Happy Birthday Iwa-chan~ 10.06


Happy Birthday, Luhan!

Woah, where to begin? Best to keep this short, right? Short and sweet. Just like you- well, not the short bit. I mean, 178cm… That ain’t short!! (i think) /cough/ Anyways! You ARE sweet, AND handsome, cute I mean manly, dorky, smart, amazing, fabulous, kind, caring as heck and you’re just all round what makes me happy. I still remember when EXO first debuted… you caught my eye. The mind-bogglingly handsome Chinese member who had a voice that could calm the roughest of tides. To this day, you still put a smile on my face and make my heart race with the tiniest of gestures. Though we have never met, I hope that one day I can witness in reality, the perfection that is you.

Please, stay safe, healthy and happy. Always. I will always be by your side, cheering you on every step of the journey. You deserve the absolute best, and I’m sure with EXO by your side, and the love and support of all us fans, that will not be forgotten. I love you, so so much. ♥