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Britberry, or whatever those two are being called these days.

  1. Sometimes, when she can’t sleep, Rachel will head downstairs and quietly play familiar melodies on the piano. She never realizes that Brittany usually wakes up at those first few notes and stands at the top of the stairs, listening to the songs that had been written just for her.
  2. The jealousy never really goes away. Santana had Brittany all to herself for 18 years, knew everything about her childhood and family, things Rachel was still just discovering herself. Rachel can’t help but glare just a little whenever Santana comes over for coffee.
  3. On the night of the Tony’s, the world doesn’t realize that Rachel Berry is a complete nervous wreck on the inside, barely keeping it together. All that is keeping her from bursting into overwhelmed tears is the hand clutching hers tightly and the soft kisses being placed on her cheek when people aren’t watching. When her name is called and the audience erupts in applause, her eyes search out one person in the crowd and she can feel her eyes start to water. Brittany lets out a wolf-whistle and Rachel laughs.


by Brittany

You’re a singer and I’m a dancer and those go together like peanut-butter and jelly.

I like monkey’s and you have small hands. Like a monkey.

I’m tall like you like. (But not freakishly tall like SOME people)

I have blonde hair and you have brown hair and that always goes together. (Like Xena and Gabrielle, or Buffy and Faith)

You like to talk a lot and I’m a good listener.

We’re both going to be famous some day. You’ll be on Broadway and I’m going to be a back-up dancer for Beyonce.

You’re bossy and I’m good at following orders. (Just ask Santana or Coach Sylvester)

I like birds and you’re small, and pretty and sing, just like birds.

You like gold stars and I like rainbows and they are both pretty things in the sky to look at.

It would be a real-life validation of the teen romantic-comedy premise that the dorky underdog can win the heart of the popular cheerleader.

p.s. (I don’t think you’re dorky or under a dog at all. Quinn made me put that.)

—  Count The Ways, by LesbiniOne
New Glee RP! Most Characters needed!

New Directions.

Brittany Pierce
Finn Hudson
Kurt Hummel
Matt Rutherford
Mercedes Jones
Mike Chang
Noah Puckerman
Lucy Quinn Fabray
Rachel Berry
Sam Evans
Santana Lopez
Tina Cohen-Chang

Other Students.

Becky Jackson
Blaine Anderson
Dave Karofsky
Jacob Ben Israel
Jesse St. James
Lauren Zizes
Sunshine Corazon


Emma Pillsbury
Holly Holliday
Ken Tanaka
Principal Figgins
Shannon Beiste
Sue Sylvester
William Schuester

Other Adults.

April Rhodes
Bryan Ryan
Burt Hummel
Carole Hudson
Dustin Goolsby
Judy Fabray
Sandy Ryerson
Shelby Corcoran
Terri Schuester

New York awaits you.

Welcome to New York City!
The place where dreams are made, love is found and life is very muched lived.

What would have happened if the Glee Club never met? Would the same friendships have been formed? What about their relationships? Some characters may even be different, depending on their backstories.

This roleplay will explore the characters as they first bump into one another in this city- their backstories and future stories are completely up to the player. This is an AU, literate, multi-paragraph roleplaying group which is looking for dedicated and active members to give it some life!

Give me a Glee ship and a song, and I'll write a ficlet based on it.

Ships I’m currently accepting:

  • Faberry
  • Pezberry
  • Brittberry/Pieberry
  • St. Berry
  • Cherry
  • Brittana
  • Quinntana
  • Klaine
  • You can suggest others, but I’m less likely to do them If I have no experience writing them.  But I’m also always up for a challenge!  :D

And hopefully I know the song you suggest.  ^_^

Ask Box located here.

I just finished a Cherry one that will be posted soon!  I need to edit it first.  I’d like a ton of submissions, I’m looking for a challenge.  :)

Two of a Kind Glee RP

This is a slightly AU present time Glee roleplay group, with a few tweaks to what’s canon on the show. You might think you’ve got double vision, but it’s just a few of the twins walking the halls of McKinley and Dalton. It may get a little confusing, and it should; They like to mess with your head.

McKinley High School

The Ladies:
Quinn Fabray Ships: Fuinn
Katie Fabray - Ships: Katie/Noah, Katie/Aaron, Katie/Oc
Rachel Berry - Ships: Puckleberry, St. Berry, Faberry, Pezberry, Britberry
Brittany Pierce
Santana Lopez - Ships: Finntana, Pucktana, Brittana, Pezberry
Luna Lopez
Mercedes Jones
Tina Cohen-Chang
Kiya Cohen-Chang

The Boys:
Maxxie Hummel - Ships: Maxxie/Kurt/Cameron, Maxxie/Everrett, Maxxie/Sam, Maxxie/Riley
Noah Puckerman
Aaron Puckerman
Brayden Pierce** - Ships: Brayden/Puck or Aaron, Brayden/Sam or Riley, Brayden/Julian, Brayden/Karofsky
Finn Hudson - Ships: Fuinn
Mike Chang
Sam Evans - Ships: Hevans, Blam (or with the twins), Open to Others
Riley Evans
Artie Abrams
David Karofsky
Jesse St. James
Trevor Barnes* 

Dalton Academy
Kurt Hummel - Ships: Klaine, Kurt/Everett, Kam, Handersons, St. Hummel
Cameron Hummel - Ships: am/Kurt, Cam/Everett, Cam/Blaine, Cam/Maxxie, Handersons
Wesley Hughes
Blaine Anderson - Ships: Klaine, Cam/Blaine, Bleverett, Handersons
Everett Anderson - Ships: Kurt/Everett, Cam/Everett, Bleverett, Handersons
John Logan Wright III
Trent Barnes*
Reed Van Camp
Julian Larson-Armstrong
Evan Louis Brightman
Ethan Luke Brightman 

*Twins that go to different schools. Play-by= Dominic Barnes.
**Brayden Pierce is Brittany’s fraternal twin. The play-by can be someone of your choosing. 

-Note that some Dalton characters are based off of CP Coulter’s Dalton fan-fiction. Click here to visit the chapters; or here to quickly read about the characters.

To Join: Go Here!