britannia rule the waves

Rule Britannia (Drunkard Version)
Rule Britannia (Drunkard Version)

“Rule Britannia (Drunkard Version)” from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

First at Heaven’s command
Arose from out the azure main
Arose, arose, arose from out the azure main 

This was the charter,
The charter of the land, 
And guardian angels sing this song:

‘Rule Britannia! Britannia rule the waves:
'Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.’



Never, never, never shall be slaves!

Rule, Britannia!
and the lyrics taste of toxic
ideals and a poisoned nation,
and for a moment you wonder
where the delusion of empire
set in.

Britannia, rule the waves!
and the song hums of days
in which blood marked
glory for whoever spilt it
and you can only think:
how imperialistic.

You don’t sing the next line,
and can only sigh at the hypocrisy.

(Britons never, never, never shall be slaves)


properpoppet  asked:

“Change of mind? It was more a change of heart.”

James had kept his word, giving Sparrow the one day’s head start he had promised, before taking the Dauntless out to sea in pursuit. The first-rate was no match for the Indiaman in terms of speed, and on several occasions, they had lost the pirates. The closest they had been to catching Sparrow and his crew was when they were off the coast of Tripoli, a full two months after when they had first set sail. After a heated debate with Lieutenant Gillette, James had declined to follow the Pearl into the hurricane that was brewing, and turned back westward.

The pitying stares he received upon his return were unbearable, and despite his best efforts, it was impossible to focus on his job with the constant whispers of the scandal of a broken engagement combined with returning to Port Royal without his quarry in irons. Of course, the latter led to his being invited to far too many balls and garden parties than he could stand—which he had never really enjoyed in the past to begin with—leading him to decide to request a transfer to Gibraltar.

He was penning his letter to Admiral Vernon when there was a knock at his office door, and a flustered lieutenant announced that Miss Swann was there to see him. For the briefest of moments, he considered turning her away, before finally resigning to the fact that he was stubbornly loyal to her against his will, and waving for the lieutenant to let her in.

What she said baffled him. He assumed automatically that she was referring to her decision—four months and three days ago—to throw him over in front of the whole of Port Royal, but he did not see the point of discussing it now. She was happily engaged to Turner as far as he knew. “You don’t owe me an explanation, Elizabeth.” He did not look up at her as he sealed his letter to the Admiral. “We would never have been happy together.” A blatant lie, but one he hoped would compel her to leave him in peace.


Smolspite sees you but she’s being shy. She’s hiding behind mum. But she’s a battleship and has to be brave. She speaks up.

“B-B-Britannia rules th-th-the waves!”

Not the best greeting.

roipirate  asked:


Dear Miss Swann,

I meant what I said that day on the ramparts–I wish you and Mr. Turner nothing but happiness. I value both your friendship and that of your father, and hope that it will endure even as I take up my new posting at Gibraltar. It has occurred to me, however, that I could not leave Port Royal without telling you what I should have said before you fell into the sea.

I adore you, Elizabeth. It started not long after your debut, when I realized that you were no longer the inquisitive, precocious girl that was always asking to come aboard the Interceptor whenever it left port, but the beautiful, equally inquisitive, charming, intelligent woman that I could talk with for hours on end. I monopolized your time at every dance, every garden party, and yet I could never say what I truly meant. It seems silly, how I found it far easier to face pirates (even undead ones) or frogs at the point of a sword, but when it came to telling you that I loved you, I was a coward.

Instead of being frank, I propelled myself into my work, fighting and paying with blood for promotion and prize money so that I might somehow be worthy of asking your hand. I thought you knew, and foolishly didn’t see the point in telling you what was obvious: that I was yours, heart and soul.

When you were captured, I regretted not saying the words, for fear of never having the chance to tell you. I put on a brave face for your father’s sake, but in truth, I was terrified. When we finally found you, you can imagine my elation that you were alright, and my joy when you accepted my horrid proposal.

I insisted that my reason for requesting a transfer was to advance my career, but that is a blatant falsehood. I may be a Commodore, but I am also a man still too in love for his own good. It’s a great pity I only realized how much when it was too late.

All the best,

On this day, 1 August in 1740, one of the most famous songs in British history was first performed.

“Rule Britannia”, written by the Scotsman James Thomson was performed in the masque (a court performance) called “Alfred”, about Alfred the Great.

It was performed at Cliveden, the country home of Frederick, Prince of Wales – the eldest son of George II – to commemorate the accession of George II, and the third birthday of Frederick’s daughter, the Princess Augusta. (Frederick pre-deceased his father, and on George II death, the throne passed to Frederick’s eldest son, George III.)

James Thomson was born in Ednam in Roxburghshire around 11 September 1700. There is a memorial to him at Ednam near Kelso.

He co-wrote “Alfred” with David Mallet, and Thomson’s song “Rule Britannia” was set to music by Thomas Arne.

His words, “Rule Britannia! Britannia rule the waves. Britons never, never, never shall be slaves” are not meant to be a boast about things past. The word is not “rules”.

Rather the word is “rule”. An exhortation for Britons, through our navy, to rise to commanding heights in the world. That is, “to rule”.

After this song appeared, Britain did indeed seek to follow that command quite successfully!

The thing with British nationalists is that they think there is only one type of nationalism. Their own type.

British nationalists appear to be blood and soil nationalists. These types of pricks believe in the ‘purity’ of bloodlines maintaining the national identity. You can take one look at the front headlines of the English media and identity a plethora of anti-immigrant bile. The attitude of colonialism and imperialism. The 'Britannia rules the waves’ pish.

Civic nationalism is what’s held by Scotland. If you live, work and contribute here then you are more than welcome. The idea that progressive mindset, not where you were born, is the key to bettering a nation.

Scotland had trade deals with France and Germany while the English fought them in medieval times. The highland clearances forced Scots from their homes and they had to go abroad. I’m not saying we’re perfect in any way, shape or form. But I’m saying that the majority of Scottish people recognise he value of a diverse society.

And that diversity makes us great.


Two days ago, on June 23rd, the United Kingdom voted in a referendum to leave the European Union, which it had been a part of for almost 40 years. This momentous decision has finally separated one of Europe’s more prosperous nations from the hulking, progressive/socialist morass that is the European Union. While there has been much celebration in conservative, traditionalist, monarchist, and patriotic corners, there remains the usual cucks who cannot abide the idea that anyone could break away from a free trade agreement for any reason. 


“Looking to stage a military coup” @renegaderoyalist

“Eyes on that throne” @jarman7 

“The Conservative Usurper” @politically-incorrect-jew 

“Ironing out Eurocrats since ‘79.” @aesthetically-conservative

“Based Nige” @thelastamericanimperialist

“More babies than a Paki migrant” @daughterofeuropa

“Helicopters and gulags” @the-serbian-autocrat

“Bashing the bastards from the backbench” @southern-royalist

“The blacks have to go back” @southernreactionary

“Peasants and cucks abound, but not enough to keep me down.” @theamericanathenaeum

“Distributivism will rise again!” @quiet-observations

“Europe was a mistake and so was WWII.” @thule-invictus

“Comedic crusader” @tangotongo

“It’s me or Boris you commie fucks” @wallstreetwarhawk

Ye old (low energy) cucks and eurocrats: 

“Supposedly conservative“ @new-age-conservative

“U R JUST A BUNCH OF EBIL NATIONALISTS” @proudgayconservative

“Nationalism for me, but not for thee” @jewishpolitics

“But it’s not real freedom!!!!” @elementarypolitics

“Diversity is our strength, the EU is only a free trade agreement, and Trump is an ebil nazi.” @yourconservativefriend

Notably absent from this list is @proudblackconservative, who has prominently featured on other lists. She has done the reasonable thing and largely excused herself from stating an opinion until she has done proper research, we on the right side of history commend this triumph of reason.