britannia bridge


70013 Oliver Cromwell - Rabbit bridge 相片擁有者 Andrew Edkins
透過 Flickr:
BR Standard Britannia class No. 70013 Oliver Cromwell rushes through Rabbit bridge, on the Great Central railway. The image was taken on a Timeline events photo charter.


Menai Straits | Ynys Mon | September 2013

  1. Traditional pic of the Menai (Suspension) Bridge designed and built by Thomas Telford and completed in 1826; still standing, still one of the major routes onto and off Ynys Mon. On the left is Church Island (see below).
  2. Church Island or Ynys Dysilio St Tysilio’s church was built in the 15thC and it is surrounded by a rocking graveyard which is fabulous for spelunkng for names for characters.
  3. The Britannia Bridge designed and built by Robert Stephenson in 1850. If you travel to Holyhead on the train you’ll pass over this bridge. You can just see the white houses on Ynys Gored Goch Whitebait Island. It’s a little island in the Swellies between the two bridges, accessible only by boat. Once upon a time I wanted to live there.#