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Britberry, or whatever those two are being called these days.

  1. Sometimes, when she can’t sleep, Rachel will head downstairs and quietly play familiar melodies on the piano. She never realizes that Brittany usually wakes up at those first few notes and stands at the top of the stairs, listening to the songs that had been written just for her.
  2. The jealousy never really goes away. Santana had Brittany all to herself for 18 years, knew everything about her childhood and family, things Rachel was still just discovering herself. Rachel can’t help but glare just a little whenever Santana comes over for coffee.
  3. On the night of the Tony’s, the world doesn’t realize that Rachel Berry is a complete nervous wreck on the inside, barely keeping it together. All that is keeping her from bursting into overwhelmed tears is the hand clutching hers tightly and the soft kisses being placed on her cheek when people aren’t watching. When her name is called and the audience erupts in applause, her eyes search out one person in the crowd and she can feel her eyes start to water. Brittany lets out a wolf-whistle and Rachel laughs.
New Glee RP! Most Characters needed!

New Directions.

Brittany Pierce
Finn Hudson
Kurt Hummel
Matt Rutherford
Mercedes Jones
Mike Chang
Noah Puckerman
Lucy Quinn Fabray
Rachel Berry
Sam Evans
Santana Lopez
Tina Cohen-Chang

Other Students.

Becky Jackson
Blaine Anderson
Dave Karofsky
Jacob Ben Israel
Jesse St. James
Lauren Zizes
Sunshine Corazon


Emma Pillsbury
Holly Holliday
Ken Tanaka
Principal Figgins
Shannon Beiste
Sue Sylvester
William Schuester

Other Adults.

April Rhodes
Bryan Ryan
Burt Hummel
Carole Hudson
Dustin Goolsby
Judy Fabray
Sandy Ryerson
Shelby Corcoran
Terri Schuester