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leg-grestrade  asked:

In one of the posts that talk about Finn not being on merchandize, someone states as fact that it's because John Boyega's "attitude" has annoyed Lucasfilm and this is their retaliation. This is not the first time I'm hearing claims that John is somehow some braggadocious jerk who is supposedly too big for his britches. Even before I was fully in this fandom I heard the untrue rumors that he harrassed Daisy Ridley to the point that she insisted on doing no more press for him in TFA (1/3)

There was that rumor that he was asking too much money for subsequent movies and was going to be fired, and then a white man podcaster making up rumors that John’s attitude was going to get him fired and that Finn could be killed off. Now there is someone in the notes of that post saying that the merchandise situation is, and I’m quoting, “Very much sure it’s because the actual actor makes producers n shit think he’s an asshole; he was a show off to people when he got his role as Finn…” (2/3)

To what extent is this unfair and untrue reputation John Boyega apparently has gotten responsible for what is going on? I would have thought nothing of it, but there was his dancing which literally made national headlines and now someone professing to be a Finn fan saying in effect “Well, John Boyega is an asshole and he acts like an asshole so no one wants him on shirts.” I’m astonished and angered at this pervasive attitude that John being confident in his ability somehow brands him a jerk.

I honestly think that belief has nothing to do with anyone involved with the film or the marketing. If anything co-stars and bosses express total adoration for him. I mean, I know you don’t talk shit about the ppl you’re working with, but they don’t have to be that enthusiastic. I guess Rian not gushing about John as much feels like he hates him, but … nah. I doubt it. And i REALLY doubt that Finn not being marketed as heavily atm is because the producers don’t like him. 

LF is trying to satisfy antiblack markets with some of the marketing, that’s just the truth. It’s ridiculous to blame John. 

Like, Forces of Destiny is featuring Finn in at least one episode in October, voiced by John himself. Around the same time Finn on FOS season 2 info released, that Rey and Kylo FOD doll set was leaked. Hardly anyone is talking about Finn’s role on FOD, they’re talking about this doll set. Kylo is not even going to be in the next season of FOD, and while John has been confirmed to appear in the series from pretty much the start, Kylo’s possible appearance in 2018 (possibly voiced by a different actor as far as we know) is the hype. 

That whole thing is shady. It isn’t John, it’s some studio fear that a Rey and Finn set won’t play in Poughkeepsie.   

It always baffles me what people claim as “historically accurate” for ye olde fantasy fiction while completely ignoring all the cool shit that actually did exist and negates their misconception that everyone was Gross™ and unkempt because Reasons.

Like all y'all realize we’ve had soap for a while, right, and perfumed oils?

I mean fuck me, we have evidence of the Egyptians as far back as Cleopatra (and likely before) styling their nails (rich and poor!) bright vibrant RED hues using tinted oils and henna.

We’ve got evidence of unisex nail tints and adornments from the Ming Dynasty including but not limited to kohl, vegetable dyes and literal actual gold dust gelled together with egg whites and bees wax. Not to mention actual mother fucking tooth brushes dating from the late 1400s and the well known “chew brushes” from before then.

But sure. Rough mannered white dude takes a piss behind a tree and makes a comment about wining and whoring as he does up his ‘britches’, and all your women just expect to be brutalized 24/7 while lamenting the stench because nobody bathes.

Yep, sure sounds like mediocre white dude fantasy to me.

just southern™ things

-the accent

-all’a’y’all, y’all’d’ve, combining those two somehow, and good luck trying to sound normal if the word has an I in it

-LAWD have MERcY 

-when you have non-southern friends who hear your accent for the first time and them telling you it’s cute

-everyone freaks out about looking nice for church

-that one part of your family that nobody likes bc they refuse to acknowledge ain’t is a word

-going up North and having your soul sucked out of you through the straw bc of the tea

-”Can I get a sweet tea?” “Oh do you mean iced tea (:”

-”get the groceries out of the buggy”

-when someone mentions how out it is outside and everyone is like “it’s one of them y a n k e e s”

-kids driving tractors on the roads

-”I have a job over the summer.” “Oh, cool! Where do you work?” “The tobacco fields.”

-When you live in a small town and the only restaurant around is fucking Bojangles

-When your blood pressure is low and you’re given sweet tea until you can get to food

-if you think there is enough sugar in the tea, you’re wrong. put more

-Potatoes are taters 

-”pull up yeR BRITCHES

-the teenage boys in highschool are always bragging about their coon hounds

-if you ain’t got moonshine are you even southern???

-Before he Cheats by Carrie Underwood

-When it snows all school is out for y e a r s

-don’t backtalk ya mama, ever

-^^southern wrath

-”I’ll pray for you!!!!!!”

-hurricane/tornado season

-if you don’t refer to elders as sir/ma’am be prepared for a speech

-everyone goes further south over the summer, think you can’t go anymore? wrong. keep going

-myrtle beach

-farms literally everywhere

-sitting outside with your family/friends in the evening listening to the crickets/bullfrogs/animals and smelling the honeysuckles as a soft breeze cools everything down

-^ while drinking tea

-homemade meals

feel free to add on

Supernatural Season 13 Spoiler Sheet!

Welcome the the Spoiler Sheet for season 13 - a constantly updated post collecting every Supernatural spoiler I can find. DISCLAIMER: Everything here is gathered from public sources. I do not have unauthorized access to SPN production or writers, and nothing on here is obtained through nefarious means. I’m just obsessive and like to be organized. I do this as a fan.

Things to know:

  • Last updated: September 21
  • Rumors/unconfirmed spoilers/guesses are in italics.
  • Guesses: Writers, directors and appearances for Castiel/Misha are based on patterns from previous years.
  • Filming dates are based on Supernatural’s eight day filming schedule and the schedule for previous years. The same goes for airdates.
  • My general tag for all season thirteen spoilers is “s13 spoilers.”
  • If you happen across a spoiler that’s not on here, please feel free to tag me, airplane me or send me an ask! I update the sheet with new spoilers as I find them.
  • reblog every Monday (and sometimes on Fridays) highlighting new info. New spoilers are also highlighted in the “latest spoiler section.”
  • There will be 23 Episodes in the season. As of now the sheet goes up to episode 13.
  • I note which cons and events happen during the filming of episodes to help match up con spoilers to episodes.
  • Spoilers for aired episodes will be relocated to the bottom after and episode airs at the bottom, for reference. Here’s the full sheet from season 12.

Latest spoilers: summary for 13x01, photos for 13x01, extended promo, additional cast for 13x02, promo for 13x01 and 13x02, new michalel!, 

General stuff (newest to oldest, once info is matched to an episode it’s moved there)  

  • Certain characters will return, but not necessarily in the same bodies. 
  • Jack will ‘get away’ from the boys for a bit but will end up in the Bunker with them. He doesn’t have a lot of control of his power.
  • Misha has read scripts that have Cas elements that will be challenging.
  • Episode 16 will be an animated Scooby Doo crossover episode. Jared, Jensen and Misha recorded their dialogue in early 2017. (x) It will be written by Jeremy Adams and Jim Krieg. The episode will have some live action with an entire, fully animated Scooby Doo episode in the middle. 
  • Misha Collins will be returning for season 13, as a series regular.
  • Other returning cast: Mark Pellegrino, Samantha Smith, Alexander Calvert (Jack).
  • Mark Sheppard will not be returning. (x
  • Richard Speight Jr. will be directing two episodes this season. 
  • Jensen will not be directing this year.
  • Writing staff: Andrew Dabb is showrunner with Robert Singer. Writers: Eugenie Ross Leming and Brad Buckner, Robert Berens, Meredith Glynn, Steve Yockey, Davy Perez and  John Bring (writers’ assistant).
  • Filming started on July 12 and will go until April 19. The filming schedule is slightly shorter this season because only three days will be used to shoot live elements for the animated episode (16).
  • The writers returned for work on season 13 on May 15.
  • Season 13 was announced January 8, 2017.

Episode specific spoilers:

Episode 13x01

Title: Lost and Found

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS:  THEY’RE BAAACKK… — Season 13 begins exactly where we left off, with Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) left to pick up the pieces after the loss of their mother, the demise of Crowley (Mark Sheppard) and the heartbreaking death of Castiel (Misha Collins). The birth of Jack (Alexander Calvert) leaves the Winchester brothers with differing opinions on how to deal with a Nephilim. After being dragged into the breach, Mary (Samantha Smith) must learn to survive Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) and an apocalyptic world. Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb (#1301). Original Airdate 10/12/2017.

Written by: Andrew Dabb

Director:  Phil Sgriccia

Filming Dates: July 12 - July 21

Airdate: October 12


Promo with footage from episodes 1, 2 & 3!

Extended promo

Castiel? Yes.

Guest stars: Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester), Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer), Alexander Calvert (Jack), Christian Keyes (Michael), Rob Raco (Clark), Carlena Britch (Miriam), Erika Walter (Lily), Ish Moris (Conrad)

Other Spoilers/info (newest to oldest):

  • Michael rules the alternate world as a “victor” in a ‘Gengis Khan” mode. he will be played by newcomer Christian Keyes (x)
  • The episode picks up exactly where the finale ended.
  • Dean will be deep into grieving for Cas and Mary, as he thinks Mary is dead too. Sam is less broken up, and thinks Mary is alive.
  • Sam and Dean will clash over Jack. Dean wants to kill him, Sam wants to help him and maybe use him to get Mary back.
  • Dean will pray to god to bring everyone back. (x)
  • Jack will get away from the boys
  • We will have scenes in the apocalypse world
  • A scene was shot with a pyre on the beach. (x)
  • A scene was shot where Misha was prone with his eyes closed with the boys (elements may show up on the gag reel) - it’s been confirmed it was him lying dead on the ground.
  • Filming went late into the evening/early morning either on day 2 or day 3
  • J2 were spotted getting into the Impala
  • Filming was done of the Impala on the road.
  • Filming happened at the same location as the Season 12 finale, Britannia Beach in BC, so things may pick up exactly where the finale left off. (x)
  • Samantha Smith had to miss ChiCon due to filming (x)
  • Chicago Con occurred during filming

My episode 13x01 tag.

Episode 13x02 

Title: The Rising Sun

Written by: Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross Leming

Director:  Thomas Wright

Filming Dates: July 24 - August 2

Airdate: October 19

Promo with footage from episodes 1, 2 & 3!

Extended Promo

Castiel? No.

Guest stars: Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester), Alexander Calvert (Jack), Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer), Christian Keyes (Michael), Keith Szarabajka (Donatello Redfield),  Jeffrey Vincent Parise (Asmodeus) Mark Sweatman (Tattoist), Ryan S. Williams (Commander)

Other Spoilers/info (newest to oldest):

  • We will see the return of Donatello the prophet.
  • Lucifer will not be the most powerful being in the thunderdome world. (x)
  • A new force/character will emerge to fill the power vacuum in hell played By Jeffrey Vincent Parise (might be Asmodeus).
  • We will have a big bad that’s “an old friend” we haven’t seen for a while  who may emerge from the alternate world. - It’s Michael
  • We will see scenes of Mary in apocalypse world. With skeletons! (x)
  • A very cool, old car was used on set. (x)
  • We may also have scenes in a jail. (x)
  • We may have scenes in Crowley’s former throne room. (x)
  • We may see Sam shirtless - Jared posted a picture showing his anti-possession tattoo. (x)
  • The Boys filmed outside a set for a bar called “the black hat.” Sam was in the orange jacket.
  • San Diego Comic Con Appearance, Sunday prior to filming (7/23)

My episode 13x02 tag.

Episode 13x03  

Title: Patience

Written by: Robert Berens

Director:  Bob Singer

Filming Dates: August 3 - August 15,  (no filming August 7, Canadian civil Holiday)

Airdate: October 26

Promo with footage from episodes 1, 2 & 3!

Castiel? Possibly.

Guest stars: Clark Backo (Patience Turner), Loretta Divine (Missouri Mossely), Kim Rhodes (Jody Mills), Adrian Holmes (Missouri’s son).

Other Spoilers/info (newest to oldest):

  • Dean nearly gets run down by a truck or van
  • The final scene of the episode was filmed in studio a few days after the rest of the episode wrapped and may involve Castiel (x)
  • The MotW is a wraith
  • Patience classes with the volleyball team
  • No Mary or Apocalypse World.
  • It does not look like Sam will interact with Patience or Jody.
  • We will see a Biggerson’s sign in the background. (x)
  • Dean gives Jody and Mssouri hugs outside at some point
  • Dean and Jody share a scene getting into the impala at a gas n’ sip
  • Jensen, Clark, Adrian and Kim filmed scenes on location at a nice house. Stunt work was involved
  • There is a fight between Patience’s father and Dean, Patience screams at one point.
  • There will be a scene with tarot cards
  • Kim had to cancel her VanCon appearance for filming.
  • This episode will introduce Patience Turner who will be joining the wayward sisters. She is Missouri’s grand daughter and has psychic abilities. 
  • GISHWHES occurred during filming.
  • Vancouver Convention occurred during filming

My episode 13x03 tag.

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things eric “bitty” bittle has said at some point
“and people in hell want ice water. quit complaining.”“poor girl cant tell her ass from a hole in the ground”“doohickey”“aint got the good sense god gave a rock”“they could start an argument in a empty house”“if brains were leather, he wouldnt have enough to saddle a june bug”
“youre barking up the wrong tree, sweetheart”
“looks like you got your feathers ruffled”
“shes too big for her own britches”
“ill be done in two shakes of a sheeps tail”

these are all taken from conversations between my aunt and mom. thanks ma


Voice Types according to TV Tropes:

Mezzo-sopranos, being in the most common vocal register for women, come in a wide variety of types. They can be a wide range of ages, although female characters over fifty tend to be altos more often than mezzos. The majority of mezzo singing, especially nowadays, is belting and as such mezzos are especially common in pop- or rock-oriented musicals. Just as the leads in most operas are sopranos, the secondary female characters - commonly referred to as “witches, bitches and britches (cross-dressing roles)” - are generally mezzos; this is not uncommon in modern musicals, where frequently the soprano will be the main love interest and the mezzo her best friend or rival. Also referred to in many productions as a “belt” voice, for someone who can strongly sing passages in the middle and high register in her chest voice (rather than the soprano’s lighter head voice).

{ part one - part two - part three }

[soprano] [contralto] [tenor] [baritone] [bass]

Len is throughly enjoying his new life at Central Palace. He and Lisa are out from their father’s thumb, and she is happily planning her wedding with Princess Iris West. Luckily for Len, Prince Barry is happy to keep him company.

anonymous asked:

not to offend you but do you only hate larries because you picture yourself with harry? and i scrolled through your page and it literally seems like you have this whole idea that you and harry are gonna end up together and i dont care about that but how come larries are delusional for thinking larry might be together but its totally normal for you to think that harry is gonna end up with you. sounds a bit homophobic if you ask me .

I really tried to ignore this, simply because I’m trying my absolute hardest not to give shits like you the attention you so desperately crave. But wow, I really, really could not ignore this one.

1. To insinuate that I only hate Larries because I picture myself is comical and completely delusional in the following ways:

  • I hate Larries because they stomp around with their big bad blogs and their screenshots from seven years ago, thinking that they can treat people like utter shit because they swear up and down Harry and Louis still wear certain colors because they’re closeted.
  • I hate Larries because they have accused a young mother of faking the pregnancy of her child, the birth of her child, and the existence of her child and have tortured her to no end about the subject. 
  • I hate Larries because they have invaded the privacy of the Tomlinson family (and any extensions thereof) and the Styles family (and any extensions thereof) innumerable times over the past seven years and have not felt one drop of remorse for it.
  • I hate Larries because they think they love Louis and Harry more than anyone in the fandom, when if they actually loved either one of them, they would leave them the fuck alone and not spread their malevolent propaganda whenever they saw fit. You have damn near ruined the lives of everyone associated to them. You have pushed people away from them. You have made them explain why their friend of a friend of a friend may be getting “LARRY IS REAL!” comments on their picture of a dinner they had in 2013. You have embarrassed them. You have made them apologize for something they want nothing to be apart of.
  • I hate Larries because well, fuck, how many times does Louis himself have to say that Larry isn’t real and it’s not okay for Larries to act the way they do. How. many. times? He’s not saying it because management told him to - he’s not saying it because he’s being forced into a contract he can’t get out of - he’s saying it because it’s not fucking real and it’s not fucking okay.
  • I hate Larries because of messages like this. Messages that insinuate that I’m homophobic for running a blog about Harry that has nothing to do with him ending up with Louis. You would love if I were homophobic, wouldn’t you? I have never, ever - not once - said anything remotely homophobic, and you can search my blog with a goddamn microscope. Which I’m sure you will, because you dedicate your life to blowing up the tiniest nuance and disgustingly spin it into your own alternative truth. I think you’re getting too big for your britches there, babe. And no, didn’t “ask you” - nobody did. Why would we?

2. When have I ever - and I truly mean ever - said with any seriousness that I will end up with Harry? Unlike you, I am under no illusion about who Harry will end up with. I know he will not end up with me, and I have never been shy about saying it. I will joke around, just like everyone else does on this site, about being with him. That’s the fun part of it all. Until, of course, trash bags like you come from whichever part of the internet you’ve crawled out from beneath to ruffle the feathers of the sane ones by insinuating we’re anything but.

3. And, not to offend you, but remove yourself from my blog. Immediately. You are a cretin and you need to fuck off.

Don’t You Know How To Knock? [Pt. 6]

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

Your throat grew dry almost instantly as you looked to see Namjoon taking the free space beside you. His mood was nothing like you would have expected it to be.

Last night he was clearly hurt, angry even before he slammed his door. He even avoided your for the entirety of the day but now, he was smiling, growing even closer to you than was necessary. The party was packed but he was nearly on top of you now.

“Hi, beautiful,” he smirked, speaking low as to not be heard while Jimin and Hobi said their hellos. “My bed tonight, or yours?”.

You nearly choked as the words left his lips. What kind of game was this?

“Neither…” you grumbled. “I told you last night that…”

“It’s just sex. I heard you loud and clear. So let’s have it. Tonight”.

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More musings on writing advice:

Honestly, I think “yes, you are allowed” is something a lot of fandom needs to hear right now. We had, what, a decade of “what not to do” writing advice, starting with anti-Mary-Sue campaigns and on through sporking and fanficrants and RaceFail, and now everything is this cracked parody of social justice and ~this is problematic~ is the ultimate “what not to do.” And just look at the messages we’ve taken to heart: don’t get too big for your britches, everything has to be accurate and realistic, no one the reader is supposed to sympathize with should be within shouting distance of “problematic.” We’re writing about these larger-than-life characters whose lives are full of over-the-top, implausible events, and it’s like we're afraid that if we handwave or take narrative shortcuts or spin crazy yarns about their adventures or don’t treat Bad Shit Happening with the expected amount of solemnity, somebody’s going to call us out for not doing our due diligence.

In fact, the one “yes, you are allowed” message we’ve taken to heart is that we’re not beholden to the original canon, which is a phenomenon I… have mixed feelings about. But the point is, that message combined with the fear of fucking up, of writing “unrealistic” or “problematic” stories about monsters and aliens and superheroes, means that mundane AUs and domestic fic are the path of least resistance. And not only is fic being pushed towards the generic, the moral pressure that drives fandom SJ makes it feel almost… risky?… to stray from the fanon status quo. Breaking the mold, instead of being a sign of creativity, increasingly feels like a sign that you’re Doing It Wrong and may in fact be a bad person. I have seen people say that they want to write about post-CA:TWS Bucky but don’t, because they don’t want to slog through dealing with the “obligatory” recovery issues. Or that they’d feel guilty, like they were committing some sort of erasure, if they wrote pre-war fic without Queer Brooklyn and The Docks a bunch of romanticized-poverty porn.

For the love of God, fandom. You are allowed to come up with whatever fictional means you feel like to undo the Winter Soldier’s fictional (and almost totally unspecified) brainwashing. He’s an amnesiac cyborg assassin hopped up on a knockoff version of the super-serum that lets Steve Rogers get flung off a freeway overpass hard enough to overturn a bus and get up with barely a scratch. He starts getting memories back whenever they leave him out of cryo long enough. If you want the serum to heal his brain damage and leave him twitchy, angry, and guilt-ridden, but more-or-less compos mentis, so that he can go face down his demons without spending months on Steve’s couch eating soup and relearning how to be a human? YOU CAN. YOU ARE ALLOWED. THAT IS A STORY YOU ARE ALLOWED TO TELL. The “it was the super-healing” handwaving already puts you about fifteen realism steps ahead of the comics, where Steve used a magic monkey’s paw ex machina to bring back Bucky’s memories with the power of his love. And then a bunch of stuff happened and Bucky wrestled a bear in a Siberian gulag, okay, and this is the level of Srs Bsns we’re starting from.

You can do whatever the fuck you want. If you want to dwell lovingly on all the interpersonal issues and mental scarring that resulted from that time aliens made them do it because they got fake married in space, go for it. But do not pull out the DSM and start checking off PTSD symptoms out of a sense of duty if what you actually want to write is banter, UST, sarcasm about absurd situations, reckless displays of loyalty, and porn where they realize the depth and true nature of their feeeeeelings about each other. Both of those things are okay things to want.

tl;dr Internal story logic > realism. Write whatever ridiculous tropey or out-there shit you want, and use exactly as much judiciously-applied realism as you need to sell the story.

Post-Breakup Playlist

Aries: Skinny Love ∞ Bon Iver // And now all your love is wasted, then who the hell was I?  'Cause now I’m breaking at the britches, and at the end of all your lines

Taurus: Habits ∞ Tove Lo // Spend my days locked in a haze, trying to forget you babe, I fall back down.  Gotta stay high all my life, to forget I’m missing you

Gemini: Stone Cold ∞ Demi Lovato // Stone cold, Stone cold, I was your amber, but now she’s your shade of gold

Cancer: Don’t You Remember ∞ Adele // But don’t you remember?  Don’t you remember?  The reason you loved me before

Leo: Stay ∞ Rihanna // Funny you’re the broken one but I’m the only one who needed saving. ‘Cause when you never see the light, it’s hard to know which one of us is caving

Virgo: Who Knew ∞ P!nk // They knew better, still you said forever, and ever
who knew

Libra: Tin Man ∞ Miranda // Everytime you’re feeling empty, better thank your lucky stars.  If you ever felt one breaking, you’d never want a heart

Scorpio: When i Was Your Man ∞ Bruno Mars // Mmm, too young, too dumb to realize, that I should’ve bought you flowers, and held your hand. Should’ve gave you all my hours, when I had the chance

Sagittarius: Back To Black ∞ Amy Winehouse // He left no time to regret, kept his dick wet, with his same old safe bet. Me and my head high, and my tears dry, get on without my guy

Capricorn: Stars ∞ Grace Potter And The Nocturnals // And now I’m all alone in the dark of night, and the moon is shining, but I can’t see the light. And I can’t look at the stars

Aquarius: Colorblind ∞ Amber Riley // Did you know that you stole the only thing I needed. Only black and white in my eyes, I’m colorblind

Pisces: Back to December ∞ Taylor Swift // It turns out freedom ain’t nothing but missing you, Wishing I’d realized what I had when you were mine