“It’s not about sex, it’s about stimulating our minds.."🤔👌🏼😏#PieceOfMe #BritBrit #BritneySpears #ItsVegasBitch #Freakshow 👯 #ShesSoHot 🔥 (at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino)

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Last night I was pretty much dragged to a spontaneous trip to Vegas. Those dumbasses wanted to enjoy a few casinos and then get fucked to the max. We ended up at Britney Spears’ show, I don’t even remember why and how actually – it’s a wonder they even let us in considering the state we were in. Guess who got on stage and had BritBrit grind upon him? She’s still got a fucking hot body. Not unpleasant at all. She was like “you’re so beautiful, call me anytime.” She even complimented my ass. Such a cougar.