Mona and Alison’s friends as a bunch of dolls (entirely because of her obsession with dolls) and even set up a room dedicated to him as Charles and not Wren, so that he can tell his story and get his life back. He begins to play along, even going as far as to try and meet up with Jason. 

But to Charles’ knowledge, Jason ‘calls the cops’ on him at the arcade. Charles runs, and gives up once again on the family that “never wanted him”.

He tells Cece to let everything go, and set the girls free. He doesn’t want anyone to know that he is Charles DiLaurentis anymore. He goes back to the UK. Again. But Cece still loves him, and demands that his story is told. So, she takes on the identity as Charles and had already killed the only person that could 100% identify that she is not Charles. (Jessica.) She killed her because she found out that she wasn’t Charles’ biological Mother and that Mary was.

It is only AFTER Jason’s failed meeting with Charles that it is revealed that maybe A is a female? 

This is also even better for Cece, who wants to punish Jason for ‘not giving Charles a chance to explain himself’ and pretends that since she and Jason dated, he dated his transgender brother. This makes Jason sick- BUT (Insert the whole plot of my “Jason killed Charlotte” theory here)

So ‘Charlotte’ calls Charles from Welby, and promises him that this time, she is really getting better and she asks for his forgiveness. Even proving that she has a boyfriend (still british, but this time its Rollins) and won’t become obsessed with Charles again. And she mentions that, Oh, she only hit Bethany with the rock, but his girlfriend, Melissa buried her alive and she is the one who truly killed her. Charles breaks up with Melissa for good this time, but they remain roommates because he is now A.D. and is blackmailing Melissa. Then Charlotte ends up dead (Hi, Jason.) and Charles feels responsible, since she was probably killed for ‘being Charles’. He becomes to learn things as A.D. Awful things. He only wanted to find out who killed Charlotte, but he finds out that he isn’t Charles DiLaurentis, but Charles Drake (Father unknown to him at this point.) And to make things worse, he finds out that he has a sister that was adopted by the Hastings. It was Spencer, but that didn’t matter at first because he understands that no matter who it was, he had been in an incestual (is that a word?) relationship with his sister. He begins to take things easy on Spencer, only making her go visit Toby for the letter from their Mother, Mary. 

(Puzzle piece next to picture of Charles in the soul room)

And he’s still A.D. and hates Hanna for rejecting him that one time, invites his ex-girlfriend’s cousin Aria to join the A-team and is torturing his cousin Alison and Emily because Cece had told him that Alison had ‘known’ about Charles and didn’t give a shit about him, and that she only wanted to be close to Cece.

But wait! If Charles and Lucas so obviously came up with the A game….how did it get to Mona, who really started things?

Alison bullied both of them. Lucas showed it to Mona before she got popular and ditched him for Hanna. 

Charles is finishing the game and ending things once and for all. 

Melissa was Black Widow, Cece Redcoat, and Wren/Charles as the man in the black hoodie. 



EDIT #1: 
prettylittlequeenie pointed out to me that Mona has already confessed to being the one who hit Bethany. I believe (Since my theory involves Red Coat being Cece;) Charlotte enjoyed Mona’s work and when she went to visit her in Radley, as red coat and not a patient, she either convinced Mona to work with her to continue to bring down the liars or blackmailed her into it. This is proved multiple times (and doesn’t contradict what I was saying earlier about why Cece kidnapped Mona. She was playing Mona and still took her (it was all staged) and gave her to Charles as a ‘peace offering’)

Mona knew it was Cece in the Red Coat and even though she says “I didn’t know it was Cece, I was so drugged up blah blah blah.” It only makes sense that she was still working with her when…

She was drawing and storing all of her blood to splash around the house when Cece “kidnapped her”. It also explains why Mona did not go with the liars to Radley when she wanted “To hear how the story ends.” The truth is is that she knew Sara and Cece were going to blow up the whole building or wing with themselves and the girls inside of it. Mona didn’t go to avoid her own death.

Mona said she hit Bethany to help Charlotte finish the game (Even the liars notice the shows plotholes, lol), and knew that the only ones able to confirm she said that would be dead.

I hope that’s cleared up now, and thanks for pointing that out. I was going to put that in there but I completely forgot.

(End of EDIT #1)
Taylor Swift's new Brit boyfriend Joe Alwyn to move to US to be closer to her
TAYLOR Swift’s new British boyfriend Joe Alwyn is moving to the US to be with the music superstar, The Sun can reveal. The actor, who is one of Hollywood’s rising stars, is keen to spend more time …


EXCLUSIVE By Dan Wootton, Bizarre Editor22nd May 2017, 9:55 pm Updated: 22nd May 2017, 9:56 pm

TAYLOR Swift’s new British boyfriend Joe Alwyn is moving to the US to be with the music superstar, The Sun can reveal.

The actor, who is one of Hollywood’s rising stars, is keen to spend more time with Taylor, 27, in her homeland as their shock relationship turns even more serious.

Joe, 26, also hopes an increased presence in the US will help him land future film roles.

A source said: “Joe really wants to be near Taylor and moving to the US will mean they can spend much more time together.

“He’s a real family man and is close to his parents, so he will still be a regular visitor to their London home.

“That means Taylor will still be able to continue her love affair with London where she can walk around unnoticed and live a relatively normal life.”

The Sun revealed last week global superstar Taylor was secretly dating the British star.

She had been making frequent visits to a rented North London property over the past few months to see the young actor.

France sitting out on the balcony sipping on some wine thinking of his British boyfriend and his cute scowl. About how handsome and plain adorable he looks when he smiles instead.

France waiting outside the building where they’re having a meeting, holding a little box of pastries he baked for England. The other always makes a face at them but ends up eating them all and thanking him for them.

France laying awake at night wondering why England isn’t there with him instead of across the channel. Then again why is he there instead of across the channel with the other nation.

France smiling against surprisingly soft lips every time they kiss.

France getting a whole weekend off work so he can take the younger nation on an intimate, romantic getaway. It’s always somewhere in their own countries, and sometimes they camp out.

France staring at the other’s face across from the table and wanting to kiss every little freckle on his face. And many other things as well.

Francis walking side by side with England, holding his hand warmly in his and thinking back on the days they were so small, so young, and carefree. They’re not so small, so young, or so carefree anymore, but it doesn’t matter because they’re together.

France sitting on his desk at home trying to come up with poetry about England’s deep, dark green eyes but failing because it’s not his forte. Later France handing England the poetry in a nice, perfumed envelope and having him laugh at his face from how horrible it is before getting a loving kiss in return.

France always planning these trips to go visit their ex colonies, and always together regardless of who they’re visiting. They’re practically all family now, so it doesn’t matter.

France anticipating seeing the other every single time, whether they fought or not. Whether they woke up in a bad mood or not. Whether things aren’t going as good as they’d want or not because he loves the other so much none of that matters as much as him still being there, still very much in love.


I would like to hold your hand and walk around down town. When we go to eat I would like to feed you sometimes. I want to hug you from behind often, kiss your forehead and stare into your eyes.
—  Donghyun