brite strike


Some ideas for EDC or survival  E&E / SERE type tools .

From locking and non locking cutting tools depending on your carry laws through to Custom and production key chain and emergency use tools  .

Personal flashlights, strobe beacons and signaling options through to fire-steel’s and fire starters, tinder and strikers there’s just something about gadgets that I love .


This is my version of an APALS Brite Strike holder .

 I made up the original prototype of this about 8 months ago and have had it mounted on the chest strap of my Kifaru E&E pack since . This one will soon be on its way for testing and will then evaluate as to its worth doing a production run in different colors.

 Constructed of Mil -spec issued elastic it will fit onto a Malice clip for MOLLE use on packs or vest’s or slide onto any 1 inch webbing and  this new version was made up for me by Nick at Highland Hardwear .

Designed for easy replacement of different colored APALS and to reduce the possibility of sun glint on the shiny metal face of the APALS it can also be fitted onto small neck knife sheaths for personal marking or onto standard para-cord type survival bracelets  for emergency beacon use .

Custom knives ,sheaths and gear from


So Our Summer Field time is now at an end which is very sad but role on the short dark days of Winter so I can buy new flashlights and test out warm Winter jackets and boots .

Our Soulpad 5 meter bell tent did most excellent for another season the little wood burner inside making all the difference for cooking and keeping us and our friends dry on those few rainy evenings .

Our Mate Dave had his  handmade Teepee up for a few months and grew some impressive  grape Vines , Our Man ‘Blues Tim 'made himself 2 geodesic domes and some repairs were done to the communal Hut We had built some years before .

 only daily chores were sorting firewood out with the trusty  bacho cross cut , Gransfors splitting Maul and small forest axe then sit back and watch the glorious sunsets .

 After dark before the nightly music around the camp fire theres just time to test a few bits of kit , like Markers from law industries and APALS from britestrike .


Kifaru E&E.

My Kif E&E recently passed its 4th year of service and its still going strong.

The only issue I’ve ever had with it has been a little degrading of the velcro patch panels which will be easy to replace and they get a lot of use testing out new versions of my personal markers .

Seen here with added Kifaru Skinny mini long pockets and a Kif organizer, pimped GITD Grimlocks, and Custom CB zip pulls from Andrew at valleydeepmountainhigh.

On the reverse side are aftermarket Max P shoulder pads that velcro over the original E&E straps with a Custom Kydex Molle holder for a cf Go tube  and a Recta strap compass.

On the sternum strap are a Brite strike APALS in one off my holders and a Cyflect Mk3 personal marker mounted onto a web dominator.