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Renowned author Suketu Mehta creates a portrait of a fictional character, The Challenger: a masculine archetype of physical strength, animal instinct, and spiritual redemption, inspired by Nan Goldin’s photographs of legendary boxer and British World Champion Amir Khan

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“Big? Who? Me?” We’re sure those are the questions Zeus would ask if he could talk, because he’d be surprised to learn he’s 110 pounds! Not much gets under Zeus’ skin, and he’s pretty content when he’s around people. He loves to receive affection, petting, scratches and having the attention of those around him. He’d do well in an active home because exercise would do this boy some good!”


Amir Khan is a British professional boxer. He is a former unified light-welterweight world champion, having held the WBA title from 2009 to 2012, and the IBF title in 2011

The Boxer. - Joe Sugg Imagine.

Please watch this before reading: __________________

Currently your hand was clasped around your eight year old nephews hand as you both walked down the pathway to Wembley Stadium, ready to watch the ‘biggest boxing match of all time’ according to your nephew Andrew who was dressed since the crack of dawn with excitement, ready for you to pick him up since early this morning for this Friday night treat.

You’re a journalist for ‘The British Times’ and your boss gave you two tickets and backstage passes to the biggest boxing match of the year, so you could not only watch and write up about the match, but so you could also interview the British boxer himself. Joe Sugg. Weighing in at 135 pounds, Joe Sugg is the best and most famous boxer in England and thanks to your sisters little boy Andrew, you didn’t need to research much since Andrew was such a big fan, he gave you all the gossip and details about Joe just about every time you visited your sister. You were pretty much living and breathing this Joe Sugg, but to be honest, this Sugg boy was quite fit so you didn’t mind one bit. Andrew really admires Joe and basically his little eight year old world revolves around him. He has posters, sticker books and little fact books about Joe, even little toy figurines of Joe. Basically his dream was to meet and be this Joe Sugg. So, when your boss handed you two tickets and backstage passes to the match, you knew you had to take your nephew Andrew, but you weren’t complaining one bit, because Andrew was your sidekick and you knew that you’d be making his dreams come true Nd since you where the young age of twenty one, Andrew really clicked with you.

“Thank you so much again Aunty Y/N! This is going to be the best night ever!” Andrew smiled happily up at you, holding onto your hand tightly as you walked towards Wembley Stadium, during the evenings sunset. “Everyone in class today was so jealous when I told them that you were taking me to the match! They all said that they wished they had a cool Aunty like you!” Andrew exclaimed, swinging your hand back and forward with his as he smiled widely up at you and jumped with excitement, whilst your heart swelled up with pure happiness at his words, since you were both so close. You had yet to tell Andrew that you were both going to be meeting and interviewing Joe so you thought that you’d leave it as a surprise and listened to Andrew speak. “Wait until you see Joe fight Aunty Y/N! He’s got some really cool punches and he’s got really cool hair! Mum did my hair like Joe’s especially for tonight!” Andrew beamed, pointing to his hair making you smile with happiness as you kept him close to your side whilst you both entered Wembley stadium, listening to the chat of the crowds and the cheers from the drunken men. “It does look like Joe’s! It looks super cool! I bet it attracts all the girls in your class..” You smiled nudging his little hand as he smiled proudly and nodded his head making you bubble up with laugher as you both passed the ticket stand and entered into the crowded and buzzing stadium, seeing people drinking and eating, as loud music played.

You peeked down to Andrew to see his eyes dancing with excitement as he looked around the large stadium full of people who were here to support his idol Joe, but also some people here to support his opponent, Gennady Golovkin. Andrews eyes were glazing over all of the stalls that you could buy Joe’s merchandise from and you could tell he already had his eyes on at least six or seven things that he didn’t just want, but he needed and tonight you were treating your nephew, so you were going to be buying him all of the food and merchandise that he wanted, of course just once you got the interview finished with. Right now you were looking for security and once you found a tall, broad man dressed in black, with an ear piece in his ear, you revealed both of your VIP passes and smiled at the man as he gave you a nod and lead you both backstage.

“Aunty Y/N..Where are we going?” Andrew asked you, looking up at you with his big blue eyes he was gifted with from his mother and held your hand tighter, following your lead behind the security who brought you both to Joe Suggs dressing room. “Well..Aunty Y/N has to talk to to someone very important..” You answered him, not wanting to give too much away as you ruffled his dirty blonde hair and entered the room after the large man in front of you. You gently squeezed your nephews hand hearing a gasp escape his lips as his grip on your hand tightened even more.

Right in front of you was the one and only Joe Sugg. He was sat on a chair that was in front of a small round table, drinking from a cool water bottle and listening to his manager speak to him before his eyes lifted up and met yours. His eyes were as blue as the sky and his skin was golden brown, probably from the warm summer you’ve fortunately had this year in London. A slight smirk was tugging at his lips as his eyes scanned your body from head to toe before meeting back with your eyes. The security left and shut the door as his manager smiled and welcomed you both in.

“Ah, Ms. Last/Name, I’m so glad you got here safely! We’ve been looking forward to meeting you. My name is-” Joe’s manger spoke to you and extended his hand for yours before he was interrupted by your nephew. “Your Rod!” Andrew gasped before covering his mouth and shuffled behind your leg shyly, as your hand shook with Rods who let out a chuckle. “That’s exactly who I am!” He smiled before waving down to Andrew who peeked from behind your leg which was being clung onto.

“And this is..” Rod spoke before he was interrupted again, but not by your little buddy Andrew, but instead by a tall, and very fit young boy. “Joe. Joe Sugg..” Joe answered for Rod, smiling sweetly at you and taking hold of your hand, pressing a soft, delicate kiss to the back of it, making your cheeks colour pink. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Sugg..My name is Y/N L/N.” You smiled at Joe who was gazing into your eye/colour eyes warmly and shook his hand. “Trust me darlin’, the pleasure is all mine..Please do call me Joe..” Joe spoke huskily, placing yet another gentle kiss onto the back of your hand before he crouched down on his knees and grinned at Andrew who was gripping onto your leg.

“And who on earth is this handsome little man, eh?” Joe smiled as you gently and encouragingly pushed Andrew very slowly out from behind your legs as he gasped looking at Joe before turning up to you. “Aunty Y/N..Am I dreaming?” He asked quietly, looking back to Joe who was now chuckling as you laughed softly and kneeled down beside him and gently brushed his hair. “You’re not dreaming buddy, I’m real..” Joe smiled at Andrew who’s lips twitched upwards into a large, bright smile as he instantly jumped into Joes strong arms that wrapped around his small body. You smiled at the sight and took out your notebook and pen, setting it onto the small table along with the set of questions you were going to be asking him.

You turned back to see Andrew pointing to his hair as he rambled to Joe about how his mum did his hair just the way Joe has his hair and how one day he hopes to be just like Joe and to fight against big scary guys the way Joe does. You watched Joe interact with your little nephew, even letting him punch Joe’s arm which made you laugh. “You’re a cool little guy..One day, you’ll be out in the ring and you’ll be fighting all these big scary guys..” Joe smiled hugging Andrew against him tightly before yourself and Rod took some pictures of Joe with Andrew, ranging from funny, to serious, to cute and even to a picture of them both making it look like they were fighting.

“How about whilst Aunty Y/N interviews me, Rod takes you to go look at all of the candy and the cool merchandise?” Joe suggested as he signed Andrews V.I.P pass and placed it around his neck making Andrew smile widely and nod excitedly. “Thank you so much Joe..You’re the best!” Andrew beamed, hugging Joe one last time before Rod smiled at you both and whisked Andrew away, leaving it just to yourself and Joe.

“He’s a real cute kid you’ve got there..” Joe chuckled, gesturing that you take a seat at the table as he held back a chair for you, which you took shyly but thankfully. “My sister is very lucky..He’s my little buddy..” You agreed with Joe’s words and smiled softly at Joe who poured out two glasses of water and set them down on the table. “Thank you for taking time out to speak with him..He’s going to remember this night for the rest of his life..and thank you for the water..” You smiled at Joe who shook his head, taking a seat in front of you. “He’s adorable..There’s nothing to thank me for love..” He answered, running a hand through his hair before setting the red snapback onto his head that he’s been sporting all night and smirked at you. “So gorgeous, what will we be doing this evening?” Joe asked you and flashed you a cute smile as he folded his arms on the table. You bit the inside of your cheek feeling your face flush red at his words, and began to think about how cheeky but very sweet Joe was and smiled back at him. “Well, if you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you a few questions..” You spoke, taking out your notepad and pen, crossing your legs as you got comfortable. “Ask away my love..” Joe winked, taking a sip from his water before eyeing your notepad.

“So, Mr. Sugg, tonight is a very big night. We’re here in Wembley stadium and anticipating this big match that your about to fight in. How are you feeling?” You asked, clicking down on your blue ball pointed pen and awaited Joe’s answer so you could write it down. “Please do call me Joe darlin’..” He winked at you, drumming his finger tips against the wooden table before clearing his throat. “I’m feeling very confident and very excited for tonight. I’ve been training hard for the last couple of months and I’m ready to get into the ring..” Joe nodded, sipping on his water as he watched you write down his answer. You continued on with the interview, asking him questions about his training for the match, his diet, family life and how he was overall feeling for tonight and now you’ve finally made it to the end of the interview with your last question.

“Out of the thirty matches that you’ve competed in, you’ve only lost one and drawn twice. Are you confident that your going to win tonight?” You spoke, licking your lips as you felt Joe’s eyes burn against your skin as you awaited his answer. “I’m very confident that I’m going to win. I’m so confident that I’d like to make a bet with you..” Joe trailed off, his eyes staring into yours, your head tilting questioningly as you gazed into his eyes curiously. “And what bet would that be?” You asked, placing your pen down as you furrowed your eyebrows together, wondering what sort of bet Joe wanted to make with you, knowing this seemed to just pop out of the blue.

“If I win tonight, I get to take you out for dinner tonight…” Joe proposed, a cocky smirk resting on his lips as his tongue darted out to dampen them, whilst your eyes widened at his words, finding yourself speechless. You bit your lip and closed your notebook, setting into your soft brown satchel bag and turned back to Joe. “And if you lose?” You asked challenging, standing from your seat as Joe arose from his and allowed his eyes to scan you from head to toe making your heart beat quickly, as he took off his snapback and rested it on top of your head, before whispering deeply. “Well you can create a little forfeit babe, but I won’t be losing tonight..and you can be sure of that..” He whispered in your ear, kissing the back of your hand delicately as the door swung open with a tall man. “Ah, Brendan! Please take the beautiful Ms. L/N to her seat and make sure that she sees me after the match?” Joe queried the tall man who nodded. “See you in a bit babe..Don’t eat too much popcorn..It will spoil our dinner..” Joe winked at you as Brendan began to lead you out of the dressing room and out into the stadium to your seat where you saw Andrew dressed in all of Joe’s merchandise, a bag full of posters and t-shirts, everything that was on the stand as a box of popcorn, a bag of sweets, and a large drink sat beside him as he smiled giddily at you.

“This is going to be awesome Aunty Y/N! Rod got me all of these really cool t-shirts and even a hat!” You were gawking at all of the things surrounding Andrew and thinking about what you were going to say to Joe and Rod to thank them both and how all of it is way too much and how you need to pay them back. As you sat in your seat you could only hear the loud chants from the crowds and the pumping music before the lights dimmed down making the crowd roar with cheers as an electrifying atmosphere soared through the stadium.

A small man, sporting a black and white suit with black framed glasses entered the ring, his hand raised in the air as he took hold of the dangling microphone and began to speak loudly. “Ladies and Gentleman, tonight I welcome you to Wembley Stadium, to witness the biggest match of all time! We’ve got two gentleman, that have been training day and night, sweating blood and tears and are ready to battle it out tonight! Wembley, are you ready to meet tonight’s boxers?” The announcer spoke, creating the crowds to cheer loudly and wave the British flag in the air as the clapped and screamed in anticipation.

“Coming in through the right wing, weighing in at one hundred and twenty seven pounds we have Gennady Golovkin!” The announcer spoke loudly as Gennady Golovkin entered through the right wing, wearing a yellow silk robe and bright yellow boxing gloves to match. Gennady Golovkin entered the ring and threw his fists in the air making the crowd scream with a mixture of boos and cheers as he threw a few punches in the air before returning to his corner of the ring where his manager began to rub his shoulders and speak words of motivation and advice in his ear.

“And entering through the left wing, weighing in at one hundred and thirty five pounds we have England’s very own Joe Sugg!” The announcer cheered as the crowd went wild and began to cheer for Joe who walked through the left wing, a blue silk robe wrapped around his body and blue boxing gloves to match, energising music blasting through the speakers as Joe entered the ring and lifted his fists in the air making the crowd go nuts as he threw a few signature punches. Joe returned to his corner and took a gulp from his water bottle, as his rob was taken off of him by Rod who began to talk loudly in his ear so he could be heard over the loud music and cheers from people.

The two fighters met in the middle of the ring, and touched gloves as the announcer began to list the rules into the microphone, Joe’s eyes scanning the crowd before they landed on yours, sending you a wink. “No hits below the belt..Good luck boys.” The announcer spoke clearly just as the bell dinged and the match commenced.


Hello lovelies! This is an imagine that I’ve been working on for a while now and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it! There will be a part two if you’d like! Also the opponent Gennady is a real boxer, I don’t know if I have his correct weight I just looked up 'Boxers of 2015’. Don’t be afraid to drop a message because I do love reading your feedback! All my love xxx

tryinad  asked:

I am writing a story which has a fictional country located between Okinawa and China. Would it historically make sense for such a country to have a monarch with European blood (by way of political marriage) in the 20th century, and for this country to have its own language and retain it?

Short Answer: No. 

Medium Answer: Please don’t ask me to validate your placing more white people in power within fictional 20th century Asia. 

Long Answer: While historically, the 20th century did see European and American Imperialism, their rules usually came at the expense of the monarchies locally. By 1912, the Qing Dynasty had collapsed (post-Boxer Rebellion), and Sun Yat Sen became the political leader of China. While China was an ally in WWI, starting in 1917, by 1919, China’s Communist Party had formed and was gaining power. The ROC and Chang Kai Shek fled China by the 40’s, and (meanwhile) Japan gained an increasingly nationalistic sentiment that would lead them into WWII and to capture Manchuria by 1931. By 1939, Japan controlled much of China’s eastern coastlines. Korea was ruled by Japan by roughly around 1905-1910, and as for Japanese views and attitudes in the early-mid 20th century regarding foreigners in general the buzzwords you need to look up are:

  • Japanese Showa imperialism
  • Japanese ultranationalism & Japanese Nationalism
  • Amau Doctrine
  • Kōdōha
  • Fukoku Kyohei 
  • Racial Equality Proposal of 1919’s failure
  • End of the Anglo-Japanese alliance 1923
  • Imperial Rule Assistance Association

The islands that exist between Okinawa and China (aside from Taiwan), are known as the Diaoyutai/Senkaku islands, and has been contested by Japan, China PROC and China ROC, respectively. These Islands were under de jure US control from 1945-1972. 

But for European Leadership in the 20th century marrying into a royal family — by 1900, the people of China had an entire rebellion centered around the forceful removal of Christians and European Imperialist powers using the slogan “Support the Qing, exterminate the foreigners." 

I am fairly certain that any country in the 20th century would not have wanted a European marital bond, given that most of China and Japan were intent on removing unwanted foreign political influences in the first half of the century, and the second half would not have likely had any political marriages when military force was becoming the de facto method and means of viable political control — a marriage alliance means little when you have the threat of the atomic bomb, for example (thus, the Cold War). Similarly, many Europeans abandoned their Asian colonial islands during WWII — see: The Abandonment of Singapore, by the British.  

Between the Boxer Rebellion and….well, all of World War Two, the idea is nonsensical at best. Though if a country would retain their language despite foreign rulers, the answer is, as always — yes, and generally speaking such foreign rulers are doomed to fail if they do not learn the language of their own people. (See also: Yuan Dynasty China, the Goryeo Vassal state and Royal Court, the Mongol Hordes, the Qing Dynasty, etc for those who adopted the common language of their people and rulers.) 

If you chose another century, the answer would relatively be the same, in that a European power would be unlikely to marry into a Chinese or Japanese royal family and retain any power — but the reverse could be true. (There are many recorded offerings of secondary princesses or concubines being offered as wives to European powers, including the Pope. — in many instances, particularly in Yuan Dynasty China, marriages were meant to maintain political and military power through women. Mongolian princesses in particular were seen as more important than their husbands in conquered territories and kingdoms, and frequently their husbands were treated as expendable.) 

So not really, no. 

Nicola Adams (b. 1982) is a British boxer who, at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, became the first woman to win an Olympic boxing title. She is currently the flyweight champion for the Olympic, Commonwealth, and European games.

She became the first female boxer to represent England in 2001, and in 2007, the first English female to win a medal in a major tournament. She is also the first openly LGBT winner of a boxing Olympic gold medal.