I had only been at university a few weeks. Coming there was the first time that I had ever really live close enough to consider going to gym. Before that it had always been too much trouble, especially for someone like me who was more focused on studies, and actually getting into university. So one day, I thought, having not done any real exercise for sometime, that I would do some cardio, half an hour or so on the running machines. As I walked into the gym I noticed in the corner of the weights section a man (or rather Man). He was working His muscles against the weight of equipment that I could not even have considered lifting. I was captivated. I walked over to him, not even thinking about how weird I must have looked. I was probably dribbling with thirst as well. He didn’t even look towards me, He just grunted ‘Kneel’. I did exactly as He said. I knelt there in silence, not taking my eyes off him, until he had finished working out, at which point He said ‘Follow me fag’, again without once glancing at me. I followed Him into the locker room, where He suddenly turned, grabbed my hair and threw me to the ground. ‘Begin’ He spoke, yet again not looking down to my level. I went to unbutton his trousers, presuming He had meant to begin sucking His God-cock. He hit me, and finally looked down at me, ‘Ha stupid fag! You think that I’d let you near my cock!’ He spits in my face. ‘I meant my feet, fag. Clean them. They are sweaty and I want to change my socks.’ So, I found myself kneeling down, licking clean the feet of a Man who I had never spoken a word to, not noticing that the locker room was full of muscles guys laughing at the way I worshipped my new God. I forgot about university. I no longer cared about anything else. 

A dream I have had of @melbournealpha. One I wish were reality.