brithish boy

Twitter: he is your ex boyfriend and comments on your tweet


@y/t/n @Caspar_lee got mad that i took his phone without asking lol x

@Louis_tomlinson @y/t/n i never got mad when you took my phone, he is probably cheating.


@y/t/n @Finnharries love this guy to the moon and back x

@niallofficial y/t/n this breaks my heart, please take me back.


@y/t/n boat trip with @jacksgap, hope we get any fishes today x

@Real_liam_payne @y/t/n be careful babe, make sure you dont slip or fall.


@y/t/n @Marcusbutlertv makes me so happy, love you x

@Zaynmalik @y/t/n im happy for you.  


@y/t/n bike riding with my favourtie brithish boy @finnharries x

@Harry_styles @y/t/n miss our bike rides, but i miss you more.