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This is one of our funniest videos ever GO WATCH IT!

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Just watched the Serena documentary on Serena Williams.

I have zero interest in tennis, and all I know of Serena is she’s the greatest tennis player and gets a lot of shit form the media.

But MY GOD my respect and admiration for her is eternal after watching this. Her humour, her love for her family, her love for herself, the shit she goes through from crowds and media, watching her play with the flu AND WIN, she just is the most astounding human being. Not an ounce of malice in her, even defending the British crowd who booed her (cos she was playing an English competitor). 

Her body confidence is glorious, and I hope a lot of young girls watch this and accept their big butts or muscles or tummy or whatever. 

She is fucking amazing. What a woman.

Also, my god the whole Williams family is so damn gorgeous.