british book design


15.08.16 I spent Friday at an exhibition at the British Library today all about how Shakespeare plays have evolved through their adaptations! It was so interesting - a student ticket is £5 and it’s free if you’re under 18 so if anyone is able to go I would really recommend it. I saw a manuscript written by Shakespeare himself, and learnt a lot about interpretations and how much an excellent one can change that plays future reception. The main thing I learnt was that all adaptations of Shakespeare are, in one, all of the previous versions that came before, and of its initial inspirations (and in some cases, the story it is plagiarised from!)
Later we went and walked from the British Library through regents park and back to Victoria station, and i caught 5 pokemon and stroked three dogs (kept this as a draft for too long omg) xxx emily

British Fairy and Folk Tales,
Edited by W. J. Glover,
Author of “Tales from the Earthly Paradise” and “Tales from the Poets”.
Illustrated by Charles Folkard.
A. & C. Black LDT.
4, 5, and 6, Soho Square, London.

“Here she was sleeping, in form not a day older than when she was lost.”


2.12.15 I made a tiny cardboard house today! Also took lots of notes on ecological architecture and constructivism. the library at my college is so colourful and full of art books - I’ve borrowed twelve just this week! I have to stagger my borrowing though because they’re way too heavy to take home on the tube all at once.